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Special Report on

Criminal Procedure Final Exam

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Does the Fourth Amendment require a warrant to conduct surveillance of a government-installed GPS device, such as a device installed on a suspect’s car to monitor the car’s location? This issue comes up occasionally, and the DC Circuit has a case pending on the issue. I don’t think I have ever blogged about it, so I want to offer my thoughts. This post will explain why I think the doctrine here was settled by a pair of Supreme court cases from the 1980s, and why those cases draw a pretty reasonable Fourth Amendment line.  I. Supreme Court Precedents: Knotts and Karo In the 1980s, the Supreme Court decided two cases on ...
Between 1954 and 1978, there was not very much effort within the People's Republic of China to create a legal system. The Communist leadership led by Mao Zedong believed that creating a legal system would restrict the power of the Communist Party of China and create elites which would ultimately harm the socialist revolution. This policy was changed in 1979, and the PRC has formed an increasingly sophisticated legal system. The PRC's legal system is largely a civil law system, reflecting the influence of Continental European legal systems, especially the German civil law system in the 19th and early 20th centuries. On ...
The rule of law is dead (Part 1)
reetings! Consti here in the Bunker Law library taking a refresher course in illegal behavior. I’ve come to the conclusion that NO AMERICAN CITIZEN SHOULD OBEY THE LAW. That’s right. I said it. Break the law who cares? Apparently the Federal Government and the people who write the laws don’t give a rat’s kiester about obeying the laws of the land so why should we? So go out and steal cars, rob little old ladies, beat up whomever you like, fire off your gun into the air in a crowded city, run over pedestrians (and award yourself points for it!), sell anything you want even if it’s not yours to sell, walk into someone’s home and ... market research, surveys and trends
LW101-Intro to Criminal Justice: Final Exam
In most states, judges are popularly elected. However, there are eighteen states judges in trial courts in which they [judges] are appointed by the governor, usually with the consent of the state legislature. Federal judges are also appointed, however they [federal judges] are appointed by the president with the approval of the U.S. senate. There are three states general jurisdiction trial judges that are (only) selected by the state legislature. Eighteen states hold nonpartisan elections and eleven other states hold partisan elections for judges. Lastly, there are ten states that practice the merit selection process. Chapter ... market research, surveys and trends


PMBR ordered to pay $11.9 million in copyright suit
The final 10 to 15 minutes of every classroom ... July 2005 bar exam, of those people who took PMBR, 90 percent passed the. Ohio bar,” said Williams. ..... Evidence, Criminal Procedure, and all aspects of Constitutional Law (which are ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Emory Law: More Than Practice: Second- and Third-Year Elective Courses
  The workshop will seek to provide students with a fundamental understanding of justice, ethics and equality by examining the status of homelessness in our society, the existing public policies in place to address homelessness, and the role and limitations of legal advocacy in resolving the tension between status and policy. The workshop will also examine specific advocacy strategies with respect to legal issues that arise in certain special needs populations and groups, such as children, persons with mental health disabilities, and veterans.  Students will attend site visits at several programs for the homeless in ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Thomas J. Miller, Attorney General, Jean C. Pettinger and Mary Tabor (until withdrawal), Assistant Attorneys General, Jennifer A. Miller, County Attorney, and Suzanne M. Lampkin, Assistant County Attorney, for appellant. Jennifer L. Steffens of Steffens & Grife, P.C., Marshalltown, Kelly T. Bennett, Newton, and Christopher A. Clausen of Boliver, Clausen & Bidwell Law Firm, Marshalltown, for appellee. WIGGINS, Justice. In this appeal, we review a district court order and court of appeals decision allowing a criminal defendant to gain access to a victim's privileged mental health records. The district court and the court of ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
2 Suba hires scrutinized: Officers selected despite pending results
During the past five years, the Guam Police Department has hired only two police officer recruits whose mandatory polygraph test results were inconclusive or indicated deception, according to Sen. Adolpho Palacios, who received a report from police June 9. Palacios on May 24 held an oversight hearing on the hiring process for police officers, after KUAM aired a report about recent hires. A police document, which was the subject of the KUAM report, was seized by police during a raid of the station's newsroom and currently is in the possession of the Superior Court of Guam. Palacios during the oversight hearing asked how many ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


CRIMINAL PROCEDURE. PROFESSORS COYNE AND PULLER. SPRING 2006 FINAL EXAM. “The most basic functon of any government is to provide for the security of the ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Table of contents for Teaching the law school curriculum
Contents data are machine generated based on pre-publication provided by the publisher. Contents may have variations from the printed book or be incomplete or contain other coding. Contents Contributors xxv Preface xxix Chapter 1ÿÿBusiness Associations 3 Introduction Steven Friedland 5 Approach 5 Learning Goals for Business Associations Courses Deborah Zalesne 5 Choice of Entity Joan Heminway 6 An Organizational Structure for Teaching Corporations Diane S. Kaplan 6 Challenges: Real-Life Context and Business Experience Eric Gouvin, David Simon Sokolow, Linda Harrison, Eric Lustig, Douglas K. Moll 8 Material 8 ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
FINAL EXAMINATION. CRIMINAL PROCEDURE. Peter Keane. SPRING 2007. 1. You have three (3) hours to complete this examination. 2. This is a closed book exam. ...
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Hi, I'm a student at a college prep high school interested in becoming a lawyer. Would anyone be able to answer a few questions I have on it? This is for a class assignment. 1) Did any classes in high school prepare you for classes in law school? 2)What classes are required for a career as a lawyer? 3)What classes are the most challenging? 4)About how long does it take to do homework? 5)Is it possible to balance school, work, and a social life and still maintain a high grade point average? If so then how? 6) About how long do you have to go to school to become a lawyer? 7) What/who made you decide to take this career ...
Distance Learning: ABA approved paralegal studies, connecticut bar ...
QUESTION: I am curious to know that if I do get an Associates of Paralegal Studies from a school that is not approved by the ABA, will I still be able to find a job. Or in the future be able to go to law school. ANSWER:   Dear friend, ABA paralegal certificate approval is important. Law firms, companies, corporations and government entities prize candidates with ABA-approved paralegal certificates. ABA approval for a paralegal program is equivalent to accreditation for a college. There's nothing wrong with earning a paralegal certificate at a community college, dedicated paralegal school, business college or wherever ...