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Special Report on

E-Commerce Retailers

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We would love to help you out and answer any questions you may have. Please fill out the form opposite or contact us on: For most small business owners, common marketing strategies include taking out ads in trade magazines and newspapers, buying advertising space online, or handing out fliers. Then there are the plethora of “guerilla marketing” tools that can be used to generate a buzz in the community about your product or service. But did you know that modifying the look and feel of your website can dramatically boost customer satisfaction and retention, as well as increasing the number of customers who ...
It is assessed upon otherwise "tax free" tangible personal property purchased by a resident of the assessing state for use, storage or consumption of goods in that state (not for resale), regardless of where the purchase took place . The use tax is typically assessed at the same rate as the sales tax that would have been owed (if any) had the same goods been purchased in the state of residence. Use tax applies when sales tax has not been charged. Purchases made over the Internet and out-of-state are the most common type of transactions subject to a use tax. For example, a resident of Massachusetts , with a 6.25% ...
Satisfaction Index Directs Walmart Merrily on Its Way to E ...
ForeSee contends that consumers who rate a given online retailer at 80 or higher are 73 percent more likely to purchase online than average, 67 percent more likely to buy from the e-tailer the next time they’re on line for a similar product and 47 percent more likely to purchase from the retailer off line. Indeed, a point increase in satisfaction can mean almost $90 million in sales. Last year, Walmart vowed to become the dominant retail power in e-commerce and this year has made online operations a global priority , organizing a new worldwide division to boost its effectiveness as an international purchasing tool and selling ... market research, surveys and trends
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last week. The firm is reportedly planning to use its website as a virtual shopping mall, hosting e-commerce interfaces for a variety of retailers (with fashion being the rumoured kick-off). So, is this a good move for Westfield? As I’ve argued elsewhere , Westfield has five particularly powerful competencies: (i) property selection; (ii) redevelopment; (iii) financing; (iv) retailer relations; and (v) branding and marketing . The first three have no relevance to this venture, so the firm is only left with retailer relations and branding/marketing. The retailer relations is partially about Westfield’s capacity to ... market research, surveys and trends


Third Annual Cisco IBSG E-commerce Survey: Mobile Emerges as ...
of e-commerce, retailers can gain the trust—and repeat business—of shoppers who ... More than 875 million people—. 85 percent of the world's online ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
$919.0 billion, an increase of 7.8 percent (ą0.6%) from the same period a .... in e-commerce are representative of the universe of e-commerce retailers. ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
TaxCloud™ Breezes Free Sales Tax System Across the Internet
sales tax calculation and remittance service. TaxCloud is free and easy to use, and it can be integrated with virtually any accounting or e-commerce shopping cart system. TaxCloud calculates the sales tax due on any purchase in any tax jurisdiction in the nation and stands ready to assist merchants with meeting the requirements of HR 5660, the Main Street Fairness Act, now pending before Congress. has been designated a Certified Service Provider (CSP) by the Streamlined Sales Tax Governing Board. The CSP designation means that TaxCloud meets rigorous standards for sales tax calculation. Merchants who sign up ... market trends, news research and surveys resources Tops Rankings of Healthiest Retailers
June 14 (Bloomberg) -- Inc., the world’s largest online merchant, won the top spot in an annual survey of the healthiest U.S. and Canadian retailers for a second year in a row as more shoppers make purchases online.’s technology keeps inventory levels and expenses down, said Consensus Advisors Chief Executive Officer Michael O’Hara, whose firm did the survey. Aeropostale Inc., Urban Outfitters Inc., CVS Caremark Corp. and Wal-Mart Stores Inc. round out the top five in the list, released today. has posted three consecutive quarters of profit growth as consumers begin spending ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


E-Commerce: Opportunities for Small Retailers - “E-Commerce ...
Both companies require e-commerce retailers to bid on keywords and phrases to drive customers to. Web sites.” x. Because this advertising can be expensive, ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Monthly Retail Trade Survey: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
E-commerce sales are sales of goods and services where an order is placed by the buyer or price and terms of sale are negotiated over the Internet, an extranet, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) network, or other online system. Payment may or may not be made online. Question: Are e-commerce sales included in current monthly retail sales estimates? Answer: Yes. In addition, we are separately estimating e-commerce sales. Question: How are seasonally adjusted estimates derived? Answer: We used quarterly e-commerce sales estimates for 4th quarter 1999 through the current quarter as input to the X-12 ARIMA program ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
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Google Answers: Skin Care Product United Kingdom Wholesale ...
I would like to find out the sales department contact details for the following skin care product manufacturers (or their main distibutors if they do not supply direct) in the United Kingdom. I would also like to know If they will sell to e-commerce retailers based within the UK:- 1. Clarins 2. Estee Lauder 3. Kanebo 4. Decleor 5. Dermalogica 6. Elemis (In order of importance) Hello Simonr I checked all the companies on your list and spoke to the relevant sales departments. Here are the results. If you have some qualifications or training in beauty treatments, you may be able to get supplied off some of them but without ...
The state of mobile affiliate marketing, conversion tracking ...
mobile commerce is supposedly to be big. One big promotional channel of online e-commerce is affiliate marketing( eg: Amazon Associates, commission junction). Is affiliate marketing ready for the mobile channel? Are retailers that have good mobile presence and well-designed mobile websites and mobile apps ready for mobile affiliate marketing? Are you aware of any affiliate network that provides mobile affiliate programs for online e-commerce retailers? Note that Amazon actually prohibits uses of its product advertising API being used on mobile(thus pretty much kills affiliates on mobile) - ...