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Article Collaboration Via Google Docs

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this is a series of tutorials on building a mini-Digg system using Blogger and Google Docs as a platform. No hosting account, (other than a blog page), is required for this web app, and readers/users don't have to have any special account, (not even a gmail account). What's the price of admission? The example pages that deploy the system all relate to various immigration bills that will effect high tech industry workers. Please write your congress-people no matter what side of the issue you're on. There, admission paid. Now for the fun stuff! As described in the previous article, the tutorial is divided into ...
globe. It is available under three different licenses: Google Earth, a free version with limited functionality; Google Earth Plus (discontinued), which included additional features; and Google Earth Pro ($400 per year), which is intended for commercial use. 1 The product, re-released as Google Earth in 2005, is currently available for use on personal computers running Windows 2000 and above, Mac OS X 10.3.9 and above, Linux Kernel : 2.4 or later (released on June 12, 2006), and FreeBSD . Google Earth is also available as a browser plugin which was released on May 28, 2008. It was also made available on the iPhone OS on October ...
University: Must have Software | Ravall - The blog of everything ...
In comparison to High School, the world of university is fast paced and equally overwhelming to new students who have never before experienced such intense workload. Being a frosh at McMaster, I have had the honor of  just recently experiencing the difficult transition myself. One of my most beneficial investments that significantly aided in the easing of the process was  non other than my handy Aluminium 13″ Macbook pro. For those of you who are in the process of purchasing a notebook, I would highly recommend looking at 13″ laptops as, larger models will become a living nightmare to sit with in lecture halls. ... market research, surveys and trends
Copywriting collaboration: the beauty of Google Docs | Brutal Pixie
One theme that will recur here from time to time is that of collaboration. Because most of my clients are interstate, I work nearly exclusively online — and therefore collaborate mostly by email and by phone. But there is a simple tool that tons of people forget about: Google Docs. I’m a big fan of good collaborative relationships, whether I’m in a copywriting role or an editing role. I find that, even if I am given a brief by a client that is very good, the end result is so much better if my clients are involved in the creation of their copy. This is why I never just take a brief and run. I will take the driver’s seat, sure, ... market research, surveys and trends


Microsoft Watch - Web Services & Browser - R.I.P.: The Web 2.0 ...
In a recent survey, NPD asked nearly 600 PC users: "Have you heard about online, browser-based office productivity applications like Google Docs, Google Spreadsheets, gOffice, etc.?" NPD also asked, "If so, how often do you use them?" Ninety-four percent of U.S. consumers have never tried a Web-based productivity suite alternatives. A mere 0.5 percent have substituted Web-based productivity suites for desktop software such as Microsoft Office. Chris Swenson, NPD's director of Software Industry Analysis, described the 0.5 percent figure as being a "bit high." Swenson predicted worldwide usage to ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Smartphone Survey Finds Good News for Apple, Bad for Blackberry ...
users who don't already own an iPhone said they would switch to the Apple handset for their next purchase, nearly three times the percentage of non-Blackberry users who would switch to a Research in Motion handset. In an online survey conducted May 19 to June 8, market researcher Crowd Science found that only 14 percent of non-Blackberry users wanted to switch to that family of devices. Those numbers spotlight the emerging competition between the two smartphone leaders, with Apple seemingly better-positioned to score impressive gains. The report was released as RIM as been touting that 80 percent of its recent new customers ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Top 10 Small Business Collaboration Web Tools
As small business people, we have it pretty good right now. We're not talking about the economy, naturally. It's still way too unsettling. We're talking about small business technology . We have at our disposal an amazing arsenal of small business software. Many of these tools are sophisticated, easy to use, cloud-computing-based, and either free or low cost. Jump back 10 years via your hot tub time machine, and you'll see what we mean: The small business technology we have now beats what a lot of large corporations were using a decade ago. And what are these amazing tools? There are too many Web tools to ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Google Docs - poor man's Word?
I've been using Google Docs regularly for nearly three years, although I think I was playing around with it back when it was the old Writely service. In that time I've seen it evolve into quite a handy suite of online office tools. It's never going to compete with a full blown desktop suite such as Microsoft Office or OpenOffice, but to dismiss Google Docs because it lacks all the bells and whistles of its desktop cousins is to miss the point. The point of Google Docs is to give you basic office applications in the cloud which offer the flexibility of access from any computer, clean formatting, easy ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


FEATURE ARTICLE YouTube and Other Web 2.0 Applications for Nursing ...
2005), YouTube (Skiba, 2007) and Google Docs, Spreadsheets and ... collaboration , and problem-solving skills for students in an Internet-rich world. ... Furthermore, quick and timely access to information via Web-based communication and ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Dragonfly » Blog Archive » Google Docs
is a free, online office suite featuring word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, and forms. It includes a variety of collaboration tools and works with any modern web browser.  Read on to learn more about this useful tool. Reasons to use Google Docs & Spreadsheets instead of a traditional office suite Google Docs is free .  If you work for an organization that has licensed an office suite for you, you may not worry about the cost–at work.  But not all organizations license office software for employees’ home use, or if they do, the license may forbid using it for anything that isn’t work-related. Google ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Collaboration for Keiretsu: A Review of Google Docs | Currents in ...
1. The networked computer classroom has always held out the promise of improved collaboration and peer review of documents. The foundational work in this area was based on social constructionist theory ( e.g., Barker & Kemp 1990; Cooper & Selfe 1990; Hawisher & Selfe 1991): scholars saw networked writing as a concrete application of social constructionism, which emphasized collaborative writing, and consequently produced collaborative tools (such as the Daedalus Interactive Writing Environment and the enCore MOO). More recently, content management systems and wikis have joined the list of ways to collaborate. All allow ...
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How many use Google Docs and for what purpose? | LinkedIn Answers ...
--Google Docs for team collaboration on spreadsheets. Multiple users can edit spreadsheets at one time, and all users can view what cell(s) other users are manipulating. ---Google Docs for document conversion - .doc to .pdf ---Google Docs for financial management - the key is accessibility and you can access Google docs from any kind of machine anywhere. ---Google Docs for Version control...keep multiple versions of receipts, invoices and business documents. ---Google Docs best feature is the collaborative sharing. You can put all your members in a group for a certain document(s) or even give access to a folder .....and ...
Shared folders and multiple file upload in Google Docs - Google ...
We have some exciting new features to announce which we feel will enhance your experience on the docs list. First and foremost, we bring you shared folders! This has been an overwhelmingly popular request, and we're very pleased to launch this feature to all of you.  Now not only can you share your docs, but also your folders as well. We hope this feature will help make organization and collaboration easier and more efficient. If you keep all your related documents in a folder, you can share that folder with anyone. Your collaborators will have access to all the docs in that folder and any new docs you add to it in the ...