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More than the roar of motorbikes fills the air in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, where bicyclists are now a minority. There's also acrid smoke, rich in polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), chemicals from incompletely burned fuel that can cause cancer in lab animals. Photograph by Peter Essick Written by David Ewing Duncan Republished from the pages of National Geographic magazine My journalist-as-guinea-pig experiment is taking a disturbing turn. A Swedish chemist is on the phone, talking about flame retardants, chemicals added for safety to just about any product that can burn. Found in mattresses, carpets, the plastic ...
from the plant, resulting in the exposure of over 500,000 people. Estimates vary on the death toll. The official immediate death toll was 2,259 and the government of Madhya Pradesh has confirmed a total of 3,787 deaths related to the gas release. Other government agencies estimate 15,000 deaths. 1 Others estimate that 8,000 died within the first weeks and that another 8,000 have since died from gas-related diseases. 2 3 A government affidavit filed in the Supreme Court in 2006 stated that of the 558,125 cases of injury resulting from the disaster, 516,406 (92.5%) were minor, 38,478 (6.8%) were temporary partial disablement while ...
Ipoh Echo made a difference | Ipoh Echo
“I strongly believe that Ipoh Echo can assist to enhance development and make Ipoh more vibrant. Ipoh Echo’s role so far has been in providing a balanced reporting link between the residents and MBI. I love working with the Ipoh Echo. My observations are its facts are accurate. We need Ipoh Echo to be in Ipoh and contribute positively to the Ipoh Community and the whole of Perak.” Ipoh Mayor Datuk Roshidi Hashim “We all need to be reminded of our past, understand our present and hope for a better future. To me this is what Ipoh Echo does – pictures and stories of the past to evoke emotions, taking stock of what ... market research, surveys and trends
Meandering Home: Myths and Facts About Sustainable Diapers
a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to cloth diaper education. Participants were asked to write about diaper lies and real diaper facts. See the list at the bottom of this post to read the rest of the carnival entries. Myth :  I read that babies experience fewer diaper rashes in disposable diapers. Fact :  Typical diaper rash occurs when excess bacteria collects against baby's delicate skin.  This happens when a diaper is not changed often enough.  Perfumes and chemicals in disposable diapers make it more difficult to tell when a baby potties, leading to insufficient diaper changes.    In addition ... market research, surveys and trends


Water and Air Pollution — Articles, Video, Pictures ...
Clean air and water are essential to human survival, yet for centuries people have been engaging in activities that damage these natural resources. Air pollution has been an issue since at least the 11th century, when people began burning coal as an alternative to wood. With an estimated 6.6 billion residents roaming the globe today and gobbling up natural resources, Planet Earth is getting crowded and the environment is facing serious risk. Our planet has always experienced warming and cooling cycles, but what's remarkable about the current warming trend is the rate at which it's occurring. Life without a diverse ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Poll: Public Supports Aid To Homeowners - CBS News
Americans are making clear distinctions between the Obama Administration�s proposals to assist various sectors of the economy, according to a new CBS News poll . While a majority favors assisting struggling homeowners, most of those polled do not support additional federal assistance for U.S. automakers or for banks and financial institutions. More than half of Americans are relieved that President Obama's polices might help homeowners avoid foreclosure, but an even higher percentage are resentful of assistance for financial institutions and automakers. Most do not believe additional assistance for U.S. automakers is ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
'America Speaks to BP' Full Transcript: Bob Dudley Interview
Hello. I'm Ray Suarez with the PBS NewsHour here at BP headquarters in Houston, Texas. We're with the president and CEO of BP's Gulf Coast Restoration Organization, Bob Dudley. He's agreed to answer the questions of the American people. Our colleagues at Google and YouTube have been collecting video and text questions for the past 24 hours. Mr. Dudley, thanks for joining us. BOB DUDLEY : Thank you, Ray. RAY SUAREZ : Well, when we put out the call for our questions, you might have guessed we got thousands of responses. There's a lot of curiosity about the state of play in the Gulf. We got video; we got ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
June 23 Open Line
“To those who constantly complain about taxation and government spending, let me ask you this: Why are we currently fighting two wars? Do you know what percentage of American tax dollars is going to fund those wars in comparison with the amount funding domestic social programs? How do you justify continuing to fight these wars which largely involve foreign interests when we could be addressing problems within our own borders? Just a bit of food for thought.” “The Deep Horizon that is causing the spill occurring now has been there since 2001. Get your facts straight before blaming Obama for that mess.” ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Disclosure of Confidential Information in Antidumping and ...
'"Business Affairs Counsel with Scotti Brothers Pictures in Los Angeles. ... of Instruments of Autonomous and Conventional Commercial Policy, Dumping, ..... a fear of losing its position as sole finder and interpreter of the facts ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
EIA Energy Kids - Oil (petroleum)
Oil was formed from the remains of animals and plants (diatoms) that lived millions of years ago in a marine (water) environment before the dinosaurs. Over millions of years, the remains of these animals and plants were covered by layers of sand and silt. Heat and pressure from these layers helped the remains turn into what we today call crude oil. The word "petroleum" means "rock oil" or "oil from the earth." Crude oil is a smelly, yellow-to-black liquid and is usually found in underground areas called reservoirs. Scientists and engineers explore a chosen area by studying rock samples from the ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
ADW: Meleagris gallopavo: Information
Wild turkeys are large, ground-dwelling birds with long legs, long necks and large fan-shaped tails. They have short, rounded wings. Male wild turkeys have dark, iridescent plumage. Their flight feathers are black with brown stripes and are barred with white. They have a red wattle (a fleshy lobe that hangs down from the chin or throat), a caruncle (a wart-like projection of skin attached to the upper part of the forehead), and a blackish breast tuft. Their pink, pinkish-gray, or silver-gray legs have spurs which can grow as long as 3.2 cm. The heads of adult males (called gobblers) are red, blue, or white depending on the ...
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Animal Rights: REAL FACTS, animal rights groups, fox hounds
Animal rights people draw negative attention to animal related issues.  In the past 20 years animal rights groups have * released thousands of mink from a fur farm that have gone on to decimate British wildlife * performed countless acts of vandalism and terrorism against people working in animal-related fields, particularly those involved in extremely important medical research * laid false scent for fox-hounds leading them on to railway tracks and resulting in several of their deaths * sprayed pepper spray in the eyes of fox-hounds and hunt horses * cut the tendons of hunt horses causing several to have to be destroyed * ...
Is Google bad for the web - from an aesthetic point of view?
Google is a fantastic search engine - an engine that gives us all a chance to get top placements where as others (yahoo) ask for money and even then there is no guarantee of a placing...especialy with the free submission, but Google gives you a chance. At what costs to your design though! Here's my question: Is Google bad for the web - from an aesthetic point of view? Before answering this check out the below. Google facts: (gleamed from webmaster world) Text rich: If a site contains more text then graphics the chance of getting a good placement is greater. Google doesn't give significance to, flash or buttons/bitmaps etc.