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Pushing past the dismay and obstructionism of Republicans, President Obama recently announced 15 recess appointments to various government posts. While most Democrats cheered this move as a firm demonstration of Obama’s resolve and a break from months of legislative drama, certain appointments left many disappointed. While many environmental and sustainability advocates decried the nomination of Dr. Islam “Isi” Siddiqui as the chief agricultural negotiator in the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative, by and large, his appointment slipped through with little notice. As a former BigAg lobbyist and an executive ...
Associations may offer other services, such as producing conferences, networking or charitable events or offering classes or educational materials. Many associations are non-profit organizations governed by bylaws and directed by officers who are also members. In countries with a social market economy the role of trade associations is often taken by employers' organizations which also have a role in the social dialogue .
Obama Appoints Pesticide Boss As Top Government Agriculture ...
(…) bypass(ed) a vacationing senate to make recess appointments of 15 nominees, including an Indian American; agricultural scientist (Dr. Islam A. Siddiqui,) as chief agricultural negotiator in trade talks. (Economic Times, March 28, 2010) Dr. Siddiqui, a graduate from Uttar Pradesh Agricultural University in Pantnagar, is a known rotating player of agribusiness industry, having sometimes served simultaneously as chemical boss, pesticide lobbyist, and government advisor and negotiator. Siddiqui, named Chief Agricultural Negotiator in the Office of the US Trade Representative, is currently vice president for Science and ... market research, surveys and trends
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monthly edition, a 16-page selection of the most important stories and features, including the People column and News Briefs section not available anywhere else. These columns contain the latest on personnel changes in the international IP community, and items on IP policy news and reports from around the world. The Intellectual Property Watch Monthly Reporter is available online and in print, mailed to your door. What is RSS? RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is an XML format of a web site or a weblog designed to allow the distribution and the sharing of information. An RSS feed or web feed provides ... market research, surveys and trends


The WTO Doha Development Agenda: What is at Stake
U.S. Bureau of the Census & U.S. Dept of Commerce, “Industry Trade Data and .... more than 60 percent of global FDI, increasing from $870 billion to $5.9 ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
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which has forty years shipping history. mainly ships architectural material, coal, steel etc. and concurrently manages production. transportation, sale, warehouse, transference etc. Add:No.5 Jinmen Road, Suzhou Zip:215003 Tel:5224514 5222751 Suzhou Taxi Corp. is the largest professional Taxi corporation in Suzhou. It has more than 250 cars, buses and has fixed capital of almost RMB 50 million etc. It concurrently manages automobile maintenance. hotel, Ad.. supplies trade, furniture, parking lot and other businesses. Add:B Taxi Building. No. 550 Renmin Road, Suzhou Zip:215005 Tel:7272200 Suzhou ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Chinese honey trade tainted by dirty dealings
BEIJING — Businessman Yan Yongxiang was trying to get around stiff U.S. levies on imports of cheap Chinese honey. So he sent 15 shipping containers of cut-rate honey to the Philippines, where it was relabeled and sent on to the United States. It's called honey-laundering, and the subterfuge let Yan skirt $656,515 in taxes before he was caught in a bust and pleaded guilty. Yan's factory in central China's Henan province even filtered the metals and pollen from the honey so that U.S. tests would not show it came from China, according to the 60-year-old's plea agreement. Now he awaits sentencing in a U.S. ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
NASA Space Flight Funding Plan Embroils Congress, Obama Administration
News Analysis: Balking at the Obama administration's proposal to effectively put NASA's manned space flight development program on hold for at least the next five years, Congress has called on the House Committee on Science and Technology to see if it can come up with some compromise plan to keep NASA in the manned space exploration business. The US House Commerce, Justice and Science Appropriations subcommittee Tuesday voted to withhold all funding for the Obama administrations manned space plans, and to refer the problem to the House Committee on Science and Technology. Opposition to the White House plans for ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


AGCI AGOA contacts
Mrs. Patricia Kamara/Blanche Gooding,. AGOA Resource Center (ARC), Sierra Leone. Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Trade and. Agriculture patsentokay2000@ ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Perhaps the clearest indication of the growing importance of e-commerce in the global economy is the rapidity with which Internet use has grown and spread during the last decade. The boom in e-commerce also includes increased use of other media for trade, such as the telephone, television, fax, and electronic payment. Because e-commerce became such an integral part of the global economy, the WTO has begun to consider how it fits into the multilateral trade framework, and what rules or regulations should apply.[1] At the Second Ministerial Conference in Geneva in 1998, WTO members wrote the Declaration on Global Electronic ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
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Association of more than 1,300 Chambers of Commerce and Industry, most of them with public law status, and their national organisations in 32 European countries plus Israel. Eurochambres' mission is threefold: to represent and inform the Chambers as well as to improve their ability to network and to provide services according to the Maastricht Treat. Eurochambres is automatically consulted by the European Commission on all matters of Social and Employment Policy.   Federation of International Trade Associations FITA fosters international trade by strengthening the role of local, ...
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to some a pilgrimage, came upon us yet again this February. For me, Macworld was at the right time for a variety of meetings I already had lined up, and San Francisco is always the right place, one of my favorite cities! As I prepared for the technology wonderland of Macworld Expo, I found that it wasn’t just about the product on the Expo floor, it’s also about the educational experience, and the opportunity to immerse oneself in the root of the Mac subculture. And although I didn'’t attend half of the seminars I wanted to, the ones I did attend were interesting and definitely informative. The keynote, given by David ...
What are the differences between economics and commerce? - Yahoo ...
Economics is the branch of social science that studies the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services. The term economics comes from the Greek for oikos (house) and nomos (custom or law), hence "rules of the house(hold)." Modern economics developed out of the broader field of political economy in the late 19th century, owing to a desire to use an empirical approach more akin to the physical sciences. A definition that captures much of modern economics is that of Lionel Robbins in a 1932 essay: "the science which studies human behaviour as a relationship between ends and scarce means which have alternative ...