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Anchorage Chamber of Commerce

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Jocelyn Clark, founder and director of Alaska's CrossSound music festival, has been named one of "Alaska's Top 40 Under 40" for 2008 by the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce. Juneau's Jocelyn Clark named among 'Alaska's Top 40 Under 40' 020609 ENTERTAINMENT 4 FOR THE JUNEAU EMPIRE Jocelyn Clark, founder and director of Alaska's CrossSound music festival, has been named one of "Alaska's Top 40 Under 40" for 2008 by the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce. Home > Hooligan > Entertainment > Juneau's Jocelyn Clark named among 'Alaska's Top 40 Under 40' Top 40: ...
Alaska Poker Legend »Matchroom Asia
For as long as I can remember, Perry Green, local furrier, and former resident, has hosted clandestine gambling activities in Anchorage.   Five years ago he was the leader of a push to legalize poker in Alaska.   Touted as a legitimate way to make a living these days, Green had this to say at a 2005 Anchorage Chamber of ... market research, surveys and trends
830AM KSDP – Sand Point, AK » Archive » May 17, 2010 News from ...
Appearing every two weeks on KTVA, Sen. Begich answers questions about current events from anchor Matt Felling. On May 7, Sen. Begich answered questions about legislation to reform Wall St. practices which led to our economic crisis, the future of Alaska’s OCS development and the need for stronger policies against the Iranian government. Open the Books: Audit the FED Continuing efforts to identify causes of the economic recession and prevent a repeat of actions that led to it, Begich was a co-sponsor of a successful amendment to the Wall Street reform legislation authorizing an unprecedented one-time government audit ... market research, surveys and trends


may seem a remote location, today�s space-age satellite and cable communications systems allow Alaska to be fully �connected� to the rest of the world. Anchorage is in fact leading the communications charge; the state is equipped with the caliber of telecommunications technologies that will ultimately transform urban life.   N early every community in the state has access to telephones, ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Doing Business
When it comes to doing business globally, Anchorage is the place to be. All the basics for a thriving business are readily accessible. Below is some great information on the Anchorage business climate. * Why do business in Anchorage? * Anchorage Industries * Anchorage Labor Market * Office and Retail Space * Downtown Anchorage Development * Business Taxes * ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Labor Department wants employers to target Alaskans
At the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce luncheon June 28, state Department of Labor and Workforce Development Commissioner Click Bishop asked a room full of employers how many of them were committed to hiring Alaskans. It was a question that cut right to the heart of a problem Bishop sees with the way employers often replenish their workforce by seeking new hires out of state. Non-residents took $1.8 billion out of the state last year and 20 percent of Alaska's workforce came from outside the state. Bishop said the state would stand to see a $3 billion boost to its economy if the out-of-state workforce was reduced to 10 percent. market trends, news research and surveys resources
There will be mud - Two formidable candidates line up against Governor Parnell ...
It’s inevitable in a contested primary with an incumbent running that the incumbent—in this case Governor Sean Parnell—will be a virtual dartboard for his competitors. This race is made all the more peculiar since part of what Parnell—appointed in the wake of former Governor Sarah Palin’s abrupt 2009 resignation—is running is a Palin-initiated program. Many of Palin and Parnell’s fellow Republicans have assailed the Alaska Gasline Inducement Act (AGIA), signed into law by Palin in 2007, which had the support—then—of all but one legislator. That legislator was Ralph Samuels, ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


February - Anchorage Chamber of Commerce Business Alert: Title 21 ...
The Anchorage Chamber of Commerce will research these issues and ..... Anchorage Chamber of Commerce) to help women-owned businesses expand and thrive. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
js-1755: The Honorable John W. Snow
Prepared Remarks
The ...
Thank you so much for having me here today. It's so exciting to visit Alaska ; you live in a beautiful and fascinating land. Coming to Alaska reminds me how vast the United States of America is, and how diverse and rich it is in everything from its geography, to its citizens, to their ideas and industry. There is one thing, however, that is the same in every state that I visit in this great nation of ours. And that's the character and strength of America 's small-business owners � people like you. Whether I'm in Anchorage or Tampa , Los Angeles or Pittsburgh , small employers are getting the job done, putting ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
2010 Orientation 3-fold mailing
Visitor Resources: Anchorage Chamber of Commerce State of Alaska Anchorage Convention and Visitors Bureau ...
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Can answer private industry questions concerning how to do business with local, state and federal government buying activities. How to register with the CCR and provide various Internet sites for companies to browse to seek bid opportunities. Can also provide companies with how to obtain federal and military specs & drawings. In addition, federal credit card purchasing and Electronic Fund Transfer. Can assist minority and woman-owned businesses with how to become certified wioth the state of PA. Experience Past/Present clients Currently serve nearly 500 companoies in the eight counties of NW PA You are here:   Experts >
Anchorage male/female population ratio? - Yahoo! Answers
I looked online and found no current info. Try calling the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce tomorrow and ask if they can direct you to a current web site. 2 years ago 100% 2 Votes There are currently no comments for this question. * You must be logged into Answers to add comments. Sign in or Register . Member since: December 13, 2006 Total points: 28230 (Level 7) Right now - and this is an educated guess, not exact - the ratio is about 60% male to 40% female. The sayings here is "You don't have a girlfriend/wife - you only rent her" and "When a woman gets off the airplane, the whole town knows." Lived in Anchorage for ...