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News and Updates on Crowdsourcing

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Your cost for the operation? One full week from a software developer, a few days’ help from others in his department, and £50 to rent temporary servers. Journalism has been crowdsourced before , but it’s the scale of the Guardian’s project — 170,000 documents reviewed in the first 80 hours, thanks to a visitor participation rate of 56 percent — that’s breathtaking. We wanted the details, so I rang up the developer, Simon Willison , for his tips about deadline-driven software, the future of public records requests, and how a well-placed mugshot can make a blacked-out PDF feel like a detective ...
allowing collaboration between amateur and professional journalists to collectively produce a piece of work that describes correlations between crowd-sourced techniques and a popular movement.
about:mozilla » Mozilla T-shirt, AMO editor guide, crowdsourcing ...
The Mozilla Foundation has announced that the new official Mozilla 2010 T-shirt is now available. “Designed by Mozilla community member foxyboy, this shirt cannot be bought in stores and is only available to Mozilla donors. So, how do you get it? Contribute $75 or more to the Open Web Fund . Every dollar you donate will support a Mozilla Drumbeat project.” New AMO editor guide “Reviewing add-ons is a complicated task, and we haven’t been very good at documenting the whole process. After a few days’ work, we now have the AMO Editor Guide on the Mozilla wiki. This guide covers all the editor ... market research, surveys and trends
Crowdsourcing goes global: The NYT's “Moment in Time” » Nieman ...
today, and you’ll find an image slightly different from the high-quality photographs that normally populate the outlet: a spinning globe, highly stylized, its surface popping with piles of pictures. “Here it is,” the site announces : “Earth, covered by stacks of thousands of virtual photographs, corresponding in location to where they were taken by Lens readers at one ‘Moment in Time.’” The moment in question? Sunday before last, at 11 a.m. EST — the time when the paper asked its users to take photos in an image-gathering project that was equal parts collaborative art and crowdsourcing ... market research, surveys and trends


New Survey Finds Majority of Small and Medium Businesses Plan to ...
Small and medium businesses are holding on to their servers and laptops longer these days, according to a new survey by Spiceworks™, Inc. But most are also planning to make significant investments in new hardware and software over the next six months. These findings were uncovered in a Q3 2009 survey of over 1,000 IT professionals, which was designed to investigate current technology purchasing, usage and staffing trends among small and medium businesses (SMBs) worldwide. The survey was fielded in July and August by the Spiceworks Voice of IT ® market research program, consisting of SMB IT professionals that are among the ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
'Help a Reporter Out' Crowdsources News Sources | Epicenter ...
Yet another area is being disrupted by the internet’s capacity for crowdsourcing: the gathering of sources for news articles. Help a Reporter Out (HARO) is one of a handful of services that lets journalists ask questions to a large number of people quickly in the hopes of adding valuable perspective to the news. Public relations veteran Peter Shankman launched HARO early last year as a Facebook group for connecting sources with reporters, as he had already been doing manually. It has since grown into a serious business with almost no overhead, which he says averages over $1 million in yearly revenue as massive, ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Asheville's Investigative Mommy Blogger snares funding
snagged a $12,000 grant from the McCormick New Media Women Entrepreneurs initiative. Carr is one of four winners, selected from a whopping 576 proposals received this year, the third for the initiative. Applications increased 32 percent over last year’s 435, signaling the degree of imagination and market opportunities surfacing among women media entrepreneurs, says Jan Schaffer , director of J-Lab: The Institute for Interactive Journalism, which administers the program ( Rev up the investigations: Kelby Carr hopes to see more bloggers tackling investigative projects, and now she’s got the grant to ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
HOW TO: Crowdsource Funds for Causes, Creativity and Startups
Selling candy bars or applying for a bank loan is so 20th century. Now, there are more ways than ever to raise money thanks the to Internet. A huge market of do-it-yourself crowdsourcing websites has made fundraising easier and more effective. The good news is that you don’t have to be a techie to access all of these great resources. Even the most adamant technophobe can get online and start raising money. Below, we profile some of the most useful ways to raise money for your charity or creative project. If celebrities don’t have to bake brownies or stand outside of grocery stores, why should the rest of us? That’s precisely why market trends, news research and surveys resources


Annotating Named Entities in Twitter Data with Crowdsourcing
Apr 11, 2010 ... refer to and contain updates about named entities. Our Twitter data set has over 150 ... been trained on formal documents, such as news ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
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technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
crowdsourcing « Armstrong Institute for Interactive Media Studies
This week presents another milestone for new media and government as the FDA holds a public hearing on: “Promotion of Food and Drug Administration-Regulated Medical Products Using the Internet and Social Media Tools.” FDA announcement Without getting into a lot of inside baseball about the many issues and opportunities that surround Direct to Consumer (DTC) [...] Tags: advertising , crowdsourcing , government media , social media Posted in AIMS News | No Comments » Monday, August 3rd, 2009 In the spirit of new models for changing the communication relationships between the public and its government, this recent ...
Marketer John Reese says we should stop using Twitter, and puts ...
He is, unfortunately wrong, and right at the same time, as with all digital communications, spam is a massive issue and useless information is right. I would also suggest that elements of the social world are a real threat to people like John, his niche of 'total' knowledge is being broken down by everyday thinkers. All of those who think they are the biggest thing in any subject will find there is a 'mortal' out there, that can out think and out play them, twitter has opened the world to education, some good, some bad, but i bet you could answer any question, write any report, put together any article from ...
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"I've been doing web development for about 10 years now. It's been very good to me, but I want to do more than write HTML, PHP, JavaScript and CSS. Since the job market isn't all that great right now in the US, it would seem that volunteering some time on an open source project would give me the satisfaction I'm looking for. The problem is finding a project that wants/needs help that I would also be interested in. I've tried browsing around on Sourceforge and Freshmeat ... is there a site somewhere that I'm not aware of that has classifieds where open source project maintainers post ...