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Special Report on

Hard to Count Census Tracts

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1. I clicked on the map and it highlighted the area in blue and displayed a popup window. How do I remove the blue highlight and popup window? 2. The color-shaded Census tracts are too dark for me to see streets and neighborhood names on the map underneath. Can I "turn off" the tract map? 3. I�ve zoomed in to my state (Michigan, for example) and the whole state is shaded orange. How can I show county- or tract-level patterns within the state? States are shaded only when you're zoomed out very far. But you can ...
is the procedure of systematically acquiring and recording information about the members of a given population. It is a regularly occurring and official count of a particular population. The term is used mostly in connection with national population and housing censuses; other common censuses include agriculture, business, and traffic. In the latter cases the elements of the 'population' are farms/businesses/etc rather than people. The United Nations defines the essential features of population and housing censuses as "individual enumeration, universality within a defined territory, simultaneity and defined ...
Cool Map of Areas Difficult for the Census 2010 to Count
).  It pinpoints census tracts that the U.S. Census Bureau considers difficult to count. It also displays the detailed demographic and housing characteristics that the Census Bureau believes will create challenges to achieving an accurate count in certain communities. The mapping tool is based on the Census Bureau’s Tract Level Planning Database ( ), which identified twelve population and housing characteristics associated with low mail response in the 2000 census.  There are six “person” characteristics: •       language isolation; •       unemployment; •       mobility; market research, surveys and trends
The mission of Voice of Vietnamese Americans is to empower Vietnamese Americans by promoting civic engagement through community organizing and capacity building. Established in 2009, VVA is currently operating in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, DC. . January 26, Editor's note : The Funders Census Initiative today issued the press release below. NEW MAPPING WEBSITE HIGHLIGHTS CHALLENGES TO ACCURATE 2010 CENSUS IN HARD-TO-COUNT AREAS Interactive Maps Help Guide Outreach Strategies in Support of Full Count; Academia, Nonprofits, Business & Philanthropy Join Forces on Project Community groups and local governments working ... market research, surveys and trends


Robert Groves, Director, US Census Bureau - Census Bureau Home Page
Apr 28, 2010... in 6000 hard-to-count census tracts) to mail back the questionnaire. .... In 2000, the universe was 89.7 million with 72 percent of the ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Press Release: NYC's Communities May Lose Millions Due to Census ...
Today, the New York Voting Rights Consortium ("NYVRC") warned that New York could potentially lose millions of dollars because communities of color are in danger of being undercounted in the 2010 Census. As of April 5, 2010, the participation rate in New York's most undercounted counties was far below the national average. "An undercount in 2010 will have a direct impact on resources in communities where they are needed most. We especially urge that communities of color, who are most in need of federal resources and traditionally missed during the census count, ensure they complete and return their census ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Bowdoin Geneva neighbors push to improve Census count
Looking to fight back against a poor census response and what some local activists called bad publicity for the neighborhood, city and U.S. Census officials launched an enumeration offensive earlier this month in the Bowdoin Geneva area, a neighborhood that has been singled out as one of Boston’s lowest responding areas. Groups of city workers, official Census takers and around 60 volunteers canvassed the streets surrounding St. Peter’s Church on June 19 in a coordinated effort to reach out to what’s referred to as tract 918, Boston’s lowest-responding Census district. Workers from City Hall brought along their own ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Hard-To-Count Census Tracts
Hard-To-Count Census Tracts. U.S. Census Bureau derived Hard-To-Count (HTC) scores which summarize the attributes of each Census ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
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Hard-To-Count Score - See next section on “Derived Variables from the Tract. Level Planning Database with Census 2000 Data”. Derived ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
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Because of modern technology and way of life, there are more people in need of work than there are hours of employment available. This situation has been growing for decades, and the recent recession merely brought it to a head. The solution is obvious to me: shorten the work-week to 35 hours or even 30 hours, and then employ everyone at less hours per person. Of course, those who are employed will grumble that this will reduce their income. Well, yeah. It will. The alternative, eventually, will be vast tracts of homeless people living in cardboard box cities across the land, growing their own food (if the police permit them ...
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  Q: I want to develop a database for "training program of a school auditorium" in which i want to add ...   A: Ok, so what's stopping you? This is a fairly common database so you should be able to find samples ...   Q: My name is Ebony I am currently a supervisor for the federal government. I am having a huge issue ...   A: Several issues here. First, have you checked with the payroll or HR department for you branch of ...   Q: I use Access 2003 to maintain files that I receive each month. I also wrote about 8 queries that ...   A: Yep! 1) Create an unbound form with a text box for ...