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Mobile commerce, payments growing

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A quarterly study by Compete found that 37 percent of 1,959 smartphone owners have purchased something non-mobile with their handset in the past six months. Compete’s Smartphone Intelligence survey found that consumers are getting more comfortable with buying goods on their mobile devices. While more consumers are using handsets to buy items, poor site functionality is still a problem. “The key finding coming out of Compete’s third quarter Smartphone Intelligence report is that mcommerce is poised for explosive growth in 2010,” said Danielle Nohe, director of consumer technologies at Compete, Boston. “People are shopping on ...
"Mobile Commerce is any transaction, involving the transfer of ownership or rights to use goods and services, which is initiated and/or completed by using mobile access to computer-mediated networks with the help of an electronic device."
Smart mCommerce: Apple defends location data collection policies
Top Women in Wireless list. This is the third annual edition of this popular feature in which Fierce editors track the female stars in the wireless industry. In the traditionally male-dominated world of telecom, it's not always easy to find women in top-ranking positions. But thanks to input from our readers, Fierce editors have compiled a list that we believe encompasses some of the best and brightest female executives in the business. Special report T-Mobile USA recently completed an eight-city spectrum-interference study ( click here to check it out) with the goal of convincing the federal government to relinquish a ... market research, surveys and trends
Teams released for Mini Seedcamp London
next week. Seedcamp says they “saw many teams applying with innovative ideas in the mobile space and we are seeing more and more dedicated, smaller applications adressing very specific markets.” Teams applied from all over Europe and beyond, and there is a trend towards self-financing and bootstrapping but the “quality [of teams] is growing from strength to strength each year”. Personally I am not surprised they are doing that given the dearth of early stage funding right now, but, perversely this lack of funding, especially in Europe, does rather concentrate the mind on what startups should be doing. ... market research, surveys and trends


Global mobile stats: all latest quality research on mobile Web and ...
The essential compendium of need-to-know statistics. Beware of media hype and mobile myth – put your mobile strategy on a sound footing with the latest research from credible independent experts. Global mobile subscribers, handset sales, mobile Web usage, mobile ad spend, top mobile operators, mobile messaging and mobile financial services. UPDATE June 22, 2010: New research added on mobile messaging and how people use their cell phones. UPDATE May 17, 2010: New section added on mobile financial services and mobile payments. The stats, all the stats and nothing but the stats… In the past two years, we have gone from a smattering ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Community banks say mobile services top priority: survey - Mobile ...
Community bankers nationwide view mobile banking as a must-have to meet both retail and commercial demand, according to Banc Investment Group. Only 27 percent of community banks offer mobile banking services today, but many institutions are planning to offer or expand the service over the next year-and-a-half, according to new survey data from Banc Investment Group, the capital markets division of Pacific Coast Bankers’ Bancshares. “Community banks are now focused on providing this capability to clients and will be instituting programs to provide this service over the next 18 months if they don’t have mobile banking already,” ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Green Dot IPO: Connecting the Dots
is the US's leading provider of general purpose reloadable prepaid debit cards, which seek to address the 60+ million Americans that lack full access to traditional checking and savings accounts. The company's 3.4 million customer base is mainly younger, low/middle income Americans who are attracted to the card's convenience, lack of overdraft fees and minimum balances, and its usefulness for personal budgeting. With nearly $6 billion loaded onto its cards in calendar year 2009, representing a market share of over 40%, Green Dot believes its leading position gives it a strong platform for continued high growth and ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
TAXS.OB, NASDAQ:PFBX and NYSE:WU. Market Update On Financial Companies.
filed a Current Report on Form 8-K last week, to announce that Patrick Cox, its founder, CEO and majority shareholder, voluntarily entered into a Financial Reorganization Agreement in which Mr. Cox deposited 200 million shares of his TaxMasters common stock with TaxMasters’ transfer agent, Olde Monmouth Stock Transfer Co., Inc. These shares will be held in escrow by Olde Monmouth for a five year period ending June 30, 2015. During that time, Mr. Cox has waived his right to vote the escrowed shares and he has also waived his right to receive any dividends or other distributions by TaxMasters with respect to the escrowed shares. ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Update on developments in mobile payments Smartphone users ...
Smartphone users manifest growing interest in mobile financial services; ... respondents do this) and conducting mobile commerce transactions. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Mobile Payments Overview
Notes: The opportunity lies in the popularity of the mobile phone (more than 4 billion subscribers worldwide), the personal nature of the device (most are carried at all times), and the capabilities of the device. These capabilities include secure storage, processing, transmission and display of information to the consumer, and allowing them to interact with it--all while being mobile. The combination of these factors means that the mobile device can address all current payment occasions (face-to-face in a store, remote via a mobile website) and anticipated future occasions (money transfers) and do it in a way that is more ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
The Mobil Speedpass and Mobile Commerce (by Cari - MURJ fall 02-2
Commerce. Cari Rottenberg and Sisi Liu. I. Introduction. Mobil Corporation has been an industry leader in the innovation and development of payment ...
I am looking for good examples of mobile payments, do you know any ...
I am participating in a pilot on mobile payments in Rotterdam with Payter, which uses a Near Field Communication enabled Nokia phone. On this phone, a balance is uploaded which you can use to pay for stuff. Quite innovating. I am looking for other applications of mobile payments (for instance through premium sms or via your phone bill like m-pesa). Do you know of any new innovating initiatives in this area? posted December 18, 2007 in Wireless , E-Commerce | Closed Share This Regional Business Dev Manager - Consumer & Business Applications Practice (SEA & OCEANIA) at Ericsson see all my answers This was selected as Best Answer ...
Careers: Business: information technology, product development ...
4.Discuss in detail the different types of computer bases information system used in different functional areas business by organizations. Who are the typical user of information system? 5.Describe the modern practices and emerging trends related do technology, design and security issues involved in e-commerce.   Answer CHITRA, HERE  IS  SOME  USEFUL MATERIAL. REGARDS LEO LINGHAM =============================== 4. Discuss in detail the different types of computer bases information system used in different functional areas business by organizations. who are the typical user of information system? MIS  is ...