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Introducing RFM for Windows

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One of my consultants caught me in the hall last week and asked what I thought about visitor engagement. A customer of his developed a complex formula — a mashup of metrics — to measure “Visitor Engagement” on his site. The idea is that this will feature prominently in executive dashboards.  If the number goes up, great.  If it goes down, they’ll take action to rectify the situation. This sounds like the answer to our engagement prayers: one metric to measure all.  It’s the Esperanto of engagement, a common language by which we can understand the customer. Unfortunately, I think it’s a terrible idea. In ...
the independent rail watchdog, Wrexham & Shropshire has come top in the country, with a 99% satisfaction rating - the highest rating in the survey's history.
Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 Few New Features
Each service pack has its own personality.  Just as the children, and grandchildren in any family show different traits, so Microsoft's service packs vary in their characteristics.  Any program's SP1 will be the most docile and easiest to install simply because you don't have to worry about accumulating all the previous SPs as you do with SP2s and SP3s. First born children are often the favorites, and the birth of any SP1 is traditionally the trigger for businesses to order that particular operating from their system supplier.  However, don't be premature installing ... market research, surveys and trends
Mexican Activists Turn Over Mexico City Man to Police in Sally ...
Last night Mexican police transferred Omar Yoguez Singu, 32, to the Oaxacan attorney general's custody for murdering 20-year-old Marcella "Sally" Grace Eiler.  The AP reports that he claims he had consensual sex with Sally, then killed her with a machete during an argument. Yoguez Singu was captured thanks to the quick action of Oaxacan activists who publicized her murder internationally. Yoguez Singu raised his friends' suspicions when he returned to Mexico City from a recent trip to San Jose del Pacifico, were locals discovered Sally's decaying and mutilated body in a cabin.  They noticed that he was ... market research, surveys and trends


The Windows Observer--Microsoft Tightens the Screws on Windows Pirates
is closing a giant loophole in its Windows licensing system that should dramatically reduce the ability of software pirates to distribute forged copies of the operating system, the software giant announced last week. The new system, which will debut with Windows Vista and Windows Server "Longhorn," will incrementally reduce the functionality of the operating system until the Windows license keys, which will be encrypted for the first time, are cleared with Microsoft over the Internet. Software piracy is a huge problem for Microsoft and its business partners. According to the Business Software Alliance , 35 percent of ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Computer Weekly News (2010-05-06) | VerticalNews
RES Software's User Workspace Management Technology Named a "Front Runner" in SQL Azure Compatibility by Microsoft Altaira LLC - Altaira Makes Unprecedented Offer of Risk Management Software for FREE* Sunbelt Software - Sunbelt Software Offers McAfee Customers a Way Out MonkeyMedia Software - Einstein Bros.(R) Bagels Deploys MonkeyOnlineOrdering(TM) and MonkeyCatering(TM) to 306 Units Sunbelt Software - Sunbelt Software VIPRE Antivirus Premium Awarded ICSA Labs Certification for Next-Generation Anti-Malware HE-5 Resources Corp. - HE-5 Resources Corp. Explains Its SaaS Marketing Approach: a Ride to a Green and ... industry trends, business articles and survey research


Market segmentation for product family positioning based on fuzzy ...
RFM is suitable for those retail and service businesses with ..... (SPSS 12.0 for Windows, is used to obtain the weighted .... At the economic latitude, the cost of introducing more product families (i.e. finer ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Use Windows on Science program to introduce and discuss heredity and genetics. ... Assessment: RFM summary. Day 12 CO: Predator/Prey Concept Attainment ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Each year, approximately one out every five copies of Windows ...
Once a copy of Windows Vista has been placed into RFM the user has four options ... Microsoft is introducing Volume Activation 2.0 in Windows Vista, ...
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