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Special Report on

Giblin Economics and Commerce Library

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Abstract: This article focuses on the methodology used by the University of Melbourne Library to carry out a survey of in-house use of print serials at the Giblin Economics and Commerce Library in 2000. The article fills a gap in the existing literature in regard to surveys or measurements of the usage of print serials. It is intended in this article to focus on how the University of Melbourne conducted its in-house use survey and so a detailed methodology is included. The results of this survey were then used to identify low use titles in the collection that could be nominated for cancellation. The article also identifies some ...
Melbourne is ranked among the top universities in Australia and the world. Among Australian universities, it claims a leading position in business , education , engineering , arts , law and medicine . 2 Melbourne University is the second largest research organisation in Australia after the CSIRO . In 2008, it spent $653.7m on research, and has consistently ranked first or second on the major national research indicators which are used by the Australian Government to allocate public funds for research and training infrastructure. 3 The university has over 35,000 students, who are supported by nearly 7,200 staff members. In 2008, ...
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100 Years of Official Statistics:With special reference to the ...
Sir Roland Wilson’s abiding legacy was his insistence on the application of reason to public policy. For him, advice must be based on intellectual rigor. It was not enough for the argument to be logically consistent; the premise upon which the argument was based had to be realistic and practicable, rather than based on ideology or wishful thinking. He emphasized the importance of character, something he learnt at home and as a student. Professor Douglas Copland, one of his mentors, told the Rhodes selection committee that Wilson had ‘sufficient force of character and capacity for leadership’. Precision in argument, a focus on ... market research, surveys and trends


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grants in excess of $1 million. She was editor of Accounting and Finance, the journal of the Accounting Association .... The Giblin Economics and Commerce Library is a ...... 75 percent in their coursework in the first year and satisfy ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
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School of Economics. Occasional Papers. 2000 Giblin Lecture. THE E-BUSINESS. REVOLUTION .... Percent of Population Accessing the Internet in the Past Week ... industry trends, business articles and survey research


Giblin Economics and Commerce Library - Level 5
University of Melbourne. Giblin Economics and Commerce Library. Third Floor – Disability Services. Level 5. l 5. REFERENCE. COLLECTION. STAFF. BOOKS ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
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Tacoma Campus Library. 1900 Commerce St, Box 358460. Tacoma 98402 ...... economics, law. Staff: Branch Mgr: Mary Lu White. (360) 664-1199 mwhite@wutc.wa. gov ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
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widely renowned for its teaching, research achievements and its social and economic contributions to the city of Melbourne and to the state of Victoria. Today it has 6500 full and part-time staff and a student body of more than 47,000 , including more than 11,800 international students from over 120 countries. The influence of the University reaches into every aspect of the city of Melbourne’s life through its students and staff, teaching hospitals, affiliated institutions, residential colleges and halls of residence, the Melbourne Theatre Company, Melbourne University Publishing, the Ian Potter Museum of Art, and its research ...
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