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Special Report on

Social Software and Control

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consists of an array of online tools and technologies that allows users to interact and share information, files, and resources with one another ( Minocha ,2009). Social software includes tools such as: Wikis , video-sharing websites (e.g., YouTube ), blogs , social networking sites (e.g. Facebook ), and instant messaging . These tools and services have added increased possibilities for online learning opportunities ( Capuruco & Capretz , 2009). Social software and Web 2.0 sites have marked a movement away from the initial function of the Internet as a one-way, static business tool to a rich experience made ‘by the people for ...
are usually applied narrowly to software that enables collaborative work. Distinctions among usage of the terms "social", "trusted" and "collaborative" are in the applications or uses, not the tools themselves, although some tools are used only rarely for collaborative work.
I seem to have been hit with a plethora of new words lately. Surprisingly (to me, anyway), I met at least three new words when proof reading the index for an upcoming book. I won’t say what they are, because you probably know them already and then I’d be embarrassed. But I’ll take a chance that not everyone knows  stigmergy . Have you heard of it? Before I tell you what it means, I’d like to outline the meanderings  that led to my discovery of this uncomfortable-sounding word. In musing about what to write in this blog post, I decided to peruse the online distance education journals, with the aim of ... market research, surveys and trends
BookBlog » Blog Archive » The real life social network – questions ...
Adina Levin's weblog. For conversation about books I've been reading, social software, and other stuff too. There is no such thing as “friends”. That’s the most powerful conclusion in an excellent presentation about in-depth research by Paul Adams , UX researcher at Google. Most people tend to have 4-6 groups of friends, each of which has 2-10 people, and there is typically very little overlap between them. These friends represent different life stages and interests. A person’s large “friend list” on a service such as Facebook or Twitter actually consists of a handful of ... market research, surveys and trends


Gartner Reveals Five Social Software Predictions for 2010 and Beyond
Analysts Share Best Practices for Embracing Social Networking at Gartner Portals, Content and Collaboration Summit 2010, 9-11 March in Baltimore and 15-16 September in London STAMFORD, Conn., February�2, 2010 —  Gartner, Inc. has revealed its key predictions on the use of social software and collaboration in the enterprise. These predictions focus on offerings ranging from team collaboration to dynamic social networking applications that offer rich profiles and activity streams. “A lot has happened in a year within the social software and collaboration space. The growing use of ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Consumer Reports Survey: 52 Percent of Social Network Users Post ...
/PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The number of online U.S. households using social networks such as Facebook and MySpace has nearly doubled in the past year expanding online opportunities for criminals.   According to Consumer Reports latest State of the Net survey, in the past year, 52 percent of adult social network users have posted personal information such their full birth date which can increase their risk of becoming a victim of cybercrime. The survey results, tips to protect users' information online and Ratings of security software are featured in the June issue of Consumer Reports and on . ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Industry Opinion - Mobile Phones, Tablet Computers, Apps and the Automation ...
Every now and then something big comes along that shakes things up for the custom install industry. HD was one them, so was the iPhone, and 3D promises a lot too. But the global launch of the iPad at the end of May is perhaps one of the biggest game changers since the iPod, as it appears, on the surface at least, to be the ultimate remote for home control. Or is it? As the choice of such devices promises to expand, we asked a number of leading lights how the growing use of mobile phones, tablet computers and Apps will affect the automation market. Here are their replies: Inna Feldmann, Business Development, Touch Panel Control ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Stonesoft: 10 Tips for Social Media Security
Stonesoft shares ten tips for utilizing social media services in a safe way Helsinki, Finland - 06 July 2010 - Social media is growing in importance. According to Gartner, Inc.*, around 20 percent of business users will be using the so-called social networking services as their most important communication tools by 2014. However, at the same time, IT and company managers are expressing growing concerns about security. Recent studies show that as many as 25% of companies have banned the use of social networks; whereas other sources set this figure as high as nearly 50 percent. Yet security concerns ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Designing the Undesignable: Social Software and Control
Designing the Undesignable: Social Software and Control. Jon Dron. University of Brighton, UK // ABSTRACT. Social software, such as ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Your Avatar's Role in the Social Software Revolution
Can/should the organization control or monitor what staff post on personal pages or in blogs? ... How do you verify information posted in social software? ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
is to determine if low self-control or social learning theory can reduce the gender gap in software piracy. Using a nonrandom sample of college students, ...
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Who should control social media within a company (PR, Marketing ...
I think Public Relations is best suited to drive social media. Social media best practices really call for jargon-free, clear, and authentic communications - which PR pros are best trained to provide. Social media is a conversation where successful organizations are actively engaged in producing what we at iPressroom call FARE content (frequent, authentic, relevant and engaging) in order to further that conversation forward. PR is in the best position, and is best trained to execute on this activity. This point is supported by the August 2009 survey "The 2009 Digital Readiness Report", a study conducted by online newsroom ...
Google Answers: Social Network Software
We would like to find a canned program that allows us to host a social network on our website. I am not interested in a list of all the social networks that exist but specifically a program that I can install on my own server that would allow people to meet, match interests, share information, plan meeting and so on. I've gathered links to sites which offer software that will allow you to set up your own social networking site. The first four that I have listed below are, in my view, likely to be among the best and most versatile options for you. I've included several additional links to software that is more ...