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Special Report on

Fort Union Trading Post

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2002 Geophysical Investigations of the Boggsville Historic Site (5BN363), Bent County, Colorado. In The Boggsville Branch of the Santa Fe Trail: An Historical Archaeological Study of the Santa Fe Trail and Its Relationship to Boggsville Historic Site, Bent County, Colorado, by Richard F. Carrillo and Philip L. Petersen, pp. 13.A(1-39). Cuartelejo Historic Preservation Associates, Inc., La Junta, Colorado. 2002 Magnetic Susceptibility Investigations. In The Results of Archeological ...
North Dakota is the 19th largest state by area in the U.S. It is also the third least populous, with only about 646,850 residents as of 2009. North Dakota was carved out of the Dakota Territory and admitted to the Union on November 2, 1889, simultaneously with South Dakota . The state capital is Bismarck and the largest city is Fargo . The primary public universities are located in Grand Forks and Fargo. The U.S. Air Force operates Air Force Bases at Minot AFB and Grand Forks AFB .
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Ft. Union, North Dakota
Fort Union Trading Post was the most important fur trading post on the upper Missouri from 1828 to 1867. At this post, the Assiniboine, Crow, Cree, Ojibway, Blackfeet, Hidatsa, and other tribes traded buffalo robes and other furs for trade goods such as beads, guns, blankets, knives, cookware, and cloth. Fort Union Trading Post was established in 1828 by the American Fur Campany. It was not a government or military post, but a business, established for the specific purpose of doing business with the northern plains tribes. This trade business continued until 1867 making it the longest lasting American fur trading post. The fort ... market research, surveys and trends


USGS description of the Missouri River in North Dakota
The Missouri River is regulated in most of its course through North Dakota.  Of the 390 miles of river in the State, only the 90-mile reach between Lake Sakakawea and Lake Oahe and a small reach near the Montana border have not been inundated.  The reach between Lake Sakakawea and Lake Oahe is, however, controlled by releases from Garrison Dam.  While river levels do fluctuate, the river is rarely too low for canoeing.  The Missouri River is the largest river in North Dakota.  The Missouri River Basin, located in the west half of North Dakota and coinciding approximately with the part of the State ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Today's Missouri River
approximately 70 percent of the. 10 million plus recreation days that take place annually occur .... Fort Union Trading Post Historic Site ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Lancaster contingent took part in Boy Scouts of America's 1937 Jamboree
More than two dozen of Lancaster County's future Eagle scouts and Boy Scouts of America executives attended the first National Jamboree held in Washington, D.C., in 1937. Before they became veterans of wartime military service and distinguished themselves in industrial engineering, physics, salesmanship and watchmaking, they were members of Jamboree Troop 3. Their jamboree journey started when they boarded a train in Lancaster city for the day-long trip that included stops in York and Baltimore en route to Union Station near the U.S. Capitol. They hiked with gear about four miles around Capitol Hill, past the Smithsonian ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
National Guard engineers rebuild bucking chutes at EOLS grounds
UNION, Jul 01, 2010 (The Observer - McClatchy-Tribune Information Services via COMTEX) -- The Eastern Oregon Livestock Show arena recently became a better place to hold a rodeo, thanks to a dozen men in uniform doing their patriotic duty. The men, serving with the Oregon National Guard's 234th Engineer Company, spent two weeks in June rebuilding the bucking chutes at the show grounds, the scene of Union's annual centerpiece event -- the Eastern Oregon Livestock Show with its Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association rodeo. 100% Free Network Management Software and Helpdesk Tools Download a completely free network ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


History of the Mtis
Fort Union Trading Post. THE M√ČTIS. A brigade of Red River carts traversing the prairie. were also known for their floral beadwork designs. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Lewis & Clark - Fort Union Trading Post National Historic Site
On April 25, 1805, the Corps of Discovery camped by the riverside near the future site of Fort Union. Lewis and Clark hoped they were only weeks away from the Pacific via an all-water route, the mythical Northwest Passage. The group rested and celebrated their arrival at the confluence of the Yellowstone and Missouri rivers. Lewis wrote of their revels when reaching the intersection of the rivers: joined the party at their encampment on the point of land formed by the junction of the two rivers; found them all in good health and much pleased at having arrived at this long wished for spot, and in order to add in some measure ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Fort Union Trading Post NHS - Economic Impacts of Visitor Spending ...
Fort Union Trading Post National Historical Site (NRA) hosted 12405 ... A park visitor study was conducted at Fort Union Trading Post NHS from June ...
WikiAnswers - How much is it for camping
I have gone camping for a week and not spent a cent. I have also gone camping and spent more than I would have at a luxury resort. It all depends on what, when and how you will be doing it. Camping is a great adventure. AS in life, the cost is up to you. We had a large tent with three rooms within it. It was $10 to go to a state park for one night. They usually have showers, groceries, laundry, trash cans, trials to hike on, and on.... You can hike in your neighborhood or literally at 12,000 feet on a pass going over the Rocky Mountains watching the clouds float by 'below' you. Or you can go to a campground with ...
If it takes 100 thousand years to reach any lifeform beyond our ...
I was seeing on national geographic who long it would take to reach another "possible" life form across the universe and thought to myself, why keep trying? It would take 100 thousand years to contact anyone and 100 thousand years for them to get back to us using sound only. Why keep trying that plan? Why not spend all of that money and all the resources to use here on Earth to help with the research of cancer and such? Or for the study of our own atmosphere? And now Obama said yesterday how he approves the mission NASA is taking on in getting someone on Mars by the year 2035! I just think that some things should be left to God, ...