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Special Report on

Groups, Group Cognition and Groupware

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As members of a department at one of the premier research universities in the country, Computer Science faculty, staff, and students are engaged in a wide variety of research in the discipline. A very brief overview of current Computer Science research groups, their primary contacts, and links to the research group websites are provided below.   Center for Lifelong Learning and Design (L 3 D) Gerhard Fischer The Center for LifeLong Learning and Design (L3D) is an educational and research unit of the Computer Science Department whose mission is the ongoing development of theory and technology to support learning, design, and ...
This use of social software is discussed here, with an emphasis on how research results can inform the practice of teachers and learners.
The Role of Collaboration in Organizations
‘More than 97 percent of senior leaders believed collaboration is essential to success. However, only 30 percent of respondents and 47 percent of senior leaders believed leaders in their organization are actually skilled in collaboration. Results indicate leaders must learn to work across boundaries to collaborate effectively in the coming years.’ (Centre for Creative Leadership, 2007) Collaboration is a process of participation through which people, groups and organizations work together to achieve desired results. Common factors and characteristics have been identified by research as influencing the collaborative ... market research, surveys and trends
Scaling Up Usability
The organization used in this paper to study how to scale up usability is the Felleskjøpet, FK in short. FK is The Norwegian Agricultural Purchasing and Marketing Co-operation (FK), a part of Norwegian farm co-operative system. This is the largest supplier of feed concentrate, agricultural implements and fertilizers in Norway. Such a large business entity of course needs to increase usability in their communication system for this purpose FK uses an groupware indirect system that has multiple functions. It is maintained by R & D organization met. Since the system is large and still growing, scaling-up can usability as key ... market research, surveys and trends


Online Social Networks, Virtual Communities, Enterprises, and ...
Most organizations ... ours included ... are just beginning to experiment with meaningful social networking. What will it take for most of us to make the transition from business-as-usual … to business in a wired-in world of online social networking where our personal, professional, and corporate online reputations are critical to success? First and foremost ... I believe it will take the unique knowledge ... experience ... and vision of information professionals like you. Janice LaChance Chief Executive Officer Special Libraries Association Building on its 10,000,000th new member, the business-centered, online social ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Human centered systems in the perspective of organizational and ...
In 1993, the term "digital libraries" was popularized when it became the focus of a $24 million research program jointly sponsored by ARPA, NASA, and NSF. Many computer scientists, in fields such as human-computer interaction, artificial intelligence, information retrieval, and information systems, who had not previously been concerned with the design of libraries became keenly interested in this research opportunity. Imaginative entrepreneurial computer scientists and information scientists soon began organizing research conferences on digital libraries, and a new field was soon born. The example of digital ... industry trends, business articles and survey research


LNCS 3706 - Groups, Group Cognition and Groupware
Groups, Group Cognition and Groupware. 5 it right on his paper); they eventually accepted the correct answer from someone outside the group. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
The Canon Group's Effort: Working Toward a Merged Model
several groups stated the need for definitions, the ..... (“Groupware is the term that has come to be applied to computer software tools designed to ..... An AI Perspective. Tu- torial monographs in cognition science. Norword, NJ: Ablex ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Groups, Group Cognition & Groupware
understand the nature of group cognition—the processes whereby ideas are ... understand how groups work before we can effectively design groupware. ...
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Hello again, Dusty-- This one was a bit trickier, as these areas haven't been nearly researched as much as the ones in your previous question. But, alas, I spent most of the day looking for papers and studies that meet your specific needs. I conducted a number of different white paper and study searches. For the purpose of organizing this answer for you, I have broken the answer into four categories: 1) "business intelligence" telecom, "business intelligence" web sites, "decision support systems" telecom, and "decision support systems" web sites. After perusing many of these papers, I discovered that not a whole ...
Slashdot | Great Computer Science Papers?
"Recently I listened to a talk by Alan Kay who mentioned that many 'new' software ideas had already been discovered decades earlier by computer scientists - but 'nobody reads these great papers anymore.' Over the years I have had the opportunity to read some really great and thought-provoking academic papers in Computer Science and would like to read more, but there are just too many to sort through. I'm wondering what great or seminal papers others have encountered. Since Google has no answers, perhaps we can come up with a list for the rest of the world?" This discussion has been archived. ...