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Special Report on

Grassroots Collaborative Online Video Editing

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it has been possible to upload your video clips and edit them right from your browser. Since then other players have joined the web video editing game - including the peoples' favourite YouTube with its Remixer tool . But while online video editing has been around for a while, it has so far been a rather solitary endeavor. Certainly Jumpcut and Eyespot have run their fair share of promotions whereby users can remix commercial footage. But until now there hasn't been a tool that places community and social editing as its core focus. Kaltura aims to fill that gap , supplying an award winning service centered around ...
as they use physical evidence to solve grisly murders in this unusually graphic drama, which has inspired a host of other cop-show "procedurals". An immediate ratings smash for CBS, the series mixes deduction, gritty subject matter and popular characters. The network quickly capitalized on its hit with spin-offs CSI: Miami and CSI: NY and renewed CSI for an eleventh season on May 19, 2010. CSI has been recognized as the most popular dramatic series internationally by the Festival de Télévision de Monte-Carlo , which has awarded it the "International Television Audience Award (Best Television Drama Series)" ...
Hacks/Hackers Survival Glossary for Journalists | Displaced ...
If you’re feel­ing over­whelmed by the jar­gon asso­ci­ated with dig­i­tal media, you are not alone. As Dis­placed Jour­nal­ists eager to get back in the game, we all need to be well-versed in ever-evolving tech­nol­ogy lingo. Hacks/Hackers , a net­work con­cerned with the inter­sec­tion of jour­nal­ism and tech­nol­ogy, has come up with a list of impor­tant tech­nol­ogy terms. It’s espe­cially nice because it’s writ­ten for non-techies and it’s crowd­sourced , which means that it’s con­stantly being updated by indi­vid­u­als who sub­mit terms they find miss­ing from the list. In keep­ing with an open phi­los­o­phy of ... market research, surveys and trends
Education Notes Online: A View from the Trenches of the War on ...
Ed Notes provides information on current issues and on organizing activities around fighting for public education in NYC and beyond. If you are a teacher, help promote Ed Notes to your colleagues. GET INVOLVED IN THE STRUGGLE! ----Or The Gotcha Culture at the NY City Department of Ed. by Matt Frisch July 5, 2010 Imagine for a minute that we live in a culture in which we are judged solely on the basis of our shortcomings- our strengths, talents, past experience and accomplishments all have no bearing on how we are judged by the world at large. One tiny slip, one miscue, one weakness and we are labeled a failure for all the world ... market research, surveys and trends


With video capture and editing tools in the hands of more and more people all the time, we are at the point ... online by nearly 123 million Americans, or 70 percent ... A sampling of grassroots video applications across .... Tools to support collaborative online work are easy to find and uncomplicated to use. ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Letting the grass grow: grassroots information on blogs and wikis
The introduction of blogs and wikis (user-edited, collaborative ... direct editing of content by users) allows a process of bottom up editing, where the ... million blogs and 2.5 billion links. Compare this to the fact that in ... Blogs can incorporate text, images, audio and video, the latter known as vlogs, and ... industry trends, business articles and survey research


Collaborative Support for Informal Information in Collective ...
However, some types (e.g., audio, video) require ..... collaborative editing. In : De Michelis G, Simone C, Schmidt K, eds. European Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative. Work (ECSCW). ... Kearsley G. Online Help Systems: Design and Implementation. ... Kamiya K, Roscheisen M, Winograd T. Grassroots: A system ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Examples of Using Technology and Content to Achieve ...
Nov 26, 2008 ... Examples of Agencies Using Online Content and Technology to Achieve Mission and Goals. Agency ... collaboration tools for the. 1500+ web manager ... active grass roots Web Managers Forum of over .... editing articles. Especially valuable since ... personal videos, and respond to others' videos. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
What are good ways to distribute/build buzz for an independent ...
Starting Up (6), Venture Capital and Private Equity (3), Web Development (3), Using LinkedIn (3), Education and Schools (1), Corporate Law (1), Distribution (1), Business Plans (1), Enterprise Software (1) Let’s start with a clear definition of the goal: “viral distribution of an independent film” means that people will work to spread awareness of the film through word of mouth, eMail, web links, and so on. A breakdown of the analysis is: - how does the initial group get “exposed” (viral analogy) - how do they spread the contagion to the next group (viral analogy) - how does that group continue ...
March 2005 Archives | Ask MetaFilter
Why are "aunt" and "uncle", emplyed in a nonfamilial sense, used as terms of endearment and honorifics in so many societies? Any tips for getting rid of static electricity in big, furry dogs? My Old English sheepdog is always rubbing against the couch and rolling around on the carpet. Every time I scratch him behind his ears, I get a slight jolt. I've tried rubbing down his favorite pillow with a Bounce sheet, but of course the static always comes back. Thanks to everyone in advance. I'm thinking about upgrading my laptop and use it for amateur DJ'ing in parties. What software and hardware do you guys ...