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Intelligent Agents for Electronic Commerce

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A commercial search agent (CSA) is used to access data in a distributed communications system. An initial search request constitutes a buyer's first search query at sellers' commercial database network. Analytical agents and seller promotions are used to inform the CSA, while negotiation commences after the initial RFQ. CSA's may be informed by analytical agents. 1. A system for searching data in a distributed computing network of sellers' commercial databases, the system comprising:a distributed computing network comprising a plurality of sellers' commercial ...
Intelligent agents for electronic commerce
The Patent Description & Claims data below is from USPTO Patent Application 20080097872, Intelligent agents for electronic commerce. Full Patent Description - Patent Application Claims    CROSS-REFERENCES TO RELATED APPLICATIONS [0001] This application is related to Provisional Patent Application Ser. No. 60/010,087, Filed 17 Jan. 1996. This application is also related to Provisional patent application Ser. No. ______, Filed 30 Dec. 1996. BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION [0002] 1. Field of the Invention [0003] The present invention relates to the gathering and analysis of market transaction data, where such ... market research, surveys and trends
“E-Commerce is an umbrella that describes automated business-related transactions, spanning the purchase of pencils via an e-mail message to an office supplies store, a shopping trip to an electronic mall on the internet, the electronic filing of tax returns or other high-dollar industrial inventory control transactions.” • B2B - Business to Business • Business purchasing products for resale from suppliers • B2C – Business to Consumer • Customer purchasing products online via Internet, such as Music, Airline Ticket etc. • G2B – Government to Business • Government ... market research, surveys and trends


Intelligent Agents
Intelligent agents are a member of the bot family—software programs that operate unattended, usually on the Internet. Therefore, agents are sometimes referred to as bots. Individuals or organizations use intelligent agents to perform functions or tasks that otherwise would involve human interaction or repetition. Operating independently on behalf of their users, some intelligent agents mimic human behavior and thought processes and are able to make decisions, learn, and interact with other intelligent agents. Intelligent agents come in stationary and mobile varieties, meaning that they can either reside on individual ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Dallen J. Timothy, Allen A. Lew
It has recently been estimated that the 1.5 million visitors to New. Zealand in 1994 took part in over .... Intelligent Agents for Electronic Commerce in Tourism. Faria Ng .... The response rate 80 percent (n=44). Results indicated that ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
In the Fall of 2006, Kelly Farley was a thirty-seven-year old businessman living in Texas with a pregnant wife and five children, ranging in age from one to fourteen. His interest in families was not limited to his own, and his sexual interests extended beyond what our society and its laws will tolerate. Farley is sexually attracted to girls he described as "still innocent, but starting to bud a little," and he wanted to have sex with a girl who was around nine to eleven years old. Using the internet, he made contact with the mother of a child of that age and set out to persuade her not only to let him have sex with ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Defendant Rahib Ismael-Yasir Al-Cholan was caught in a sting operation attempting to purchase the sexual services of a twelve-year-old girl. Al-Cholan was subsequently convicted of traveling in interstate commerce for the purpose of engaging in illicit sexual conduct, in violation of 18 U.S.C. § 2423(b). He makes three arguments on appeal: (1) that he was unlawfully entrapped; (2) that his custodial statements to police should have been suppressed because he did not understand the arresting officers' English-language Miranda warning; and (3) that the district court improperly imposed a sentence enhancement for a ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Agent Service for Online Auctions
Intelligent agents for electronic commerce are a popu- lar research topic. There are shopping agents that col- lect price information for users (Doorenbos, ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Agent Concept for Intelligent Distributed Coordination in the ...
Many of the recent applications for intelligent agents are related to electronic commerce over the. Internet. Other applications reported in the literature ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Intelligent Agents & E-Commerce
The internet has experienced a rapid shift from information and entertainment to electronic commerce.  The amount of information available on the web, as well as the number of e-businesses and web shoppers, has been growing exponentially and the influx is difficult to process.  A major challenge for marketspace participants has become sifting through an unwieldy amount of information to find products, services, and even each other � often relegating e-commerce a hit or miss experience. Intelligent agents are a major evolution toward solving this difficult problem.  Intelligent agents empower both buyers and ...
Artificial Intelligence: AI, science fiction novels, what is ...
Well i have heard a lot about AI but never seen it actually function. So could u give me example of a practical AI that is currently active. And what r the basic principles on which AI works. Hope u'll be able to help me out. Thanks Answer So, What is Artificial Intelligence? Although the general public is more accustomed to ideas from movies and science-fiction novels, its original foundation is based on the study of creating intelligent machines to help us understand more about ourselves. The belief is that mental processes are computational processes over formal elements, so A.I. embodies the study of creating ...
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(HI IAM DEVELOPING E-COMMERCE WEBSITE FOR BUSINESS I HAVE SOME QUESTIONS THAT I WOULD LIKE SOME ANSWERS TO.) please answer Q2, Q4, Q6, Q7 in detail. make sure that answer are directly related to the question provide diagrams and images were ever possible thank you" 1.)Describe the term e-commerce? Discuss the advantages and disadvantages that an e-business architecture may possess over its alternative corporal business set up. 2.)Provide and discuss facts and figures supporting the idea - E-Commerce is the trade of future. 3.)Discuss different barriers that may exist in the pathway for developing a ...