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Special Report on

Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce

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reveals that Atlanta’s reputation as a high-tech center masks a decade of erosion. Though it leads the U.S. in the physical resources that attract and sustain high-tech industry, Atlanta companies haven’t meshed within the local economy. The result is an industry profile described by the study as “at best, stagnant.” The findings offer a wake-up call to Atlanta and a roadmap for other regions looking to grow high-tech industry. For example: Forty percent of Atlanta’s high-tech start-up companies leave the state within three years, with California, New York, New Jersey, and Florida serving as their ...
(CSA) adds the Gainesville, GA MSA, and the LaGrange, GA, Thomaston GA, Cedartown, GA and Valley, AL micropolitan areas, for a total 2009 estimated population of 5,831,778. 1 The CSA also abuts the Athens , Macon , and Columbus MSAs. The Region is the central metropolis of the Southeastern United States, and is the largest metropolitan area in the emerging megalopolis known as the Piedmont Atlantic MegaRegion along the I-85 Corridor . For media in Atlanta (which reaches most of north Georgia), the metro area became the eighth- or seventh-largest media market in the United States in 2008. According to the 2008 rankings of the ...
New bio tech region a brilliant future for economic development
Move over North Carolina. The Research Triangle is definitely coming up on some competition. Georgia is on the brink of becoming one of the biggest biotech centers in the world. The state's relatively new Innovation Crescent – a spectacular 13-county swath of vibrant science community between Atlanta and Athens – represents the future of things to come. But, competition aside, the real story here is that collaboration is a beautiful thing. The far-reaching effects of cooperation have been seen for the last 50 years through the efforts of North Carolina civic leaders, high-tech companies, research facilities and ... market research, surveys and trends
How to Stimulate Jobs
Straight talk from Atlanta's Business Consultant, Mike Gomez ( about topics relevant to growing your business. Though most will be applicable to all business owners - this blog is geared to international and domestic, privately held companies in the service, sales or manufacturing sector who have strong growth ambitions - but are struggling to achieve them. I participated in a small business round table discussion last month at the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce with Dennis Hightower, Deputy Secretary of the Department of Commerce. He was traveling throughout the United States meeting ... market research, surveys and trends


Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce Teams
literacy costs businesses in the southeast $57.2 billion annually and in Georgia $2.1 ... o 98 percent of Literacy Action‟s students are people of color and ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Jun 19, 2006 ... Contact: Esther Campi, Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce, 404-586-8474, ... attendees than any prior Olympic Games, created a $5 billion economic ... percent increase in international companies since the Olympic Games. ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Convention Models + Talent Agency Launches New Web Site
Hiring Glick Interactive, a leading full-service web development firm, to design the Web site's look and functionality, CMT has furthered its commitment to offer clients and talent the best online experience available. "It is exciting for us to launch our Web site as an upgraded business tool for our contacts," CMT president and CEO Shelly Justice said. "Our partnership with Glick Interactive allows us to continue our dedication to the highest level of client service, and we have been looking forward to introducing the Web site's new look and features." Award-winning Glick Interactive leveraged the ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
'Never, never, never give up'
Cheerleader, strategist, man in the middle. As president of the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce, an organization of 4,000 member companies that employ more than 700,000 workers, Sam Williams knows North Georgia’s assets and problems as well as anyone. He spoke recently about chamber issues and the buzz from this year’s session of the general assembly: Q: After years of inaction, the Legislature finally passed a transportation bill to fund relief for traffic problems. You must have thought that day would never come. A: Well, we certainly have been working on it a long, long time, and I was taught by a lot of my ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Bio - Chuck Meadows Vice President of Transportation | Metro ...
Vice President of Transportation | Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce. Chuck Meadows is vice president of transportation at the Metro Atlanta ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics - Governor Perdue Announces Appointments to State ...
Berry retired as executive director of the Georgia Human Relations Commission in May 2000.  She is a former teacher and principal and was an adjunct professor at Pace University in New York where she also served on the Board of Examiners.  Berry also served as an education specialist in the Office of Planning and Budget.  She was appointed to the State Board of Education in December 2000.  Berry received an undergraduate degree from Hunter College in New York and a graduate degree from Pace University in New York.     Jim Bostic, 56, Atlanta, Georgia, 6th Congressional District (Reappointment) technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
2008 Hall of Fame - Sam A. Williams
Named president of the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce in 1997, Sam A. Williams leads this organization of 4,000 member companies that collectively employ more than 700,000 workers. The Metro Atlanta Chamber focuses on the big issues that matter most to the business community: creating jobs and boosting the region's quality of life by finding solutions in the areas of transportation, education and the environment. The Southeast as a whole is the fastest growing region in the country, and metro Atlanta is a global gateway to the world. During Williams' tenure, he has focused on making Atlanta's global connection ...
  1. profile image craigmillertv I'm at Metro Atlanta Chamber Of Commerce.
  2. profile image DocWal Hey does anyone of our fine friends have pictures of the evening reception at the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce...
  3. profile image atlantatech Thanks to the folks at The Metro (Atlanta) Chamber of Commerce for supporting the Georgia Angel Tax Credit provisions!
How many people live in Georgia and Atlanta GA. USA? - Yahoo! Answers
In the city of Atlanta there are only about 500K people. Of course if you look at the entire metro area there are over 5 million. There are 9 million in the state of GA. 2 weeks ago 0% 0 Votes
Google Answers: Australian companies in Atlanta, GA, USA
I need a list of Australian-owned companies with operations in Atlanta, GA, USA. They can be public or private companies. They can be US companies that are ultimately owned by an Australian parent company. An Australian parent company is a registered corporation, either public or private, incorporated in one of the Australian states or territories. Hello thinedge: Thanks for the interesting question. I was able to find that there is a listing of foreign affiliate companies maintained by the Atlanta Chamber of Commerce. However, the page seems to be "down" right now. I was, however, able to access a backed-up version of ...