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Special Report on

Bargaining Power in Electronic Negotiations

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This site is no longer being kept current due to the increasing number of people active in ACE-related areas. Since 2007 the names and homepages of individual researchers who want to be listed at the ACE website have been posted at the particular ACE research site representing their primary research area. A John E. Abraham , (Department of Civil Engineering, University of Calgary, Calgary, Canada): Microsimulation of urban economic and transportation systems for transportation planning, urban planning and policy analysis. Part of a team of Canadian researchers focusing on locational decisions of firms and households and ...
GM manufactures cars and trucks in 34 countries, recently employed 244,500 people around the world, and sells and services vehicles in some 140 countries. 1 By sales, GM ranked as the largest US automaker and the world's second largest for 2008, 1 having the third highest 2008 global revenues among automakers on the Fortune Global 500 . 2 On June 1, 2009, General Motors filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings, which were completed on July 10 of the same year, and it was thereafter reorganized once a new entity acquired the most valuable assets. GM is now temporarily majority owned by the United States Treasury and, to a ...
HITECH Act 'lit a fire' under health systems | Healthcare IT News
from PricewaterhouseCoopers, which details the reasons for the anticipated hike and highlights the possibility for savings over the long term – including the increasing use of electronic health records. "Health reform delivers only a minor impact on the underlying medical cost trends in 2011 and introduces hundreds of changes in the healthcare system designed to reduce costs and improve efficiencies in the long-term," said Kelly A. Barnes, U.S. health industries leader at PricewaterhouseCoopers. "These changes could bring significant new cost savings opportunities for employers and payers as well as new choices and ... market research, surveys and trends
Resource Market Weekly Recap | Resource Investing News
Aluminum is currently trading around $1,938 a tonne on the LME, having slumped 20 percent during the past two months after the European debt crisis and fears over falling Chinese demand scared away risk adverse investors.  On June 7, prices closed at $1,867.50 a tonne, the metal’s lowest price in eight months. After aluminum’s recent price retreat, many smelters are unprofitable- a reality that may lead to forced shutdowns. Alcan is struggling to maintain profitability in the face of plummeting aluminum prices.  After more than six weeks’ worth of negotiations, Alcan and the Steel Workers Union Local 5668 failed to reach an ... market research, surveys and trends


Employer Healthcare Costs Expected to Rise 9 percent in 2011 ...
The nation’s employers can expect medical costs to increase by 9 percent in 2011, a decrease of 0.5 percent from the 2010 growth rate, according to the annual Behind the Numbers report published today by the PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP (PwC) Health Research Institute. For the first time, the majority of the American workforce is expected to have a health insurance deductible of $400 or more, as more employers return to “indemnity style” cost-sharing by raising out-of-pocket limits, replacing co-pays with co-insurance and adding high-deductible health plans. The Behind the Numbers report includes findings of the ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Bargaining Activity Light In Private Industry In 1985 - Research ...
About 3.5 million of the 9.4 million employees under major collective bargaining agreements (covering 1,000 or more workers) in private industry and State and local government have their contracts slated for renewal or reopening in 1985. Bargaining activity in private industry will be relatively light, with negotiations covering 33 percent of the 7.4 million employees under major agreements. In State and local government, 55 percent of the 2.0 million employees under major agreements are subject to negotiations during 1985, the first year for which data are available for these contracts. 1 The light 1985 bargaining calendar ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
China's factory workers finding, and flexing, their muscle
Uniformed Honda employees, right, clash with members of the All-China Federation of Trade Unions at an auto parts factory in the southern Chinese city of Foshan. ( Bobby Yip / Reuters / June 2 , 2010 ) la-fi-china-labor-20100602 Reporting from Beijing — They are the engine behind China's decades-long economic miracle: factory workers earning meager wages to ensure that the nation's exports are sold at unbeatable prices. But a strike at Honda Motor Co. and a rash of worker suicides at one of the world's largest electronic-components plants in recent weeks have highlighted the challenges China will face as it ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Foxconn Halts Hiring, Probably Not Completely Pulling Out of China [REPORT]
at the Foxconn factories in China — which produce devices (including the iPhone) for consumer electronic giants such as HP, Apple and others — Foxconn officials first announced that the company would increase the salaries of workers, as well as raise safety nets around the dormitories and factory buildings to help the situation. However, Foxconn may now have decided that at least partially moving its operations elsewhere is a preferable solution. According to Businessweek, Foxconn has stopped hiring workers across China to “review resource allocation.” Recently, Foxconn Hon Hai Chairman Terry Gou announced at a ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Bargaining Power in Electronic Negotiations: A Bilateral ...
Thus, this paper focuses on bargaining power in electronic negotiations. The text of the paper is divided into 4 parts: In section 2 we sketch the role ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Comment submitted by Gauri Prakash-Canjels
factors that affect negotiation of patent licenses in real life.10 It is a list of factors that ... The answer depends on the bargaining power of both sides as they come to the .... 1994 Stac Electronics Corp. Microsoft Corp. $120000000 ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Electronic Catalogs and Negotiations
We propose placing electronic catalog negotiation in the shaded ...... the bargaining power of buyers and suppliers in an industry. Porter suggests ...
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Do daddy's girls own a negotiation power that I do not? | Ask ...
30 years after my father is gone, I wonder what intangibles he denied me. How do I get a sneak peak into the world of a daddy‘s girl? I‘m a 33 year old woman, the only child, and my father left the family when I was 3. I would say I turned out very well in life, all things considered, and I never cared about how not having an active father took something qualitatively from a life of a girl/woman who otherwise got lots of love from her mother and other family members. Until pretty much now, as I start raising question as to why I failed to create family of my own, which has been my desire since my teenage years. By observing ...
Regional Trade Agreement at AllExperts
are defined as groupings of countries which are formed with the objective of reducing barriers to trade between member countries. Depending upon their level of integration, RTAs can be broadly divided into five categories: Preferential Trade Agreements (PTAs), Free Trade Agreements (FTAs), Customs Unions (CUs), Common Markets and Economic Unions. A Preferential Trading Agreement (PTA ) is a union in which member countries impose lower trade barriers on goods produced within the union, with some flexibility for each member country on the extent of the reduction. A Free Trade Area (FTA) is a special case of PTA where member ...