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Metrowest Chamber of Commerce

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Please come tonight to wish Jacy and Nancy well! Tuesday, June 22, 2010 5:30pm - 11:30pm MOLLY MALONE'S - SHERATON Jun 22 Eileen Prince has not received any gifts yet Give Eileen Prince a Gift My Company Name Prince Language Associates Incorporated My Title Owner About Me I am a language acquisition expert and cross-cultural trainer. I attribute my great interest in other cultures to my bi-subcultural background. The daughter of an urban New York father and a rural Florida mother, I spent my childhood living in both parts of the country. Having to "shift gears" between the different types of schools found in ...
Bharat Entrepreneurs - MIT's Venture Mentoring Services: For ...
MIT is deploying a structured model to complement the bright ideas of their students with sound mentoring in the business field so that running a startup becomes as smooth as possible.I am sure this model can be emulated in many colleges to spawn new companies. MIT is recognized worldwide as a leader in innovation and enterprise. The Institute counts many industrial leaders among its graduates, including Alfred P. Sloan, Arthur D. Little, Alfred du Pont, William R. Hewlett, Amar G. Bose and Robert M. Metcalfe. In recent decades MIT alumni and faculty have founded thousands of successful companies and created millions of jobs.   market research, surveys and trends
A Familiar Face To Take Over At MetroWest Chamber
Now names like Boston Scientific and Genzyme have replaced those companies and ushered in a new era of high-technology industries that is thriving in the region. An Ending, A Beginning As Welte prepares to retire at the end of this month, the chamber will welcome a new president and CEO, Bonnie Biocchi , who has spent the last three years working for the state's Office of Business Development in Devens. Biocchi said she hopes to foster continued investments in the region and hopes to strengthen the character of the business community. She's eager to get back to the business networking f unctions of a chamber of ... market research, surveys and trends


Framingham's McAuliffe library survey proves helpful - Framingham ...
Sunny Vandermark was hired by the Framingham Public Library at the beginning of the month to help gather public input about building a new McAuliffe library branch to replace the existing one on Nicholas Road. After talking with library patrons at several public meetings and receiving input through an online survey, Vandermark will begin drafting a state-mandated library building program that will outline the parameters of the project. Vandermark held her last meeting with the public yesterday from 3 to 6 p.m. in the lobby of the main library on Lexington Street. She also attended three other meetings last week at both branches. industry trends, business articles and survey research
How Big Is Genzyme, Anyway? | Worcester Business Journal
Over the past several years, biotech giant Genzyme Corp. has billowed out across MetroWest, voraciously gobbling up space, pumping hundreds of millions into development and even luring sizable chunks of state funding for infrastructure overhauls. As a result, the 2,800 employees at its MetroWest locations comprise the greatest concentration of its global workforce, which spans more than 30 countries. The Cambridge-headquartered company also manages more than 1.5 million square feet of office, research and development, warehouse, distribution and manufacturing space in the west-of-Boston communities it does business in. But just ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Growth factor
Genzyme Corp. envisions a near-doubling of its Framingham campus in a major expansion that could have far-reaching ramifications for both the town and the western suburbs. The Cambridge-based biotechnology firm has filed a master plan with state environmental officials laying out an expansion of its Framingham site over the next decade to nearly 2 million square feet. Genzyme’s sweeping proposal, in turn, has the potential to spark a manufacturing revival in a town still proud of its industrial heritage, while further fueling the rapid growth of the life sciences industry in the western suburbs, according to a key local ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Business Digest
BROCKTON - A new Honda and Hyundai dealership is coming to a long-vacant site on Manley Street in Brockton and is expected to bring 200 jobs to the city. Construction is slated to begin this summer, with a grand opening planned for next spring. Framingham-based Bernardi Auto Group plans to build a combined 77,000-square-foot Honda and Hyundai dealership at 300 Manley St., the former site of Northern Isles. Furt LLC, an affiliate of Bernardi Auto Group, purchased the property from 100 Wearguard Drive LLC and Ivy B. Freedman in March for $6.8 million. Framingham hotel hosts ‘Mega’ networking event The Marlborough ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


November 4, 2009 The Honorable Nancy Pelosi Speaker U.S. House of ...
Nov 4, 2009 ... MetroWest Chamber of Commerce. Micropub Systems International, Inc. Midwest Minerals, Inc. Miller Wire Works, Inc. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
MetroWest Massachusetts, comprised of 35 municipalities west of Boston in the greater Interstate 495 area, has emerged as a dynamic, economic powerhouse of significant importance to the Commonwealth. MetroWest continues to grow and prosper and is the second largest employment base in the state.  The region is also a key source of highly educated and skilled workers for the state’s high technology and life sciences employers. Many of the largest companies in Massachusetts are headquartered in MetroWest, including: Analog Devices, Bose, Boston Scientific, Cognex, Dunkin' Brands, EMC, MathWorks, One Beacon ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Legacy Tobacco Documents Library: New Asso DIRECTORY TABLE OF ...
Adam W; Adams, Roger A; Adaso, North; Adzima, Carole B; Adzima, Carole Treasur B; Alice; Alice E; Anita; Area, Lynn; Arthur; Asso; Atagro, J; Beauvafs, Dana; Beganny, Barry; Beganny, Roberta; Bennington; Berkshire Chter, Northern; Berrmrd; Berry, I Barclay; Bl, Rick; Bonnet, Arr; Bouffard, Patrca J; Bradford, Robert G; Bradley; Brainerd Gregory, Elinor B; Brford, Kathy; Bur, J; Burbank, Malvena; Burnk, David; Byrne, Kevin; Cabral, Dianne; Capote, Adzia B; Carpenter, Barbara; Caruso, Anthony M; Caruso, Barbara; Cecetia, Milts; Cendice, Corcione; Chacber, Lynn Area; Chaer, Neecla; Chamber, Madison; Chamberlin; Chan, Milford; ...
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I can answer any question regarding chiropractic treatment and chiropractors. Mostly, I can help the unknowing public understand what is safe and valid, what treatment is reasonable and evidence-based, and what kinds of chiropractors to stay away from. I have an advanced specialty degree in Chiropractic Sports Medicine and can address any questions regarding sports injuries. I have experience in treating elite and Olympic athletes as well as weekend-warriors. Experience Experience: 18 years in practice; Beijing 2008 Olympic Games: World Olympians Associan and International Sports Chiropractic Association Healthcare Team; ...
Chiropractors: Length of Visit, percussive devices, tissue work
I was recently in a car accident-rear-ended.  I initially went to a medical center, but all they did was prescribe pills after taking x-rays.  They didn't even go over my x-rays with me!  I decided to go to a chiropractor.  The first visit there I filled out the paperwork and spoke with the doctor.  He gave me an adjustment and then I got treated with a machine (I don't know what it is called) but things are placed on your back and make your muscles "jerk".  Afterwards, another person massaged my back.  I go three times a week and get the same three things done in about 20 ...