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Special Report on

Medical Device Reimbursement In China

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This report is an essential source for in-depth information and data relating to the Switzerland medical equipment market. The report provides an overview of the market structure, healthcare system, regulatory environment, reimbursement policies, distribution structure and trade associations for Switzerland medical equipment market. It also offers detailed and comprehensive coverage of market revenue and company share; and news, financial deals, pipeline products information by medical equipment sector. Published: 01-Dec-2008 This report is an essential source for in-depth information and data relating to the Taiwan medical ...
covering synthetic chemicals and drugs, prepared Chinese medicines, medical devices, apparatus and instruments, hygiene materials, packing materials, and pharmaceutical machinery . The profile of the pharmaceutical industry in China remains very low. China accounts for 20% of the world’s population but only 1.5% of the global drug market. China's changing health-care environment is designed to extend basic health insurance to a larger portion of the population and give individuals greater access to products and services. Following this period of change, the pharmaceutical industry is expected to continue its expansion. The ...
Ruder Finn Asia - Asia Health and Wellness News Summary â“ June ...
by some companies whose pharmaceuticals qualified for the drug reimbursement listing. Separately, the MOH announced plans to conduct an evaluation of the progress of medical reform that will involve international organizations such as the WHO. The Gaozhou hospital reform model drew national attention for its ability to improve health services at a reduced cost through market-based solutions. On the other hand, Shenmu’s hospital reform model , which offers universal coverage through government financing, also showed promise for creating win-win outcomes for patients, hospitals, and government alike. Of note is that the Shenmu ... market research, surveys and trends
Telemedicine Market in Brazil, Russia, India, China (BRIC ...
BRIC telemedicine market is witnessing a significant growth due to increase in the number of patients suffering from chronic diseases such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), chronic heart failure (CHF), asthma, hypertension, and diabetes. An increase in IT spending are identified as the key factors boosting demand for telemedicine in these countries. Moreover increasing demand for better healthcare services and growth in telecommunication network are also impacting BRIC telemedicine market. The BRIC telemedicine market is classified based on the type of technology and services used. Technology ... market research, surveys and trends


Medical Device Reimbursement In China
China's population is heavily concentrated in rural areas, with 70 percent of China's 1.3 billion population living outside of the urban costal cities. ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Medical Device Market in China 2007
sales revenue of the medical device industry in China was estimated at USD 6.2 billion and profits at USD 460 million.1 This indicates a CAGR of 14 percent ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Urodynamix Enters into Definitive Agreement for Sale of NIRS Business to HEGLN ...
("Urodynamix" or the "Company") announces today that it has signed a definitive agreement with HEGLN (Dalian) for the sale of the majority of its assets for CAD$2,100,000. HEGLN is a leading Chinese biotechnology company. The acquisition of the Urodynamix assets will allow HEGLN to expand its product offering in its domestic and worldwide markets. "As described in the press release dated December 9, 2009, the Company has been investigating strategic initiatives to maximize shareholder value in light of the previously announced changes in US reimbursement for its uroNIRS products," said Barry ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Prospects Upbeat for Emerging Neurostimulation Technologies in the ...
/PRNewswire/ -- New avenues are unfolding for companies engaged in leveraging medical technologies to unleash devices that target debilitating neurological disorders. The emerging market is showing signs of promising returns for both entrepreneurs and investors in clinical application areas such as refractory epilepsy, treatment resistant depression, stroke rehabilitation, incontinence, and retinal degenerative disorders. The availability of a huge amount of clinical results published in reputed domestic and international journals on the efficacy and safety of neurostimulation technologies supports their capability to penetrate ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Global Trends in Reimbursement of Medical Technology
Medical device and pharmaceutical pricing reform and related issues. 53. CHAPTER 5 GAINING REIMBURSEMENT IN CHINA. 53. 5.1. Introduction ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Mowen: PwC Medical Technology Innovation Scorecard - Fig. 1
Which regulatory and reimbursement environments are the most attractive for the introduction of ... Medical Technology Success Factors. •Medical device market per capita ... Medical. Technology. Market Success. China. Illustrative ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Is it true that direct to consumer marketing is becoming ...
Should more dollars be spent on consumer advertising and relatively less on trade journals etc. targeting physicians and care providers? - As a consumer, what would and would not work? - While as consumers we may look for more information, do we want to encounter more marketing/ advertising specially when it comes to healthcare? - What would be most essential elements of successful online campaigns directed to consumers in biotech and medical device industry? Thank you very much for all very thoughtful perspectives -- both as your experiences as a consumer and from work experience in marketing in biotech/ medical device ...
H.R. 3962, the "Affordable Health Care for America Act? - Yahoo ...
H.R. 3962, the "Affordable Health Care for America Act" has been introduced--all 1990 pages of it. This gargantuan beast contains thirteen new tax hikes. Here they all are, with description and page number (PDF version): *** Employer Mandate Excise Tax (Page 275): If an employer does not pay 72.5 percent of a single employee’s health premium (65 percent of a family employee), the employer must pay an excise tax equal to 8 percent of average wages. Small employers (measured by payroll size) have smaller payroll tax rates of 0 percent (<$500,000), 2 percent ($500,000-$585,000), 4 percent ($585,000-$670,000), and 6 percent ...