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Special Report on

Cody, Wyoming Chamber of Commerce

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When it comes to eating in Cody Country, one would expect to find excellent steaks, prime rib, ribs and burgers, and one would not be disappointed. This is, after all, beef country. From the Director The Holiday at Home Campaign   The Cody Country Chamber of Commerce is launching a new holiday campaign to urge residents to stay, shop, eat & play locally for the upcoming month’s chamber members. Members will have two opportunities to send information about two merchandise items including a picture and detailed information. Make it personal, make it fun by showcasing something unique or highlight a discount from your business.
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If you are looking for somewhere to go, visiting London might be just the place to see. Whether you are thinking of a tour or just sight seeing, going on a shopping spree, enjoying a meal, or visiting the theatre or a museum, London has the ability to offer all this and much more. Depending where you come from, will most likely depend on what you have in mind to do. bronze statue Marble floor in the entry foyer, a bronze statue of a horse as the central focal point, tongue and groove wooden walls (some covered with mirrors), hanging baskets of ferns above polished brass railings, and an indoor swimming pool off to a room on the ... market research, surveys and trends
Washington, DC — A top political appointee of the Bush Administration has overruled the National Park Service and ordered it to allow the installation of artificial water systems in California’s Mojave National Preserve. Contending that the artificial water sources are illegal and will harm the native wildlife, Public Employees For Environmental Responsibility (PEER) and the Center for Biological Diversity today filed suit to stop the plan. Paul Hoffman, a former Dick Cheney aide serving as the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Interior for Fish, Wildlife and Parks, intervened to quash Park Service objections about ... market research, surveys and trends


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This summer millions of people will visit our national parks, expecting to hear—quiet. Are they ever in for a rude awakening. By Ted Williams April 23, 2007: On this day of sleet and snow, air tours have been canceled; tourists hunker in the heat of vehicles and lodges; and for the first time I hear the Grand Canyon. The National Park Service values quietude and, as part of its effort to preserve what little is left here, has gated off the road to Yaki Point. Filtering through pinyon pine and juniper and stepping over crimson clumps of devil’s paintbrush, Dick Hingson, natural quiet/overflights specialist for ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
The Arizona Eagle: August 2008
With the race likely to be decided by as few as 8,000 voters, and the end of the primary season near, every vote is precious. So the candidates have kicked their campaigns into high gear, hoping to court the last few undecided voters in the district, which stretches from Downtown to the far Southeast Side and covers much of the city's South Side. Trying to cast a wide net to reach as many undecided voters as possible, ecologist Daniel Patterson has been hitting the airwaves with TV commercials. ... "You are certainly advantaged going into the race if you are already active in a public sphere," said Fred Solop , ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Money talks, Detroit silenced
That�s the mood of hundreds of bloc club officials, Citizen District Council members, volunteer community groups, regular citizens � many with decades of community service and some just recently organized � they can�t get the ear of the mayor or the city council and they are angry. The list of money forces lining up to direct city and school budgets and plans include the who�s who of Michigan politics and business. Some, but not all, are familiar: The Skillman Foundation, Kresge Foundation, Detroit Regional Chamber of Commerce, New Detroit and Pete Karmanos of Compuware are among many others. Long-time community leaders say ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Cheyenne in uproar over trees
Many Cheyenne residents are marshaling forces to protest a plan to chop down 56 trees in the city's most popular park -- Lions Park -- to accommodate a new commercial airline for the capital city. The opponents already have placed a sign near the endangered trees with a plea to leave them alone. And they will be showing up for meetings of the Cheyenne City Council. Cheyenne people love their trees. Growing them is tough to begin with. Keeping them alive is a challenge we sometimes lose. I am mourning over a newly dead aspen in my back yard. And I fret over a few rust-colored needles in a giant blue spruce in my front yard. ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


The Heart Mountain Grassbank: A Case Study Analysis
Nov 1, 2005 ... Cody (Wyoming) Chamber of Commerce. • BLM/Cody District. • Draper Museum of Natural History. • Natural Resources Conservation Service ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Parks & Pathways
The City of Cody has more than 20 developed parks and nearly 9 miles of developed trails and pathways. Cody's neighborhood, community, regional and specialty parks offer features and amenities for groups of all sizes and users of all ages and interests. Click here to download a map of the area's spacious parks and pathways. The City of Cody is committed to providing attractive facilities for the community. Cody regularly plays host to regional and state events in its parks, including musical concerts, craft fairs, soccer tournaments and balloon festivals. The three developed pathway systems were designed to meet the ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Economic Importance of the Winter Season to Park County, Wyoming
Cody Country Chamber of Commerce. Report to Winter Use Interagency Planning. Committee. Cody, Wyoming. Morey & Associates, Inc. Wyoming Visitor Survey: ...
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