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Special Report on

Commerce and Public Finance

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The University of Chicago Library is a rich source of early imprints. Records for many rare books that are in Special Collections and for titles in a number of microform collections are listed in the online catalog. The scope of this bibliography is primarily to list comprehensive catalogs and bibliographies that cover works published before 1800, and for which access to materials included is available electronically or in microform. Many other more specialized resources can be found in the online catalog under the subject heading "Bibliography--Early printed books" and its sub-headings. Also included in this ...
of Iran), and local councils. In addition it has "shadow" or "parallel" institutions intended to oversee the elected officials and "protect the state's Islamic character". | Supreme Leader | Ali Khamenei | CCA |4 June 1989 |- | President | Mahmoud Ahmadinejad | ABII |10 August 2005 |}
Costco closes on Burnsville site - Finance and Commerce
Warehouse retailer Costco has closed on its purchase of a former Burnsville car dealership with aggressive plans to open a new store there before the end of the year. The Issaquah, Wash.-based Costco Wholesale Corp. is buying the site of the former Grossman Chevrolet Cadillac, a dealership that lost its franchise agreement with General Motors as part of the car manufacturer’s bankruptcy. The sale closed June 16. Terms of the deal have not been disclosed and have not surfaced yet through public records. The 15.5-acre site is at 1200 West 141st St. in Burnsville, near the city’s prime retail corridor along County Road 42. The ... market research, surveys and trends
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Trends in Public Spending on Transportation and Water ...
$7.9 billion, or about 16 percent of the value of grants and loan subsidies provided by the federal .... achieve policy goals apart from facilitating commerce, ...... Governmental Obligations and Private Activity Bonds to Finance Public ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Gelati Co. seeks $2 million for big national push - Finance and ...
After toiling the past 15 years to grow Gelati Co., a maker of low-fat Italian gelato ice creams, David Cannon feels he’s so close to hitting the national big time that he can taste it. (Staff photo: Bill Klotz) Edina entrepreneur David Cannon is convinced that his Gelati Co. can scoop up a bigger portion of the premium ice cream market. In fact, after toiling the past 15 years to grow Gelati Co., a maker of low-fat Italian gelato ice creams, Cannon feels he’s so close to hitting the national big time that he can taste it. Cannon’s optimism is based on Gelati achieving two milestones in the last year. First, his company hired ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
No quick fix for NH Retirement System
On most Saturdays, Dick Ingram, executive director of the New Hampshire Retirement System, enjoys a leisurely morning coffee in downtown Portsmouth. He doesn't lack for company. Ingram, who was former head of the Greater Portsmouth Chamber of Commerce, says since he took over at NHRS in early 2009 he gets plenty of questions from taxpayers, public employees and public officials about the long-term viability of the system. "I have 75,000 new friends," said Ingram in reference to the 24,000 retired public employees and the more than 50,000 current public employees, teachers, police officers and firefighters who are ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
DISCLOSE Act: House Passes Major Campaign Finance Legislation
The House of Representatives passed major reforms to campaign finance law on Thursday following a heated debate over whether an exemption granted for the National Rifle Association had sullied the final product. The final vote was 219 to 206 in favor of the DISCLOSE Act, with only two Republicans -- Rep. Mike Castle (R-Del.) and Joseph Cao (R-La.) -- crossing party lines. The bill would provide tough new disclosure rules for groups that invest in the election process. In addition to forcing all 501c4 groups to stand by the ads they sponsor during elections (with the CEO of the organization literally forced to appear in the ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Specialization and the Division of Labor in the Social Thought of ...
labor manifests itself in his comments on certain concrete features of public life such as the military, commerce, and public finance. Lastly, we will ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Internet-Based Commerce:
Challenges for the rural public sector also are considered, given the growth of electronic commerce and what it may mean to rural public finance. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Retail E-commerce Threatens to Undermine Future Public Sector Revenues
This why some public finance experts fear that electronic commerce will erode the future revenue stream from the sales tax. ...
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WikiAnswers - What is the structure of a chamber of commerce
Business owners in towns and cities form these local societies to advocate on behalf of the business community. Local businesses are members, and they elect a board of directors or executive council to set policy for the chamber. The board or council then hires a President, CEO or Executive Director to run the organization. Generally, chambers of commerce serve the following purposes: Creating a Strong Local Economy Promoting the Community Providing Networking Opportunities Speaking with Government on behalf of Business Political Action, such as getting pro-business candidates elected to office In some areas, Chambers may serve ...