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Fast track authority

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The US Congress recently denied President Bush trade promotion authority and scuttled the US-Colombia trade agreement. This column discusses the importance of “fast track” negotiating authority in liberalising global trade and presents an explanation of the politics that led to its recent lapse. The success or failure of international trade agreements often depends on what happens in the U.S. Congress. A recent example is provided by the controversial vote cast on April 10, in which Congress suspended fast track procedures for the ratification of the U.S.-Colombia free trade agreement, thus reneging on the rules that have ...
led and represented mainly by China, Brazil, India, and South Africa. There is also considerable contention against and between the EU and the U.S. over their maintenance of agricultural subsidies —seen to operate effectively as trade barriers. 2 The Doha Round began with a ministerial-level meeting in Doha , Qatar in 2001. Subsequent ministerial meetings took place in Cancún , Mexico (2003), and Hong Kong (2005). Related negotiations took place in Geneva , Switzerland (2004, 2006, 2008); Paris, France (2005); and Potsdam , Germany (2007). The most recent round of negotiations , 23-29 July 2008, broke down after failing to reach ...
Reviving Free Trade Agreements - IEEE-USA Today's Engineer
Free trade agreements (FTAs) have proven to have an advantage in increasing exports from the United States.  Today, the United States has FTAs with 14 countries. In 2006, new FTAs were implemented with six countries: Bahrain, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Morocco and Nicaragua. Last year, trade with countries with which the United States has FTAs was significantly greater than their relative share of the global economy. Free trade agreements pending during the last presidential election included those with ... market research, surveys and trends
Did you really want to know?
First of all, we stand corrected.  What we were talking about in the last blog posting is not ‘Regional Development Authority’, but a ‘Redevelopment Authority’.  For all intents and purposes though, it might as well be the same thing, as the changes to Land Bank Fast Track Act 2003 PA 258 would allow for a Redevelopment Authority only for a ‘qualified city’, meaning that a city would have to have 750,000 or more people (only Detroit qualifies).  For a qualified city, a city land bank could enter into an intergovernmental agreement with the county to create a ‘Redevelopment Authority’. market research, surveys and trends


The Fast Track to Freer Trade
The case for passing fast-track trade legislation is simple: The most promising approach for advancing free trade in today's global economy is through negotiated trade agreements, and those agreements will be difficult if not impossible to reach if the president of the United States is denied fast-track authority. Free trade allows Americans to live freer and more prosperous lives. Trade with other nations benefits consumers with lower prices and more choice, while producers gain export markets, new technology and lower-cost inputs. Export-related jobs in the United States pay more and are growing four times faster than ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Bush and Democrats in Accord on Trade Deals - New York Times
and other Democrats to attach environmental and worker protections in several pending trade accords, clearing the way for early passage of some pacts and improving prospects for others. Skip to next paragraph Representative Charles B. Rangel, above, the New York Democrat who is chairman of the Ways and Means Committee, has led negotiations to complete the trade deals along with Susan C. Schwab, the United States trade representative. The unusual agreement, which came after weeks of negotiations, would guarantee workers the right to organize, ban child labor and prohibit forced labor in trading-partner countries. It would also ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Q&A: Pascal Lamy: Director General, WTO
The ongoing Doha Round of negotiations to clinch a multilateral trade deal has the potential to infuse $300-$700 billion to the global economy each year through trade liberalisation, which is one of the priority areas for the G20 leaders, says World Trade Organization (WTO) Director General Pascal Lamy . In an interaction with Nayanima Basu , he also says it is possible to technically agree to a deal by the set deadline of 2010-end. Edited excerpts: Did the leaders discuss a possible roadmap for the Doha Round of multilateral trade deal in the G20 summit in Canada? What consensus emerged out of the meeting? The issue of the Doha ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Lack of Qualified Solar Installers Could Derail Ontario's Green Economy
Everyone is hoping for a fast track to a new green economy, but lack of basic training could slow the momentum.  Community leaders in the US express " serious concern " about the failure of cities like New York to supply basic education and skills training for jobs in the new green economy.  Jobs such as weatherization, solar panel installation, and wind technology require a level of expertise that too many communities are content to ignore. Ontario's green economy is booming with the  feed-in tariff  (FIT) and  micro feed-in tariff  (microFIT) programs that buy back energy from ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Trade Promotion Authority (Fast-Track Authority for Trade ...
The 1974 Act granted fast-track authority to the President for ... Fast-track authority had been instrumental in the negotiation and implementation of five ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Fast Track Trade Promotion Authority
absence of fast track authority. Moreover, the U.S.-Jordan FTA faced no ... to grant—fast track authority for particular agreements that truly merit it. It ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
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what are the agreements of the obama con?
Despite President Barack Obama’s statement at Camp LeJeune, North Carolina Feb. 27 that he had "chosen a timeline that will remove our combat brigades over the next 18 months," a number of Brigade Combat Teams (BCTs), which have been the basic U.S. Army combat unit in Iraq for six years, will remain in Iraq after that date under a new non-combat label. A spokesman for Defence Secretary Robert M. Gates, Lt. Col. Patrick S. Ryder, told IPS Tuesday that "several advisory and assistance brigades" would be part of a U.S. command in Iraq that will be "re-designated" as a "transition force ...
I have a sand point and it pressures up really fast, and looses ...
The air compressor will run great for a few minutes then when I stop it and go to start it again it takes awhile for it to get back up to speed again. It usually starts and stops with the same pressure. Can I fix it or is their someone I can send it to fix it. WASHINGTON -- Senior Democratic members of Congress say they will fight efforts to grant President George W. Bush fast-track authority unless the administration agrees to address labor and environmental issues in future trade treaties. "If legitimate labor and environmental concerns are not incorporated into fast track legislation, I will oppose [it] and work hard for ...