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Special Report on

Greater Douglas Chamber of Commerce

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Welcome to the heart of Douglas where you can quickly find the key Douglas detailed information you need. Whether you want to know about Douglas's history, census information or when the library is open, these key links make it easy to get around Douglas – virtually. DOUGLAS CENSUS DATA CENTER DOUGLAS GENERAL POPULATION Total Population in Douglas, AZ At the time of the most recent United States Census Survey, the number of people in Douglas, AZ was 14,312. Douglas Male Population At the time of the last full census survey, the number of men in Douglas was 6,884, which represents 48.1 percent of the total for the community ...
also received the top ranking for overall quality of life among U.S. metros with populations of more than 1 million in a 2007 study by Expansion Management magazine. In the same study, Expansion Management rated the area's public schools as sixth best nationwide. In 2010 Forbes rated Rochester as the 3rd best place to raise a family. The current mayor of Rochester is Robert Duffy , who was previously the city's police chief. On May 26, 2010, Attorney General Andrew Cuomo selected Duffy to be his running mate in his bid for the governor's office. Cite error: There are tags on this page, but the references ...
New York to Montreal in nothing flat
John Parisella, Quebec’s Delegate General in New York, poses next to his 8:15 a.m. train from Penn Station to Montreal. He has made a high-speed rail link between New York and Montreal his mission. The current journey takes 11 hours Janet Whitman, Financial Post · Sunday, Jul. 18, 2010 New York -- John Parisella, Quebec’s highest-ranking representative in the United States, caught the 8:15 a.m. train Friday from New York City’s Penn Station bound for Montreal. At 11-plus hours, including as much as a two-hour logjam at the border, the journey is hardly a practical one for the business traveller. But for Mr. Parisella, the trip ... market research, surveys and trends
Political Parties Battling Irrelevancy - Hotline On Call
From the outside, the 2010 midterm elections look like a standard battle between the two ends of the political spectrum, with Democrats fighting to retain power and Republicans working to recapture Congress. But in truth, neither party's structure is monolithic; both are becoming weaker as political power and the money that comes with it diffuse outside the Beltway. National party organizations have become more influential over recent years as party strategists have sought to recruit stronger candidates. But in this election cycle, both Democrats and Republicans are out of favor. The populist anger at Washington will ... market research, surveys and trends


News - Douglas, Arizona : Douglas Dispatch
The Krentz family released the following statement regarding the recent shooting death of Robert Krentz on his Southern Arizona ranch. More of this story Driver loses control doing 75 Excessive speed appears to be the cause of a one-vehicle accident that took place Monday evening in the 1400 Block of 20th St. According to Mark Gonzalez of the Douglas Police Dept. a Blue Honda Civic, that had been modified to be a type of racing car, was doing 75 in a 25 mile per hour area when the driver lost control hit a chain link fence and a concrete wall. Debris from the wreck struck a vehicle that had been properly parked at a residence in ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
SurfWax: News, Reviews and Articles On Douglas
And the Department of Homeland Security is sending a new team to Douglas. "We are also reassigning major technology assets, including mobile surveillance systems, thermal-imaging binocular units, and trucks equipped with detection scopes, as well as observation and utility aircraft," Napolitano says in a guest column in today's Arizona Republic. (AZCentral -- News) Talk might be of moving forward, but spirit retro    Jul 19, 2010 Douglas - July 19, 2010, 9:53AM. no comprendre - you don't have to be xenophobic to see the ills in colonialism, whether social, militaristic, economic or any combination ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Recession is over
Robert Carreira, director of the Cochise College Center for Economic Research, has good news about the recession: He says it's over. Natalie Lakosil/Douglas Dispatch Greater Douglas Chamber of Commerce President Carlos Valenzuela listens while Robert Carreira, director of the Cochise College Center for Economic Research discusses the economic outlook for Douglas at a chamber meeting. Carreira delivered the news last week at the Greater Douglas Chamber of Commerce monthly meeting. But he added that while he believes the recession ended months ago, until national economists announce it, it isn't official. “Douglas was ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
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The deadline is today, Wednesday, June 30, at 2:30 p.m. to register yourself or your team in four different athletic tournaments. The “Independence Day Sports Madness Tournament” includes four sports, including a golf two-man scramble. Details on the tourneys include: • Softball teams will be charged $200 per team. Maximum amount of players will be 13 per team. • Adult Flag football will be charged $140.00 per team. Maximum amount of players is 7 per team. • Mini soccer will be charged $60.00 per team. 6 is the maximum amount of players per team. Food and novelty vendors will be opening at 10 a.m. on Saturday and ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


2008 Year-End Report for Greater Parker
The Parker Coalition (which consists of the Town, Chamber of Commerce and Parker .... 2008, the Greater Parker area (including nearby unincorporated Douglas ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Press Releases - Jim Douglas, Governor of Vermont
Montpelier, Vt. � Governor Jim Douglas will lead the nation�s governors at the annual Summer meeting of the National Governors Association (NGA) this week in Boston. Governor Douglas has focused on health care as his signature initiative during his year-long chairmanship of the NGA, which comes to a close this weekend. �It is a great honor to chair the NGA,� said Governor Douglas. �Particularly during this time of great challenge and change for state governments, the NGA has been an important voice advocating the needs of state government as they confront enormous fiscal and economic pressures.� Nearly 40 governors will attend ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
January and Bozeman Chamber of Commerce, January. Young, Douglas J. (2005) “An Overview of Montana Taxes” UM BBER Outlook Seminar, ...
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For what reasons has Andrew McCain resigns from silver?
Andrew McCain, son of Republican presidential candidate John McCain, on Saturday resigned from the boards of Silver State Bancorp of Henderson and Silver State Bank for "personal reasons," the holding company said. Calls seeking comment from Andrew McCain weren't returned. A spokesman for Silver State said the company wouldn't elaborate on its announcement. Andrew McCain was appointed chairman of the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce, starting this month. The younger McCain is chief financial officer of Phoenix-based Hensley & Co., a large beer distributorship. Critics have said John McCain would face a ...