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Special Report on

Houston Hispanic Chamber Of Commerce

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On March 15, 1978, at the age of 19, I left my home and family in Guayaquil, Ecuador to come to the United States to purse a new life. Shortly after my arrival I entered the University of Houston. During my attendance at the University I work three jobs to take care of my personal and educational expenses. After approximately two years in attendance at the University, I relocated to Virginia. Again, while working three jobs to support myself, I pursued and completed my education at Christopher Newport College. Very soon thereafter I returned to Houston and secured a position as a receptionist with the Joske�s department store in ...
May 2010
No one should ever forget how important Ellen was to the dramatic growth at the Houston Area Women's Center -- both in breadth of services and in community exposure. What a great impact she made. That's only one of the reasons to support her and vote for her. —Bill Vetterling Ellen supports Planned Parenthood - she is pro-women! —Marcela Beth Berg Ellen is a true star in the Texas House. —Diane Mosier Ellen is a dedicated, effective representative who is responsive to the needs of her constituents. Her intelligence and grasp of issues are outshone only by her goodness. Ellen is 'good ... market research, surveys and trends
HISD versus Saavedra
There has been some tension in the relationship between HISD and its superintendent, Abe Saavedra. Yesterday, that nearly came to a head . Supporters of Houston ISD Superintendent Abelardo Saavedra rallied Monday amid fears that the school board planned to sever ties with the chief. The board, however, took no action on Saavedra's job contract Monday after meeting behind closed doors for more than two hours. A decision to oust Saavedra could come at today's board meeting, but board President Harvin Moore and Vice President Paula Harris both said such a move is unlikely. The board must notify Saavedra by Wednesday if it ... market research, surveys and trends


Hispanic Enterprise
If you ask Edgardo Colon, Houston is one of the best cities for Hispanics to call home. Give Colon, a corporate attorney and chairman of the board of the Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, a minute and he’ll tell you why. In a city where people of Latin American heritage constitute more than 40 percent of the population, Colon says the atmosphere has never been better for Hispanic entrepreneurs and business people, thanks in part to the city’s vibrant international port and the presence of many of the ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
El Millonario Next Door: The Untold Story Of Hispanic ...
Many Americans seem to regard the nation's Hispanics with apprehension. Their high poverty rates, low education levels, and tendency to create separate cultural enclaves feed a perception that Hispanics are not following the upwardly mobile immigrant path worn by their Asian, European, and Middle Eastern predecessors. America, meet Bartolo Lopez. In 1970, at age 17, Lopez crossed the Mexican border into California with barely enough money to pay the "coyote"-immigrants' slang for the guide hired to bring them illegally across the border. At first he, like many Mexican immigrants, labored in the fields of ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Tension, confusion cloud HISD panel's duty
Committee chairman, retired vice chairman and chief operating officer of Halliburton Co., nominated by the Associated General Contractors • Carroll Robinson: Associate professor of public administration at Texas Southern University, former Houston city councilman, nominated by the Houston Citizens Chamber of Commerce • Ed Gor: Investment consultant, nominated by the Asian Chamber of Commerce • Terence Cheng: President of TSC Engineering, nominated by the Greater Houston Partnership • Chris Hudson: President and chief executive of Morris Architects, nominated by the American Institute of Architects • ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Opponents urge state to deny Las Brisas permit
Several groups had a news conference Monday in advance of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality’s meeting Wednesday to discuss the permit. Two state administrative law judges have recommended denying the permit or sending it back to the state for more work. Las Brisas officials have said they fixed the issues and are confident the permit will be issued. Members of the Nueces County Medical Society, Clean Economy Coalition, Sierra Club and Public Citizen Texas spoke against the permit. Dr. Mary Dahlen Peterson, a local anesthesiologist, said she worries about children with asthma, people with other respiratory problems ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


The Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is the leading regional advocate for the economic and civic interests of the. Hispanic business community. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
United States Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison
03.10.10 Senator Hutchison delivers remarks at the Congressional Gold Medal Ceremony in the U.S. Capitol for the Women Airforce Service Pilots. (Photo/Andrew J. Tonn) 02.26.10 Senator Hutchison delivers remarks at the Boy Scouts of America 100th Anniversary Celebration at Minute Maid Park in Houston. 01.26.10 Senators Hutchison and Cornyn meet with Sgt. Kimberly Minley, the civilian police officer who took down the Fort Hood gunman. 10.21.09 Senator Hutchison and Richard Cortese, a Texas livestock feed farm, at a press conference for the release of her and Senator Kit Bond's report, Climate Change Legislation: A $3.6 ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Rice professors to discuss Houston - Rice University | News & Media
Rice University professors Robert M. Stein of political science and Stephen L. Klineberg of sociology will discuss "The Impact of the Hispanic Vote in the Houston Mayoral Election" on Tuesday, Dec. 18, at 2 p.m. in room 124 of Herring Hall on the Rice University campus. "The importance of this discussion is to tell the significance of the Hispanic vote in this election and how it may impact future elections," says Richard Torres, president of the Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. "The 2000 Census forecasted Hispanic political empowerment," Torres adds, "and from that follows ...
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Why is Dallas called the "Metroplex" instead of "Greater Dallas ...
The term "Metroplex" was coined and copyrighted by the North Texas Commission in 1972. It was intended to be used as a term to describe the region including Dallas, Fort Worth, and the surrounding suburbs in North Texas. The name "Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex" is commonly used today, especially as the region has continued to grow and expand. The term "Metroplex" is sometimes used to describe other metropolitan areas that containing multiple major cities and their suburbs. It is also used as an alternative to metropolis or megalopolis, which is a chain of continuous metropolitan areas. Several local organizations use the name ...
ToTheCenter News on immigration affected Latino businesses.........
Hurricane Katrina displaced more than one million people while destroying or badly disrupting more than 40% of Louisiana’s economic base. Thousands of small businesses ceased to exist. The socio-economic damage in the U.S. appears without precedent. The growing Hispanic population in southeast Louisiana presents a unique and distinctive socio-economic challenge. As Hispanics move into the region in large numbers seeking economic opportunities, specific needs are emerging. A variety of work and social skills must be developed and nurtured. Business skills and guidance must be offered. These needs must be recognized and addressed ...