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Special Report on

Commerce and Trade of Pakistan

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The international trade theories assume complete information on demand, supply, prices, product specification and technologies but such assumptions generally do not hold. In particular information is inadequate for both the importers and exporters to make optimal choices. Obviously countries with elaborate information mechanism move closer to their export and import potential than those who lack such mechanism. It is therefore, no wonder that the governments help producers in organising exhibitions, fairs etc for introducing their products. The advent of information technology, e.g. e-mail, Internet and Web sites, provides easy ...
Pakistan Hindu Post (PHP): Sindh The new epicenter of Global ...
Welcome to Pakistan Hindu Post.The Post which is most comprehensive and up-to-date source of Hindu-Related News in Pakistan.Established for spreading the light of Vedic/Hindu culture through Internet media, The Post provides the latest in Hindus relating news Nationwide & Worldwide from a wide range of areas including Hindus achievement,persecution, demand for justice,News Media study etc.(PHP) is Independent News & Media providing a progressive voice for over 8 million Pakistani Hindus. By Gopinath Kumar (PHP Executive Editor) Sunday, June 27, 2010 Pakistan : Sindh has always been a fertile and rich country. For thousands of ... market research, surveys and trends
The Opium Problem in Afghanistan and Russia at the End of the 20th ...
Najibullah’s Kabul regime fell in 1992. Its defeat was a logical outcome of the termination of Russia’s material and technical support as US funding of the mujahedeen continued virtually unchanged even after Soviet forces withdrew. Unfortunately a new regime could not bring stability to the country: the commanders of the anti-Soviet troops that took Kabul were unprepared for the job of governing the country, nor were they willing to cooperate with each other. In the early 1990s, Afghanistan was marked by fighting between Pashtun (Hekmatyar) and Tajik (Massoud and Rabbani) warlords for control of the country, open ... market research, surveys and trends


India Pakistan Trade Unit
The Indian BPO sector, which started as $1.6 b market has seen a CAGR of 31 per cent and will cross the $14.7 billion mark by end of 2010, said Nasscom President Som Mittal, inaugrating the 12th edition of the Nasscom BPO Summit on Wednesday. "Though the Indian BPO business is growing, we have to overcome hurdles to create a right talent pool and infrastructure. Earlier, BPOs were concentrated in Tier I cities, however now they have realiseed the potential available in domestic market and are at aiming smaller cities," he added. Further, he said, as Indian industry is witnessing huge demand from overseas ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Daily Times - Leading News Resource of Pakistan - OICCI Investment ...
KARACHI: The Overseas Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OICCI) has launched Investment Survey Report (ISR) 2009 according to which the business margins have come under pressure, leading to declining profitability and hence declining investments in Pakistan. The results of the OICCI ISR show a limited increase in FDI by 0.97 percent, Rs 148 billion in FY08 as compared to Rs 146 billion in FY07. Behind this nominal increase law and order, power deficit and implementation of policy remain significant concerns impacting both new FDI and re-investment by existing companies. However, this cautious but continued increase in investments ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
TV SoundOff: Sunday Talking Heads
Good morrow, cuties, and welcome to your latest edition of Your Sunday Morning Liveblog of political chitty-chat. My name is Jason, welcome. Today, I'll be doing the fast typing routine as the contents of my sinuses attempt to force their way through the holes in my face. Gah! I don't know what it is about the summer varietal of headcold that makes it so tenacious in comparison to the cold-weather versions that tend to flare and subside, but I am really hoping that today will be the last day of it. This shall hopefully not keep me from my appointed task of frantic typing. Nor should it, because folks, the ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
61st Trade Policy Advisory Council meeting
ISLAMABAD: China has unilaterally announced four types of trade concessions for Pakistan that would help increase Pakistan�s exports approximately up to $1.5 billion annually. Secretary Commerce Zafar Mehmood informed the business community here on Tuesday on the occasion of the 61st Trade Policy Advisory Council meeting at the Planning Commission that during the recent visit to Pakistan Chinese Vice Premier has announced these trade concessions for Pakistan to help the country meet challenges faced by the economy. He explained that China would provide duty concessions on tariff line not covered under Pak-China Free Trade ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Analysis of Trade Before and After the WTO - Pakistan Journal of ...
Pakistan Journal of Commerce and Social Sciences. Vol.2 2009. 58. The chain index of trade of India before the WTO was 178 and after the WTO it is 227, ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Trade Events in Pakistan -- U.S. Commercial Service Pakistan
Trade missions, domestic and internattional trade shows, the International Buyer Program, catalog shows, export seminars are execellent ways to explore prospective opportunities. Build Asia 2009 International Housing, Real Estate, & Construction Industry Show Organizers:E-Commerce Gateway Venue:Karachi Expo Center Show Dates: August 1-3, 2009 Exhibition Frequency: Annual Website: E-mail: info@ Furniture Asia International Exhibition The Premier Furniture & Woodworking Machinery Show Organizers:E-Commerce Gatway Venue:Karachi Expo Center Show Dates: August 1-3, 2009 Exhibition ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Pakistan's Leather Industry
CASE NUMBER: 309 CASE MNEMONIC: LEATHER CASE NAME: Pakistan's Leather Industry A IDENTIFICATION 1. The Issue The rampant discharge of untreated effluents tanneries is a growing problem in Pakistan's leather industry. Pakistani exports of tanned leather is on the increase following a decline of leather production in the developed world due to more stringent environmental controls. The increase of tanneries in Pakistan is causing severe environmental degradation as the untreated effluent used in the tanning process is released into nearby water ...
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  3. profile image David_Stringer RT @WilliamJHague: In Karachi meeting business leaders and visiting Stock Exchange. Commerce and trade crucial for the future of Pakistan
WikiAnswers - What are the Advantages and disadvantages of North ...
Free trade within the USA, made the USA rich and the same applies to NAFTA. The Hon Justice Jackson of the Supreme Court of the USA (whose views were later vindicated said) summed the matter up in Duckworth v. State of Arkansas, 314 U.S. 390 (1941):- The extent to which state legislation may be allowed to affect the conduct of interstate business in the absence of Congressional action on the subject has long been a vexatious problem. Recently, the tendency has been to abandon the earlier limitations and to sustain more freely such state laws on the ground that Congress has power to supersede them with regulation of its own. It ...
Will the commerce treaty signed in 1947 still be good in 2008?
Last week when news came about Pakistan signing transit trade treaty with Afghanistan and it will eventually enable India to send its cargo through Pakistan, I was not surprised. The Pakistan transit was a matter of time and it had to happen. It’s good that at least the negotiations have started. Hopefully, the conclusion will also be good for all of us. Historically, the trade between India and Afghanistan used to be through Khyber pass. The equation changed after India was partitioned in 1947. After that, the route was solely used by Afghanistan-Pakistan and not for Indian trade. While Pakistan said Kashmir is the reason for ...