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Refer to this handy guide to locate the section of your choice, and then drill down through layers of related content to quickly and easily access the information that is most relevant to your current interests or needs. Stay up to date on the latest breaking news and special reports from the business world, with an emphasis on Internet technologies and e-commerce. Boardroom : Read exclusive interviews with C-level executives and keep up with what's taking place at the helm of the world's most important companies. Critical Issues : Stay on top of the latest developments regarding new regulations and other fundamental ...
queries. Through the same search-engine advertising services, ads can also be placed on Web pages with other published . Search advertisements are targeted to match key search terms (called keywords ) entered on search engines. This targeting ability has contributed to the attractiveness of search advertising for advertisers. Consumers will often use a search engine to identify and compare purchasing options immediately before making a purchasing decision. The opportunity to present consumers with advertisements tailored to their immediate buying interests encourages consumers to click on search ads instead of unpaid search ...


E-commerce Survey
PCs have increased by 52 percent to 24 million, and 28 million consumer PCs, in a third ..... E-Commerce Times ( ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Global E-Commerce: Australia - Growing E-commerce Efforts
It was in the mid-1990s that e-commerce efforts in Australia began in earnest. One of Australia's first CD e-tailers, SiteZero, emerged in 1996. That year, Melbourne IT secured a license to oversee administration of the domain name registry. The firm began charging roughly $125 for domain name registration, prompting a surge in requests for names, which were still free. Unable to keep up with demand, registrar began charging fees comparable to those of Melbourne IT. In 1997, Microsoft Corp. made its way into Australia with the creation of . A joint venture with Australian media ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
What's New For Marketers in the Apple-Google War? (Not Much)
Apple dropped the equivalent of a nuclear bomb on Google this week with its revision of its developer policies. Now, only "independent" ad-serving companies will be able to serve ads for the iPhone. That rules out AdMob, now owned by Google. The changes also appear to target third-party app usage analytics firms. Flurry, in particular, has been singled out for criticism by Jobs. Such applications are also banned from the iPhone. The Federal Trade Commission has taken an interest and is rumored to be probing the iAd service, set to launch July 1, to see if it stifles competition and reduces choice for application ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Who Else is Using Your Customers' Tweets?
about online and social media privacy.  The commercialization of social media data, however, is not just on the part of marketers - or in the case of Facebook, by these sites on behalf of their advertising clients. Increasingly, social media content is being used in ways that consumers never expected - and is likely to fuel the growing backlash. Consider Jeremiah Owyang's post on how insurance companies are eying tweets as a potential data point for underwriting. In short, he wrote, we can expect insurance and wellness companies to monitor social data, then reward - and penalize member actions. He suggested a few ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Information Sheet - Sources for E-Commerce and Internet Taxation ...
E-Commerce Times, “U.S. Government Tops Amazon in Online Sales,” ... E-Commerce Times, “Report: Dot-Com Job Cuts Fall to 12-Month Low,” ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Electronic Commerce
The convergence of computer and telecommunications technologies has revolutionized how we get, store, retrieve, and share information. Consumers now routinely use computer networks to identify sellers, evaluate products and services, compare prices, and exert market leverage. Electronic commerce (e-commerce) are business processes which shift transactions to the Internet. E-commerce is growing at a rapid rate. The value of e-commerce transactions, while still small relative to the size of the U.S. economy, continues to show strong growth despite a recent economic downturn. More significant than the dollar amount of these ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
SCM | E-Commerce vs. E-Business
“There will be nothing in the 10-year window except e-companies. That does not mean that Brick-and-Mortar will go away. But Click-and-Mortar will become the only means of survival.” John Chambers, Cisco Systems, 2000. Recently, the role of online activity in major industries has undergone a shift toward efficiencies and support of basic business processes rather than its original role of online selling as part of the product offering. Automakers and textile manufacturers are among the companies announcing reductions in online product sales in favor of spending dollars on business support systems. Few things have grown ...
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Human Resources: international business, e commerce business, e ...
1.discuss Hofsted's national cultures dimentions and recommended leadership styles. pick one type of the recommendations(e.g high power distance and low uncertainity avoidence) and discuss why the specific recommended leadership style works. 2. what are some of the major factors to take into consideration when picking a country for setting up an e-commerce business?why do trading blocks such as Mercosur, ASEAN and the European Union present significant potential for e-commerce businesses? 3.identify three small business barriers to internationalization. if i was a recently hired manager of a small business facing great ...
How to explain e-commerce to e-ignorants? | Ask MetaFilter
I need to explain how e-commerce is different from plain old commerce to business people with no e-background. What are your favorite resources (online or offline) for e-commerce information? I'm thinking of things like business basics, basic e-commerce concepts, shipping, digital photography -- essentially anything related to e-commerce from the business user level point of view. The hidden gems or the quality perspectives. Tutorials, books, online demos, graphics, statistics, whitepapers, or any other information suitable for an introductory-level audience. I don't want to stray too far from your topic, and you ...