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Special Report on

Types of Competitive Advantage

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A discussion on the competitive strategies as outlined by Michael Porter in his books "Competitive Strategy" and "Competitive Advantage". This paper discusses the work of Michael Porter and looks at his books, "Competitive Strategy" and "Competitive Advantage" in which he identifies two basic types of competitive advantage a firm can possess. The author discusses how many strategies there are and whether firms who follow only one strategy are 'stuck in the middle'. Outline: Introduction Cost Leadership Porter's Typology Differentiation Focus Focus as a Separate Strategy Cost focus Differentiation Focus 'Stuck ...
called "Competitive Applications," (cf. NY State records for consultancies formed in 1982) who gave a series of public lectures on SIS in NYC sponsored by the Datamation Institute, a subsidiary of Datamation Magazine. In 1984 Wiseman published an article on this subject (co-authored by Prof. Ian MacMillan) in the Journal of Business Strategy (Journal of Business Strategy, fall, 1984) In 1985 he published the first book on SIS called "Strategy and Computers: Information Systems as Competitive Weapons" (Dow-Jones Irwin, 1985; translated into French by Bertrand Kaulek and into Italian by Professor Fabio Corno of
Competitive Advantage by Michael Porter, Part 1 « The Business ...
was maybe the first business book to make an impact on my work.  I had just started working at a small consulting company after studying civil engineering, so I was fairly clueless about business analysis.  I had read about his Five Forces framework, but it didn’t really impact my work that much, perhaps because it was so concerned with industries rather than individual companies.  It didn’t seem that relevant to my day-to-day work.  In Competitive Advantage , Porter lays out his theories on competitive strategy, (you guessed it) competitive advantage, using value chain analysis to understand those concepts, and a few related ... market research, surveys and trends
What is a sustainable competitive advantage? « The Fallible Investor
A sustainable competitive advantage is the ability for a business to do something that its (potential) rivals cannot. It means being able to: Keep the business’s current customers; [1] and, (Possibly) grow by attracting new customers; On terms which are more profitable than the business’s competitors; For a reasonably long-time (it is sustainable not temporary).  I think the best competitive advantages in achieving this are, in descending order: Economies of Scale combined with Customer Captivity; A Network Effect; A Government Licence; Patent Protection; and, Customer Captivity. [2] [3] A business usually gets a ... market research, surveys and trends


Read Excerpt 1 (PDF) - Competitive advantage is a concept that ...
Oct 16, 2001 ... IBM, with 70 percent market share, earned 95 percent of the main- ... $100 billion behemoths. The logic behind those mergers has been ..... Some types of competitive advantage, such as those associated with ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
The three types of competitive advantage are. 232 Economics and Management Strategy ..... 10 percent so that the present value of the project payoff in the ..... equal approximately $14 trillion, of which approximately $90 billion were ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
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Recently I attended an Open Source (LinuxFest) all-day symposium sponsored by the Atlanta Linux Enthusiast in Atlanta, Georgia. In one of the groups, we discussed the issue of IT certifications and the question, “What types of certifications should IT professionals seek as companies gravitate toward cloud computing?,” seemed to elicit several visceral responses. The discussion focused on the skills needed to work in Cloud Computing environments and therefore, the new VMware Certified Professional now available on vSphere 4 (VCP4), the VMWare Certified Design Expert (VCDE) and CompTIA's Strata Green IT certification (for ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Expand students' global experiences
President Barack Obama is calling for the United States to have the highest number of college graduates in the world by 2020. One program in the federal Higher Education Act has great potential to help achieve this. It gives colleges small grants to establish and expand cooperative education, or “co-op,” programs. Though signed into law in 2008, it has never been funded. Continue Reading Originally conceived to help working-class students pay for college, co-op programs offer students the opportunity to alternate classroom studies with long-term, paid internships in a wide array of settings — anything from ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Generic Strategy: Types of Competitive Advantage
There are two basic types of competitive advantage: cost leadership and differentiation. -- Michael Porter, Competitive Advantage, 1985, p.3 ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Freedom of Information Act, FAQs
Remember, though, that the FOIA does not require the Federal Trade Commission to answer questions, issue opinions, conduct legal research, or create records in order to respond to a request. A reasonable description of Commission records would allow a Commission employee to locate records using reasonable efforts. For example, your description should contain enough file-related information (type of document, title, subject area, date of creation, originating office) or enough event-related information (date and circumstances surrounding the event the record covers) to permit an organized, non-random search. You can ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
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Comparative advantage exists when a country has a margin of superiority in the production of a good or service i.e. where the opportunity cost of production is lower. Countries have different factor endowments of labour, land and capital inputs. Countries will specialise in and export those products which use intensively the factors of production which they are most endowed. If each country specialises in those goods and services where they have an advantage, then total output and economic welfare can be increased (under certain assumptions). This is true even if one nation has an absolute advantage over another country. Worked ...
Human Resources: meaning of competitive advantage in sales force ...
*Direct research into companies, trade and market groups to identify customer needs and preferences to provide the basis for estimating sales potential and application of new products, and facilitate the evaluation of the company's competitive  position. *Supervise market sampling and other consumer  research  contracts. *Provide effective  field support to the sales/marketing effort . *Contribute to maintaining sales of company products by identifying inventory needs, ensuring timely deliveries, and identifying  potential sales leads. *Manage product and  parts distribution to ensure the ...