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Special Report on

Agenda Setting and Bargaining Power

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The climate of foreign direct investment in the Third World shows unprecedented signs of welcome for multinational corporations: more less-developed countries (LDCs) are attempting to incorporate foreign investment into their 5-year plans than ever before; tax rates on international companies are dropping in Asia, Latin America, even Africa; governmental restrictions on multinationals are loosening in dramatic fashion. * There is one exception to the liberalizing trendy however: the imposition of performance requirements on foreign manufacturing investors. * These performance requirements obligate the companies to increase the ...
LENIN'S TOMB: Marxism talk on 'The changing face of racism in Britain'
I don’t know how many of you use social media service, ‘Twitter’, but those who do may be aware that some months back there was a trending topic called #thingsracistssay. Among these were: “I’m not a racist, but...”; “You can’t say anything these days...”; and, a growing favourite, “Islam ain’t a race, duh!” This talk is about the things that racists say and do, the alibis they use to cover their racism, and the reasons why racism has had to shift in the course of a generation or so, from focusing on biology and colour, to creed and culture. I want to start by acknowledging a recent success. The BNP wiped out, 51-0, in ... market research, surveys and trends
The State and Market ? ?a Theoretical Perspective?
The 1960s marked an evolution of change in world politics where the concept of global diplomacy had become increasingly relevant. It seemed that the Euro-dollar system was the answer to many problems. The system constituted a great improvement on the international monetary mechanism, and for this reason alone it was “in keeping with the basic trend”. It represented a most important step in the progress towards overcoming national barriers that divide the international financial system into separate compartments. Thanks to the new device, those compartments were now much less isolated than they had over been before. What was ... market research, surveys and trends


percent out-of-stock, SG&A expenses, or ROI mean about the same thing everywhere in ... interests of more than one million businesses, large, medium, and small. .... K.E. (1970) 'Agenda setting and bargaining power: the Mexican State ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Legislative Representation, Bargaining Power, and the Distribution of Federal Funds: ... Taken together, these two channels explain over 80 percent of the ..... $9 billion in project spending (presumably due to missing or ambiguous data). .... second modification accounts for the fact that agenda setting powers in ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Wonkbook: BP capturing 1/500th the oil it promised; Dems losing Wall Street ...
In the Gulf, documents show that BP is collecting less than 1/500th the amount of oil it initially told regulators it could collect each day. Back in Washington, FinReg is threatening Democratic prospects by causing a dramatic dropoff in Wall Street fundraising, the two main teachers' unions are not happy with Obama's education agenda, and the White House's economic team is arguing for further stimulus but the political team is arguing for deficit reduction. It's Monday? Tuesday? One of them. Welcome to Wonkbook. Top Stories BP's oil recovery efforts have amounted to less than 1/500th what they promised, market trends, news research and surveys resources
Gettelfinger's UAW convention speech
Thank you very much Secretary Treasurer Elizabeth Bunn for the gracious introduction and thank all of you for the respect that you show for the office that I have been privileged to hold on your behalf for the past eight years. Elizabeth is great! For 18 years we have had the pleasure of working together in various areas of responsibility. As Secretary Treasurer, Elizabeth has been steady in her resolve to be a good steward over the finances of our union and she has been willing to make the tough calls when it came to preserving resources. She has demonstrated her skills as a negotiator and her success in TOP organizing the past ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Interest Groups in Disjointed Corporatism: Social Dialogue in ...
'Agenda Setting and Bargaining Power: The Mexican State versus Transnational Automobile Corporations', in Atul Kohli (ed.), The ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Agenda for Joint FTC/DOJ Hearings on Health Care and Competition ...
Health care coverage is a highly differentiated product, and comes in many varieties, including health maintenance organizations ("HMOs"), preferred provider organizations ("PPOs"), point of service plans ("POSs") and indemnity plans. Some insurance products are regulated by the state in which the coverage is issued, while other arrangements are subject to partial or exclusive federal regulation. Many firms and individuals self-insure, with the extent of self-insurance influenced by the cost of coverage. Given these dynamics, what are the relevant economic and legal principles for defining the ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
of the optimal allocation of agenda-setting (or bargaining) power in organi- zations with overlapping generations. That such power matters is of course ...
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Democrat, Republican, Liberal? - Yahoo! Answers
-Universal health care for all Americans. This just makes sense for everyone. Whatever you are paying now (or your company is paying for you...with money that otherwise YOU'd recieve) would be cut in one third with a single payer health system. Better rates on medicines (bargaining power...working for the American people), no corporate hospital profits, no insurance company profits, no ultra-high paid CEO's all around...all of this would be gone, which reduces the cost of healthcare for everyone. I'm not saying to run it like a third-world dictator would. We're talking more like Switzerland or ...