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Commercial human spaceflight Archives

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NASA and the White House have agreed for the first time to release money to the human spaceflight option in its Commercial Orbital Transportation Services, or COTS program. Under an agreement hammered out with the White House, NASA announced today on Capitol Hill that it will provide the COTS program with $150 million of the $400 million for human exploration given to NASA under President Barack Obama's stimulus plan. The money could help shorten the gap in American human space flight between the retirement of the space shuttle next year and the first flight of NASA's Constellation program, now scheduled ...
and one of the leading space research organizations in the world. It was established in its modern form in 1969 as a result of coordinated efforts initiated earlier. Taking into consideration its budget, it is probably one of the most efficient space organizations on the globe. Under the guidance of a number of scientists, ISRO has conducted a variety of operations for both Indian and foreign clients. ISRO's satellite launch capability is provided by indigenous launch vehicles and launch sites. In 2008, ISRO successfully launched its first lunar probe, Chandrayaan-1 , while future plans include manned space missions , ...
A new debate | Medicare Resource Center
Medicare is a social insurance program administered by the United States government, providing health insurance coverage to people who are aged 65 and over, or who meet other special criteria. The program also funds residency training programs for the vast majority of physicians in the United States. Medicare operates as a single-payer health care system. The Social Security Act of 1965 was signed into law on July 30, 1965, by President Lyndon B. Johnson as amendments to Social Security legislation. At the bill-signing ceremony President Johnson enrolled former President Harry S. Truman as the first Medicare beneficiary and ... market research, surveys and trends
New Boeing Spaceship Targets Commercial Missions « Reducati.Blog
As NASA's space shuttle fleet charité close to retirement, aerospace juggernaut Boeing Is Hard at Work Developing a new capsule-based spaceship to fly to celebrities and from the International Space Station. The new space capsule Boeing Is a project using the company's recent $ 18 million award from NASA to advance the concepts and technology to build a commercial Necessary crew space transportation system. It Is One Of Several efforts by different U.S. companies to come with new spaceships to fill the void left by NASA's shuttles Retiring. And so far, Things Have Been Progressing right on schedule, ... market research, surveys and trends


Report Commercial Spaceflight Investment on the Rise |
WASHINGTON — U.S. firms seeking to open space to private citizens saw a modest 6 percent growth in 2008 with over a quarter of a billion dollars in total collective revenue last year, though investment in the emerging personal spaceflight industry rose more than 20 percent since January 2008, according to highlights of an annual report commissioned by the Commercial Spaceflight Federation. Carissa Christensen, co-founder and managing partner of the Alexandria, Va.-based Tauri Group, a market research firm that prepared the report, said the findings were based on interviews with 22 U.S. commercial spaceflight ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
SpaceX Wins Half Billion Dollar Deal With Iridium - NASA Watch
"Iridium Communications Inc. and Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX) are pleased to announce that the Falcon 9 will be a major provider of launch services for Iridium NEXT, Iridium's next-generation satellite constellation. The $492 million contract, while being the largest single commercial launch deal ever signed, nonetheless represents a new benchmark in cost-effective satellite delivery to space." Keith's note: so much for the SpaceX haters and doubters who are convinced that the company does not have a viable future independent of NASA. To be fair Keith, "most" people's issue ... industry trends, business articles and survey research


Another commercial experiment will use the microgravity environment aboard Columbia to grow larger, ... their spaceflight. These experiments include studies of how ... To study ways to help human bodies on Earth, another facility will ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Jun 28, 2010 ... Facilitate new market opportunities for U .S . commercial space capabilities and ... space exploration, including human space flight activities; ..... a global land surface data national archive and its distribution; ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
LSU Researcher Featured in Article on -
BATON ROUGE – John Pojman, LSU professor of chemistry, has been selected to participate in the Commercial Spaceflight Federation’s Suborbital Applications Researchers Group, or SARG. This group is composed of experienced scientists, researchers and educators dedicated to furthering the research and education potential of suborbital reusable launch vehicles under development by the commercial spaceflight sector. The group met for the first time on Aug. 18 in Boulder, Colo. Pojman was recently featured in an article focusing on SARG and its anticipated results, which can be viewed at ...
Why Fund Space Exploration / Astronomy? | Ask MetaFilter
space exploration...seems fun and interesting....worth the money? Ha! It hardly seems worth it, let alone doing it in piece of shit shuttles with an f'd up space least spend the money well The spin-off benefits of the space program are immense. Literally millions of people across the world are alive today thanks to the dialysis machines developed as part of the space program. CAT scanners were originally built by NASA to quality check components. The list is practically endless... software QA methods, building materials, Tang. Well...I'm sure others will disagree, but for me it's a question of ...
What questions would you expect to be asked if you were ...
Seriously. Say you had a friend who had a 1 in 50 chance of being offered a job as an astronaut. Aside from the standard "what is your biggest flaw" stuff, what would you ask him/her to help with prep for the interview? I think the interview would be more along the lines of many tests. Mental stability, physical stamina, science knowledge, reactions under pressure, etc. I envision something along the lines of the method in "The Right Stuff". Depending on her job within the team that goes up, they would ask specific things relevant. For example, if your friend was going to be in charge of the science experiments, they ...