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While short-tail, broad keywords have search volumes in the millions; less competitive, more specific long-tail keywords raise your conversion ceiling. For example, there are around 4 million searches for “bugs” each month, compared to about 30,000 times a month for “how to get rid of bed bugs.” Novice search engine marketers might think that targeting the keyword with a higher search volume will get more traffic and sales. However, seasoned professionals know that long-tail keywords get more and better traffic, leading to increased conversion rates. “‘How to get rid of bed bugs’ is less ...
identity. Sound branding is increasingly becoming a vehicle for conveying a memorable message to targeted consumers, taking advantage of the powerful memory sense of sound.
Google May Lose Big on YouTube in 2009 (The Blog on Branding)
From your favorite Family guy clips to Obama’s inauguration speech, from promoting your new SoujaBoy dance moves to the May-Irwin first kiss ever recorded in 1986 – you can find it on YouTube ! With a library of approximately 150 to 160 million videos, YouTube has become the most popular resource for your Internet video viewing and posting pleasures. But according to a recent research report issued by Credit Suisse , Google could lose up to a half a billion dollars due to YouTube ’s operating expenses over the course of 2009. “From Family Guy to Obama to SoujaBoy—it’s all on YouTube.” Credit Suisse analysts Spencer Wang ... market research, surveys and trends
Online Customer Feedback - Personalize the Impersonal, The Blog on ...
This before summer, the Boston Globe ran an article as to C.C. Chapman, a guy who had a puzzler with his high-definition minority appointment. as a overlook He vented his frustration on Twitter and within minutes had a rebut from a emblematic from Comcast. as a overlook This was a honoured savour on both ends, as Mr. as a overlook Having a community media being is fashion predominant as a replacement for your above no content the gauge. Chapman runs a digital marketing means and fashion uses this savour as an beau idВal as a replacement for his clients. Twitter can be a honoured location to empty your frustrations. Get Personal ... market research, surveys and trends


MySpace Music: What Went Wrong, and What's Being Done About It ...
The launch of MySpace Music six months ago was supposed to herald a new era, with the four major labels at long last embracing social media as a disruptive force of good and developing a business model which didn’t repulse their customers. It didn’t work out that way. Though far from a misbegotten roll-out, the brief history of MySpace Music is a tale of missed opportunities, silo mentalities and unwarranted reluctance to trust the audience. "It was plumbing and a playlist," says Courtney Holt, who took command of MySpace Music in January, nearly three months after it launched. "But it wasn’t overly social, it ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Google – Building an Empire One Search at a Time | The Blog on ...
It’s a noun, it’s a verb, it’s Google. In the last several years, Google has gone from simple search engine, to pop culture icon, even being referenced by the teen vampires of the enormously popular Twilight movie. The phrase, “Google it,” has become so mainstream, no one even flinches at its mention. What might make some (namely search engines like Yahoo and MSN) flinch though, are the numbers that Google rakes in on a monthly basis. Just over a year ago, Google brought in well over 60 percent of all US internet searches, defeating Yahoo, MSN and by wide margins. In the same study done ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
What Will Apple Call the Next iPhone?
News travels rapidly on the internet: just weeks after the unveiling of the new iPhone 4, tech journalists and iPhone junkies alike began to think out loud about the next iPhone series, with the debate increasing to a fever pitch once reliable suggestions emerged that the iPhone could arrive as early as January 2011. For the reason that Apple rumors now seemingly travels faster than life itself, the internet names, tags, and, keywords, things before they even exist. Because we required a word for the upcoming iPhone to be something convenient and familiar to work with in all of the blog posts, articles, and tweets, so we selected market trends, news research and surveys resources
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It is a truth universally acknowledged that the fashion industry has been notoriously slow to catch on to digital media. The few brands that have taken tentative steps towards using the internet to its full advantage, such as Burberry and Chanel, are being lauded as progressive, but when compared to other industries fashion is still woefully behind. From journalism and retail, to the back-end of wholesale buying, the fashion industry has on the whole squeaked along in the same way that it has for many years. Many observers blame this state of affairs on the industry's concern for maintaining exclusivity; other say the ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Personal Branding for the Business Professional
as the star adds to your personal branding immensely, especially if you can manage to ..... blog. The goal of the site is to empower you with information on ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
EERE Communication Standards and Guidelines: Blogs
Here you'll find the requirements and best practices for creating and maintaining a blog on the EERE Web site. For a description of what a blog is, how they can benefit your site, and some things to consider before starting one, see the overview of blogs on These are the requirements for developing a blog. To receive approval, send a proposal to the EERE Web Project Manager that explains why a blog is needed, who will post on it, and which program will oversee its maintenance. For security purposes, all blogs must be hosted at EERE's internal blogging service at Do not ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Doc Searls Weblog · Same old blog, brand new place
TORNADO WATCH OUTLINE UPDATE FOR WT 263 NWS STORM PREDICTION CENTER NORMAN OK 145 PM EDT SAT JUN 5 2010 TORNADO WATCH 263 IS IN EFFECT UNTIL 1000 PM EDT FOR THE FOLLOWING LOCATIONS MAC005-009-011-013-015-017-021-023-025-027-060200- /O.NEW.KWNS.TO.A.0263.100605T1745Z-100606T0200Z/ MA . MASSACHUSETTS COUNTIES INCLUDED ARE BRISTOL ESSEX FRANKLIN HAMPDEN HAMPSHIRE MIDDLESEX NORFOLK PLYMOUTH SUFFOLK WORCESTER Click here or on the screenshot above and you’ll get to , which has excellent moving visualizations of storms in progress, among ...
  1. profile image jasonbereklewis YOU are the brand. RT @nickbowditch I include Muhammad Ali, Paris Hilton + myself in a blog on personal branding
  2. profile image timdetellis Stay tuned. Blog post coming tomorrow @ on Branding 101, The Three Questions.
  3. profile image MoveOverMaryP you know what sucks? this re-branding crap. set up an email addy for the blog? now all my comments on everyone's blogs are in moderation!
Personal Branding and Corporate Branding | LinkedIn Answers | LinkedIn
Engineering (4), Inventory Management (2), Manufacturing (2), Quality Management and Standards (2), Positioning (2), Regulation and Compliance (1), Government Policy (1), Staffing and Recruiting (1), Advertising (1), Project Management (1), Branding (1), Pricing (1), Career Management (1) Brands provide context regardless of whether they are for a person or a corporation. If I am a "Highly creative problem solver tackling the tough challenges for technology companies," it has little bearing on WalMart having "Always low prices. Always." or if they choose to rebrand themselves along the lines of "Save money. Live Better." to ...
What is the best children's music without branding & popular ...
I've already found a couple of gems like Snacktime by The Barenaked Ladies and some of the TMBG stuff, but I would like some more music for my five-year-old daughter. I would love stuff that she and I can enjoy together. I'm only interested in albums that are not connected to massive marketing machines like Disney, Barney, Dora, and the like. Robbie Schaeffer , Songs For Kids Like Us Dan Zanes Tom Chapin I just discovered Weird Al has a very funny version of Peter and the Wolf. My son was about five when I turned him onto the Beatles. He was totally into them until he discovered the Star Wars soundtrack. Now he ...