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Special Report on

Against the organ trade

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Sub: Human Organ Transplantation Act 1994 – Authorisation Committee Meeting for Renal Transplantation held on 2.1.2009– Decision of the Authorisation Committee for Renal Transplantation - Regarding ---------- The decision of the Authorisation Committee arrived during the Meeting with recipients, donors, and the dependents of the donors along with the supportive documents forwarded by the recognized hospitals for renal transplantation held on 2.1.2009 is described in the report with hospitalwise details enclosed. The Heads of Institutions are requested to send a report giving details such as date of Surgery of each ...
There are many more donations from deceased donors than living donors. The laws of different countries allow potential donors to permit or refuse donation, or give this choice to relatives. The popularity of donations varies substantially between countries.
Organ Transplantation in India: Against the organ trade
A group of professionals, brought together by a media workshop, pool their insights on human organ donation, examine strategies to end the trade in kidneys, and suggest ways to make the relevant laws more efficient. PARVATHI MENON in Bangalore A GROUP of citizens - doctors, lawyers, journalists, and government representatives - has decided to join forces in a many-sided initiative to halt the commerce in kidneys, which continues to flourish in India in defiance of existing laws and humanitarian values. At a day-long media workshop organised by the BKF-NU Trust and the National Law School of India University (NLSIU) on April 27 ... market research, surveys and trends
Organ trade bridges gap between rich and poor | The Four-eyed Journal
Coming across a BBC news story about how experts in the UK has warned against the buying and selling of organs in the UK which has already gone online. A search via Google to look for more information about this issue (not for organs on sale) has caused me to pause and think about many things connected to this issue. Ethics, morals, personal beliefs I hold went racing in my mind as I try to put my foot down on some position or stand on this matter. Am I against the organ trade? If not how would I argue to support it? And if I support it, would I one day be willing to donate some of my organs to prove I’m not a hypocrite? ... market research, surveys and trends


Legalizing the Organ Trade? - TIME
Singaporean retail tycoon Tang Wee Sung could probably afford to buy almost anything. But in early July, Singapore authorities alleged that Tang tried to make an outré purchase: a new organ. Tang is currently charged with offering to pay a broker $220,000 to secure a healthy kidney from an Indonesian man. Like every nation in the world apart from Iran, Singapore law forbids the buying or selling of human body parts. But with an acute shortage of donated kidneys and hundreds of ill people stuck on waiting lists, that could change. During a recent parliamentary hearing on two organ-selling cases, including the one ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
HEALTH-SOUTH ASIA: Hub For Global Organ Trade - IPS
MUMBAI, Feb 20, 2008 (IPS) - The arrest of �Doctor Kidney� Amit Kumar for running a sizeable racket in live kidneys has highlighted the role that South Asia plays as the hub of an international trade in human organs. A sophisticated but unregulated healthcare industry, a "donor pool" of desperately poor people ready to sell a kidney and a corrupt monitoring system have combined to create a special brand of �medical tourism� in the region, especially in India and neighbouring Pakistan. While India' Transplantation of Human Organs Act (THOA), 1994, is observed mostly in the breach, the impact of Pakistan' ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Falun Gong Seeks Help from Canada to End 11-Year Persecution
Rev. Majed El Shafie, president of One Free World International, speaks on Parliament Hill in Ottawa on July 18 at a rally to call on the Canadian government to help stop the persecution of Falun Gong in China. On the left is Pastor Lyle Notice of the Ottawa Seventh-day Adventist Church. (Donna He/The Epoch Times) OTTAWA—Falun Gong practitioners rallied on Sunday in Ottawa to seek help from the Canadian government as they marked 11 years of persecution by the Chinese communist regime. About 100 practitioners from Ottawa, Montreal, and Quebec City gathered on Parliament Hill in the afternoon, followed by a protest in front ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
The organ trade tweet-bate highlights: Iran, penises, prostitutes
a respected global economics publication, held their second Twitter debate entitled 'Should the trading of human organs be allowed?' on July 6 at 3pm UK time.    It isn't exactly clear if the tweet-bate worked. Designed to be an hour where #WDYS followers and those with an opinion for or against legalizing the organ trade, turned into lots of retweets (RT) repeating the same facts, a series of random comments and unanswered questions.  - "The organ trade debate of @theeconomist was interesting after all, even though it seems difficult to get a 'real conversation'." - ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


The economics and ethics of kidney transplantation: perspectives ...
against the organ trade, documenting devastating effects of the market transaction on the lives and bodies of donors and recipients. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Trafficking of Women and Children in Bangladesh
Action Against Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation of Children ...... forced labour, begging, organ trade, etc.” “Trafficking in children consists of all ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Illegal Human Organ Trade from Executed Prisoners in China
International organizations such as the World Medical Association and the World Health Organization regard the sale of human organs as inhumane and unethical. These organizations believe it is essential to address all concerns surrounding illicit organ trade and possibly invoke an international trade mandate to which all nations must adhere. Human rights organizations and numerous former Chinese citizens, like Harry Wu, assert that China uses human organs from executed prisoners to sell for substantial profit. The repercussions resulting from the lack of international laws ...
Will Egypt Debates Transplant Law, Hopes to Cut Organ Trade?
Soheila, an Egyptian village housewife, traded her kidney for $2,185 to pay off debt -- the best option the desperate mother of three could find to keep food on the family table. The 32-year-old from the fertile Nile Delta region is one of many people caught up in a thriving trade for illegal organs in Egypt, where there is no legal path to transplants. Donation is allowed in practice only in very limited circumstances. But conservative Egypt, one of the world's biggest organ trade hubs, is now working on legislation to legalize transplants from brain dead donors and hopes the new law will cut back on demand for illicit organs.
How to get a kidney transplant overseas? | Ask MetaFilter
Can anyone here tell me if there is any legal way my family member can get a kidney in the phillipeans, china, anywhere? want to live, will travel. Regarding the MeTa callout: Just to be really explicit: yeah, it's legal. The links posted demonstrate that hundreds, perhaps thousands of Europeans and USians have already had it done--ever hear of a case prosecuted? Me neither. (Good luck getting follow-up care in the US, however, if anything goes wrong.) The links also happen to address the fact that it is internationally condemned and widely regarded as repugnant. Good luck finding the info you need buried within any ...