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Special Report on

Evolving Global Mobile Commerce

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The billions of mobile and online Internet users worldwide are creating huge opportunities for the development of e-commerce and m-commerce. The financial crisis has focused global attention on new infrastructure developments and facilitated a unique opportunity to shift the broadband emphasis from a high-speed Internet service to a national infrastructure for the digital economy that will underpin a range of positive social and economic developments. E-commerce is just one sector that will benefit from improvements in infrastructure and a trans-sector approach to governance. E-government, e-health, e-education, social media and ...
which only offer telephone service within limited range through a single base station attached to a fixed land line, for example within a home or an office. Low-end mobile phones are often referred to as feature phones , whereas high-end mobile phones that offer more advanced computing ability are referred to as smartphones . A mobile phone allows its user to make and receive telephone calls to and from the public telephone network which includes other mobiles and fixed line phones across the world. It does this by connecting to a cellular network owned by a mobile network operator . A key feature of the cellular network is that ...
msearchgroove » Blog Archive » PODCAST: Mobile Entertainment Forum ...
the 10th annual MEM Conference (the Mobile Entertainment Market), and the release of a new must-read Smart Enablers Guide outlining how everyone can/must work together to deliver a good consumer experience and streamline payment. The last weeks have seen a flurry of activity and announcements around the Mobile Entertainment Forum (MEF) – the global trade body for the mobile media and entertainment industry. I discuss the key takeaways and progress made with Rimma Perelmuter, MEF Executive Director. A raft of announcements and events from the Mobile Entertainment Forum (MEF) signals a new level of excitement and activity in the ... market research, surveys and trends
Sears (Nasdaq:SHLD) Recognized for Best-in-Class Mobile Excellence ...
market research, surveys and trends


New-Age Dotcoms: Creative Destruction or Digital Anarchy?
Jul 11, 2006 ... services increased by 83 percent during 2005 from 10.3 million at the ...... Digital Vector, Evolving Global Mobile Commerce: Strategies, ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Global mobile stats: all latest quality research on mobile Web and ...
The essential compendium of need-to-know statistics. Beware of media hype and mobile myth – put your mobile strategy on a sound footing with the latest research from credible independent experts. Global mobile subscribers, handset sales, mobile Web usage, mobile ad spend, top mobile operators, mobile messaging and mobile financial services. UPDATE June 22, 2010: New research added on mobile messaging and how people use their cell phones. UPDATE May 17, 2010: New section added on mobile financial services and mobile payments. The stats, all the stats and nothing but the stats… In the past two years, we have gone from a smattering ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Dyn Inc. Announces Two Strong Network Additions to Support Evolving Client Roster
that will serve as an upgrade to their current "rock-solid" Tier-1 Global IP Anycast Network. Coinciding with the announcement that the Dyn Inc. network has expanded to 14 Global Datacenters, the company also welcomes new clients including Gawker , Pandora and Photobucket to their Dynect Platform , which serves enterprises and fast-growth organizations cloud-based DNS, disaster recovery, load balancing, geo-targeting and CDN management tools. "Powering an important piece of Web infrastructure for thousands of the Internet's best brands is something Dyn Inc. takes very seriously," said Kyle York, VP, ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
comScore Acquires Nexius Products Division
comScore, Inc., a provider in measuring the digital world, announced that it has acquired the products division of Nexius, Inc., a supplier of mobile carrier-grade solutions that deliver network analysis focused on the experience of wireless subscribers, as well as network intelligence with respect to performance, capacity and configuration analytics. "Our acquisition of the products division of Nexius expands the value we are able to bring operators through the actionable intelligence required to optimize customer experience," said Dr. Magid Abraham, comScore President & CEO. "The explosive growth of mobile data ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


3G-based Mobile Commerce Value Chain
10. F. Muller-Veerse, Mobile Commerce Report. Durlacher Research Ltd, http://www 11. H.K. Sabat, The Evolving Mobile ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Participant Biographies: FTC Hearings on the Evolving IP Marketplace
Keith Agisim is Associate General Counsel for Global Intellectual Property for ..... Editor for the Journal of Air Law & Commerce. He earned his LL.M. in ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Huan-Ming Sheng, Jih-Chang Wang, Hsieh-Hong Huang and David C. Yen, “Fuzzy measure on vehicle routing problem of hospital materials,”  Expert Systems with Applications , Volume 30, Issue 2, February 2006, pp. 367-377. Ferguson Chen, and David C. Yen, “A Regional Approach to E-Commerce Global Expansion,” International journal of Electronic Business ,” Volume 4, Issue 1, 2006, pp. 99-114. Xiang Fang and David C. Yen, “An Empirical Study about the Impacts of China’s Accession to WTO on the Telecommunications Industry in China”, Journal of Organizational ...
How do you see social media evolving in the future? new trends ...
Oh my gosh, if I could see that I could be a gozillionaire! I was completely impressed how Social Marketing boomed in a very short period of time. I wish I could give insight beyond what is out there right now. Whatever is coming up next, it’s going to be pretty great watching for the next evolution in our virtual society! posted 1 month ago Multimedia Producer and i3D Programmer for Acrobat 3D PDF, JavaFX, Mobile & Virtual Worlds see all my answers 1. New Media Content assimilated on top of Social Media Infrastructures 2. Open Source 3. Cloud Computing 4. SmartPhones 5. Interactive Television 6. Interactive 3D 7. e-Books ...
What is an average data traffic (browser internet access) per ...
Based on data sampled from thousands of iPass Mobile Office enterprise end-users in the US, per-user utilization of mobile broadband grew by 59% from Q2 2007 to Q2 2008, settling at an average of 211 MB per user per month. Interestingly, among long-time users, monthly 3G data traffic was relatively flat over the past year at around 200 MB per month, indicating that the usage tends to ramp up during the first six to twelve months of 3G adoption before reaching a plateau. Very heavy users accounted for a disproportionate amount of the data traffic growth, with the top 10% of users accounting for half of the overall usage growth. ...