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Corporate Fonts for Branding

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To stand out and be refreshingly different at whatever cost - that's the message we're getting from today's logos. From an identity point of view, web 2.0 logos failed miserably. They may not be around for too long. Copycat websites may still work, but when it comes to identities, designers will have to roll up their sleeves and work much harder. Designers have become far more aware and sensitive to design history movements and styles than they were in previous years. They are discovering ways to make logos reflect their roots. Minimalism was a strong anchor for swooshes, sparkling little balls and other ...
Become a typeface pro with Fontmatrix | Worldlabel Blog
Casual computer users often give little thought to fonts, but once you starting working on design — from your web site to your stationary needs, you soon begin to appreciate the positive effects a good typeface can have on branding and marketing. The trouble comes when you start to collect more fonts on your system than you can keep track of in your head. Worse yet, most operating systems attempt to manage fonts for you in an all-or-nothing fashion, through which large collections can slow down application speed, in addition to being tiresome to scroll through. The solution is a good font manager, like the open source ... market research, surveys and trends
A brief overview of Typography and (sans)serif Typefaces | Richworks
Ever since the first books were written and published centuries ago, the primary goal of typography was readability. It does not matter how pretty a page layout is or how unique a font selection is, if the typography makes the information on the page harder to read, the page has failed in its main duty : to transfer information to the reader in an efficient manner. Typography encompasses the reality of effective web design and achieves success in creating web page identity and the enhancement of visual appearance. Typography is much more than the “art of text”, it’s the evolution of creativity within simple to intricate web ... market research, surveys and trends


Corporate Branding and Design
shows the number-one activity of social media users (online or offline) is reading blogs – even above TV!So it’s clear that social media is here to stay, and accountable programs must be created to deliver performance and ROI. Here are 3 steps to help you get started: In order to hold any marketing channel accountable, there first must be a framework of metrics that can be tracked, compared to a benchmark (industry or prior program performance) and analyzed over time.  Social channels are no different.  When looking to assign accountability to social programs, the first step is to define KPIs and measure against them.  The three ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Branding, Branding Australia, Branding Sydney, Branding Melbourne ...
Successful brands are those that occupy a special place in the hearts and minds of their customers. Standing out by standing for something. Something unique, something relevant, something compelling to their loyalists. Whether you’re launching a new brand or rejuvenating an existing one, BRANDHAUS can help you take the fight to your opposition. Our job is to make sure your site is amongst the chosen few. WEBHAUS is the specialist interactive division of BRANDHAUS; a team of skilled communication specialists who understand how to use the web to position both your website and your brand, for success.       industry trends, business articles and survey research
Why Personal Branding Overpowers Company Branding
The world has changed a lot in the last few years. The economy has shifted and technology is still running at lightening speed. Over the last couple of years, one more thing has made a huge shift… Branding. When I was first taught about branding, it was all about your logo, the fonts you used, the colors in your marketing pieces, etc. It was very much about corporate branding. It’s all about the company and having this professional image. That’s all fine and well, but over the last few years, we have shifted from corporate branding to "personal branding" or the art of branding your own image over a ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Style Corner '10-11: Retro Fittings, New Beginnings
So, if you haven’t heard by now, both the Orlando Magic and the Utah Jazz both “changed” their team logos. If you’ve followed me and my column since the past year, you may know I’m really in to team logos and uniforms. I knew the Jazz were looking to do some things, but I never got word from the team after a few tries of fishing for answers, and so know the general public knows what’s up with the updated looks. On the other hand, the Golden State Warriors have decided to re-invent their wheel with a totally new-old change of brand identity-let’s take a closer inspection of what Utah did ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Corporate Style and Branding Guide
Always use corporate fonts and document style sheet settings. CASE STUDIES ... CORPORATE STylE GuidE. For more information on Mellanox Branding standrads or ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
The Marketing and Branding Guidelines describe the core elements of .... MetaMetrics uses Optima as its corporate font. The Optima font family is available ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Corporate Brand Identity Guide - GANNON UNIVERSITY
Brand & Corporate Identity Guide. Graphics Standard Guide and. Editorial Style Guide .... with usage information for fonts, color palette, photo ...
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Google Answers: Font used for Microsoft's corporate logo?
Hello, I have been searching now for quite awhile for the name of the font Microsoft uses for their corporate logo. What I would like is this: 1) The name of the font Microsoft uses for their corporate branding (i.e. logo). 2) Where I could find this font OR a similarly-styled font online for download. A great answer would provide a free font site where I would find the font I desire, not just a site with pages upon pages of free downloadable fonts. I want only a "Microsoft-logo styled" font. Please request clarification if needed! Thanks! Hello Karizma23, This is quite an interesting question for me. As ...
What should be included in a basic Corporate Identity Kit and ...
I have been tasked with getting together a Corporate Identity Kit and Style Guide from scratch. At the moment there is no CI collateral or written instructions on corporate colors, use of the company logo, dimensions, company letterhead, marketing materials, etc. There's also no Style Guide for web or traditional written collateral. As I only have two weeks to complete this task I am leaning towards a two-phase process (Phase 1 delivered in two weeks) high level information for the Corporate Identity Kit and Style Guide (Phase 2 delivered in one month) Build out with a deeper level of detail. What would you include in a ...