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Private Label Redefines Branding

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Supply Chain Trends: Where are Private Label Sales Headed, and What is the Impact on Consumer Goods and other Manufacturers? Supply Chain Trends and Issues : Our Weekly Feature Article on Important Trends and Developments in Supply Chain Strategy, Research, Best Practices, Technology and Other Supply Chain and Logistics Issues Supply Chain Trends: Where are Private Label Sales Headed, and What is the Impact on Consumer Goods and other Manufacturers? Despite Increasing Retailer Interest, Growth is Flat, but $55 Billion is at Stake; Planning your Supply Chain Strategy   SCDigest ...
feature: garbege - street-inspired luxury brand!!!
specializies at linking design innovation, marketing ingenuity and selective retail positioning. Playing off of the words garb, meaning garment and edge, as in cutting edge, garbege™ redefines fashion for the young, intelligent, and sexy. garbege™ infuses fashion with thought-provoking incomparable products for early-adopters who possess refined sensibilities for everything from fashion to politics. Utilizing young men’s and women’s apparel as instruments of expression. garbege™ is a street-inspired luxury label that is not about branding, but rather providing vehicles of self- transformation for garbege™ collectors worldwide. market research, surveys and trends
Jobs available from Drip dance/performance art troupe
Performing Arts and Visual Arts are combined to create compelling sensory-stimulated shows, events and atmosphere that excite and move audiences. Performers create and often become visual art themselves by blending dance, music, artistic mediums and props. Drip redefines arts entertainment by interacting with paint, charcoal, sand, powder, fabric, culinary arts, black-light paints, projected liquid light, watercolors and more. Drip specializes in customizing performance art installations and events. The environment is turned into a themed life-size piece of art and then it comes alive with music, dance, and creative activity. ... market research, surveys and trends


The Virtual Classroom Redefines Education | Edutopia
Katarina Williams is an ambitious tenth grader in Haines City, Florida, shouldering the full burden of college-prep coursework: trigonometry, English, Earth-space science, economics, and American government. But trig is the only class that requires her to sit in a traditional classroom. The others she attends via modem, without leaving her house. Williams, a student at the Florida Virtual School (FLVS), is part of a new generation of students trading textbooks for text messaging. Nearly 300,000 high school students attended online classes in 2002-03, estimates Eduventures , an independent research firm. Most take an online class ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Brand Autopsy: Branding Strategy
How can attention, affinity, and action happen best on each site? How do marketing messages spread differently between the two? How best to monitor and measure a brand’s performance on each site? Those questions and more were answered by Heidi Browning from MySpace and Chris Pan from Facebook during the kick-off keynote to Day 2 of WOMM-U. For smart recaps, I recommend reading posts from Josh Hallet , John Bell , and Ian Sohn . The moderator of the panel, David Berkowitz, also posted a good summary of the session. I plopped my rinky-dink camera atop the banquet table in the dimly lit ballroom and captured much of the session on ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Drug Stores Go Fresh
In January, Walgreens announced it would dramatically expand its fresh food offerings, initially in limited target markets, and hired Jim Jensen, former director of fresh foods for Tesco's Fresh & Easy, as its newly created divisional merchandise manager of fresh food. "We're looking at offering fresh food options that will appeal to urban on-the-go shoppers, as well as offering a 'tonight's meal option' for suburban customers," Robert Elfinger, spokesperson for Walgreens, recently told Convenience Store News . He added the national drugstore giant specifically plans to expand fruit, ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
A Prescription for Resuscitating Growth for CPG Companies
Despite advances in marketing analytics as well as the speed and precision that new technology affords in driving granular strategy and execution, many consumer package goods companies today continue to adopt a one-size-fits-all approach when developing portfolio, marketing, merchandising, pricing and promotion plans for their products. While avoiding the complexity associated with granular execution has been the mantra for many companies eager to manage costs, today's performance leaders are embracing complexity and managing it better, faster and with more economic returns than ever before. The dramatic economic shifts in ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


with the labeling of all Fritz Hansen products with a red label with the corporate logo in 2006. ...... towards both private and contract customers. Co- branding and partnerships ...... redefines what constitutes good style for the home. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Rural Cooperative Magazine September/October
ri Valley Growers (TVG) was a California agricultural cooperative owned by more than 500 member- growers and was California�s largest fruit canner, with $782 million in sales during 1998. Members -- who delivered primarily tomatoes, peaches, pears and olives to the cooperative for processing and marketing -- held $125 million of equity in the co-op in 1998. TVG was also a major Central Valley employer, with more than 9,500 seasonal and 1,500 annual employees. But severe financial difficulties forced TVG to file a voluntary petition for reorganization under Chapter 11 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code in July 2000. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Tips to Reinvent the Department Store — HBS Working Knowledge
a snapshot of department stores today: Regional brands have all but disappeared; larger players like Federated and May are merging their multi-brand companies, and consolidation continues. Meanwhile, all sorts of retailers from single-brand stores to big-box discounters have worked to win consumers who used to be loyal department store customers. "I think department stores are in the process of significant change," said Pat Chadwick, senior vice president of northeast regional stores for Bloomingdale's, at a Multi-Category Retailing panel, held as part of the student-run HBS Retail and Luxury Goods Conference on ...
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Google Answers: Market Size for Intimate Lubricants
Dear Dean, There is surprisingly little about personal lubricants. I searched in other databases, and didn't find more inclusive figures. SUMMARY - for drug stores revenues in millions. 1991: $22.6m 1992: $27.6m 1993: $28m mid-2001-mid 2002: $235.9m, growth = 2.2% over previous year; Growth is expected to be strong in this segment due to aging baby boomers, and therefore menopausal women. Liquid lubricants are showing particularly strong growth. COMMENT It is perplexing to me how this segment has increased 10 fold over ten years. I have listed below supporting quotes and other related information. I do ...