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Special Report on

Columbus Chamber of Commerce

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Greg Bell, The Columbus Zoo & Aquarium;  Raymond Biddiscombe, Columbus Foundation; Jane Borgelt, Sophisticated Systems Inc.; Shawn Carroll, Crown Services, Inc.; David Conley, City Barbeque; Kristin Dach,, Inc.; Paul Demboski, Crane Group Companies; Robert Garrett, St. Vincent Family Centers; Mike Goldbeck, Columbus Chamber ; Anthony Hartley, Goodwill Columbus; Doug Herron, Safelite AutoGlass; Martin Inglis, Battelle; Joseph Kasberg, National Church Residences; Dave King, Moody Nolan; Holly Koeppel, American Electric Power; John Kozak, Park National Corporation; Sean H. McCarthy, Germain Motor Company; Sherri ...
The Columbus Chamber of Commerce Reports Positive Economic Growth ...
While the economic climate might look dim to some, the Columbus Chamber of Commerce sees the bright side of the road. In 2008, more than 120 companies and 12,000 employees were attracted to, or expanded within, the Columbus Region, including nearly 50 new companies. In all, the Columbus Chamber reports investments into the city's economic development totaling $2.5 billion. "Our regional team of economic development professionals, representing counties, cities, and villages, partnered to grow the region through business attraction, retention and expansion," said Matt McCollister, vice president, economic ... market research, surveys and trends
Night of the Uncountabillion Moths and Frogs
Last night before bedtime we walked out onto the back deck and the Moon and Venus were shining brightly. It was a clear night and we walked down to the butterfly garden and there must have been a uncountabillion moths (1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000) which I'm not sure is bad or good. I know our hummingbird moth is here every night. Then a couple hours later once my head hit the pillow about 10:45 all I could hear were frogs. On the other side of the fairway is an abandoned quarry which my dad would be flipping out over if he was alive and I was like 10. He was always telling me not to go near the quarry ... market research, surveys and trends


Lazarus Building
Once a thriving department store and Columbus landmark, Lazarus has been renovated into a premier "green" office space. Located in the heart of downtown, the Lazarus Building is once again a prominent destination due to its innovative method of redevelopment. The method included recycling more than 75 percent of the materials removed from the facility and the inclusion of a rooftop living garden which keeps the building cool. The Lazarus Building is the most significant "green" building in the country and is certified Gold through the LEED Program. The Lazarus Building provides space for 2,600 jobs in Downtown Columbus. ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Columbus: Economy - Major Industries and Commercial Activity
Columbus's diversified economy is balanced among the services, trade, government, and manufacturing sectors. State government, education, banking, research, insurance, and data processing in particular have helped the city to resist recession. Telecommunications, retailing, health care, and the military are other strong employment areas. Home to more than 70 insurance companies, Columbus ranks among the insurance capitals of the United States. The city is the corporate headquarters for nationwide firms such as Nationwide Insurance Enterprise, Banc One Corporation, The Limited, Inc., American Electric Power, ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
American Airlines returns to Columbus Airport
Betting it can grab a profitable share of the Columbus travel market, American Airlines flew back into the city Thursday after an absence of nearly 15 years. But that bet is hedged by about $650,000 in incentives from the Columbus Airport Commission, which is waiving typical landing fees, rent, security fees and other charges for the first year of service here. "After that they've got to pay like everybody else does," said Columbus airport director Mark Oropeza. "The airline market has changed so drastically in the last 10 or 15 years. Now it's all about incentives. What are you going to do for us to get ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Kilroy touts bank bill in reelection bid
Rep. Mary Jo Kilroy may be one of the first Democrats to know if the party’s effort to crack down on Wall Street pays political dividends. Kilroy, a freshman congresswoman from Columbus, Ohio, is making financial legislation a mainstay of her 2010 reelection bid in one of the country’s most competitive races. The race is rematch of the 2008 nail-biter between Kilroy, the former Franklin County commissioner, and Steve Stivers, a seven-year bank lobbyist and six-year state senator. Stivers lost by just 2,300 votes last time. “They have a choice here between somebody who is going to have the outlook of the banking community and ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Columbus, Georgia: Military Relationships Spawn Economic Development
The Columbus Chamber of Commerce's relationship with the military dates back ... During the late 1980s and early 1990s, the Columbus Chamber of Commerce, ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Columbus, Indiana - Mayor
Mayor Fred Armstrong is serving his fourth term as Mayor of Columbus. He is the first Democrat in 12 years to hold the office of Mayor, and is also the first German-Lutheran to ever be elected to that office. Mayor Armstrong was born October 18, 1947 and is a lifelong resident of Columbus, Indiana. He was educated at Columbus High School, Indiana State University, and Indiana University/Purdue University in Columbus. He served in the United States Army from 1967-1969, and is a veteran of Viet Nam, where he earned a Purple Heart and two Bronze Stars. Mayor Armstrong was a Columbus City Police officer from 1969 until his ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Columbus State Gospel Choir at the Statehouse
After 20 years driving a truck, Paul Weber knew he needed a new career so he could spend nights at home with his family. So he entered Columbus State’s Supply Chain Management program. “At age 47 I decided I needed to go back to school if I was going to get a decent job,” he says. “Now at 48, I am taking the last course I need to get my Supply Chain Management certificate.” He plans on continuing his education and earning his associate degree. Roberta Smedes found herself back in school for the same reason. “It is very important in today’s marketplace to have an edge over the ...
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Google Answers: What drives Columbus OH's economy?
Hello there According to Woods & Poole Economics, 2003, Bureau of Economic Analysis, 2000 - - The Economy can be broken down as follows: Total Population: 1,554,700 Median Household Effective Buying Income: $43,727 Source: S&MM Survey of Buying Power and Nielsen Media Research Columbus is the 15th largest city in the nation. There are 16 universities located within the Columbus metro area. Jobs Agriculture and Mining - 20,430 Construction - 59,400 Manufacturing - 93, 930 Transportation and Utilities - 51,400 Trade - 267, 480 F.I.R.E. - 114, 690 - (finance, investment, research, engineering) Services - ...
Resume Help: Young MBA student resume troubles, ohio dominican ...
As a young MBA student set to graduate in the fall, my career search has proved to be unsuccessful. When I submit my resume I usually get 1 of 2 responses. The first being, no response. The second, a response saying in am "overqualified". Then if I do land an interview usually 1 out of 100 positions I have applied for, the interview process (usually 3 interviews) goes extremely well but I get "even though you are a very qualified candidate, we have chosen to go into different direction. Thank you, and Good Luck with your job search". I am primarily looking for market research, consumer intelligence, economic ...