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Special Report on

Microsoft and Novell Collaboration, follow

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MindTouch, Inc Blog » August 2009 Newsletter | Free Forrester Wave Report, 50% Off MindTouch 2009 Standard, Collaborative Video If you subscribe to the MindTouch e-newsletter you received this information via email last week. If you’re not a subscriber, sign up today by providing your email in the e-newsletter field at the bottom of the home page . Letter from the CEO: Download the Forrester Wave for Free Last Day to Benefit from a 50% Discount on your MindTouch 2009 Standard License! The World’s First Open Source, Collaborative Video Recently MindTouch was included in the Forrester WaveTM report on ...
Open Sources » A new tune for Red Hat on Microsoft interop?
Open standards create interoperability everyone can implement. That’s the real solution. It doesn’t require a deal between two companies. Except, apparently, when it does. After all, in early 2009 Microsoft reached a patent-free interoperability agreement with Red Hat on virtualization, an agreement motivated by customer requests, according to Red Hat executive Mike Evans . Earlier this week, Red Hat added to its partnership with Microsoft , and the reasons given by Red Hat executive Paul Cormier sound suspiciously like Novell’s circa 2006 : That relationship with Microsoft, believe it or not, is pretty strong. ... market research, surveys and trends
Novell Pulse Brings Real-time Collaboration to the Enterprise ...
Novell’s latest collaboration offering, Pulse, provides a real-time collaboration environment for the enterprise that brings authoring, communication and social messaging together in a single secure solution. Built to work alone or in concert with existing collaboration tools, Novell Pulse uses the Google Wave Federation Protocol to allow seamless integration with other co-editing and collaboration tools, such as Google Wave, as well as new extensions that third parties can build on top of the Novell Pulse platform. It draws on instant messaging, document sharing, social connections, real-time co-editing and enterprise controls. market research, surveys and trends


Zimbra notches 100 percent growth | The Open Road - CNET News
of IBM Lotus Notes (approximately 145 million paid mailboxes) and Microsoft Exchange (approximately 175 million paid mailboxes). Whatever the truth to rumors that Zimbra is up for sale, Zimbra is an appreciating asset for Yahoo, not a depreciating one. For one thing, it's important to consider just how explosive this growth has been. In January 2009, Zimbra was at 20 million paid mailboxes . By March, that number had jumped to 40 million paid mailboxes , perhaps a consequence of Comcast mailboxes coming online. ( Comcast chose Zimbra to power its Web mail service in 2007.) That's a lot of growth in a very short period ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Smarter Collaboration insights
For example, Lotus Domino on POWER7 consumes 4.9 times less processing resource per task than Microsoft Exchange on Nehalem.  So what? Well Lotus Domino can support more users at 40% less cost! WebSphere Application Server on POWER7 can give around 4x the transaction throughput of .Net on same number of Nehalem cores. Imagine the productivity and cost benefits to 100s of millions of Lotus collaboration software users... Imagine the boost to 10s of millions of Domino applications in use... Interesting analysis on why America needs to innovate, quickly : http ://w ww.m inya nvil le.c om/a rtic les/ econ omy- inno vata tion -job s-un industry trends, business articles and survey research
Canadian Women Win at Britain's Royal Henley
Canada's women eight beat out the local favourites today to win at the Henley Royal Regatta in Henley-on-Thames, England. The Canadian women set the tone for the race with a solid start and ended up winning by two lengths in a total time of 7.29 minutes over the British team, representing Leander Club and Oxford Brookes University. They raced a distance of 2,112 metres, unique to this regatta, in gusty headwind conditions. "We train in all conditions (on Fanshawe Lake in London, Ont.) and we're accustomed to the wind, but we didn't underestimate the British. We took some sloppy strokes, and so did they.  The ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Managing Smartphones in Your Business
Over the last decade, smartphones have evolved from relatively simple mobile communications devices to robust palm-sized computing platforms that have transformed travel time from a loathsome efficiency drag to a productive part of any workday. Workers can now go more places with less downtime. But this benefit is offset somewhat by the increased burden they place on IT administrators to effectively provision and maintain them, and the security risks of carrying sensitive data on portable devices. A recent RingCentral survey illustrates just how attached business professionals have become to their smartphones. An overwhelming 83 ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Functional Comparison of Novell Open Enterprise Server/eDirectory ...
It has been authored by an independent Microsoft and Novell ..... Both vendors follow established RFCs for DHCP and DNS services. ..... The collaboration features of Virtual Office can scale to the entire directory. Virtual Office is ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Microsoft PowerPoint - Academic-Industry collaboration PR FINAL
ongoing and future academic-industry collaboration. – Together, academia and industry can uniquely partner to translate new biology into novel therapeutics ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
GroupWise Import Utility for Microsoft Outlook
e-mail, calendar, and other collaberation data that is stored in a GroupWise database. With the ... following version of Microsoft Outlook installed: .... Novell and GroupWise are registered trademarks of Novell, Inc. in the ...
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WikiAnswers - What operating systems support preemptive multitasking
Examples of preemptive operating systems include AmigaOS, the Windows NT family (including XP and Vista), Linux, *BSD, OS/2 2.X - OS/2 Warp 3 - 4.5, Mac OS X and Windows 95/98/ME (32-bit applications only) [1] . Unix and Unix-based systems, and VMS, as well as other systems used in the academic and medium-to-large business markets, have always supported preemptive multitasking, but for a long time were beyond the reach of most users either because of the costs of licensing or the expensive hardware required to support them. Examples of older, non-preemptive (cooperative) operating systems include Windows 1.x, 2.x, 3.x, Windows ...
Do you see IBM Lotus as a collaborative platform that will ...
Compensation and Benefits (1), Viral Marketing (1), Career Management (1), Enterprise Software (1), Computers and Software (1) This was selected as Best Answer Like any collaborative software, there is will bugs in the initially stages. Domino 8 is far better than the version 4.0 time framer in the 1998. Sharepoint has its advantages and has to combined with .net or biztalk or some other database suite to make it very robust. Web2.0 is wide topic- there are a lot of open source softwares and still quite a few in its work. A lot of newer companies are yet to enter into this industry. IBM Lotus products like ...