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Special Report on

NSW Department of Commerce

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The NSW Government is committed to ensuring that young people are part of the decisions that affect their lives. This has informed the development of the NSW Youth Action Plan – The Way Forward: Supporting young people in NSW . The plan outlines the importance of ensuring the participation of young people in decision making and the design and delivery of people services. In 2006, the proportion of employees aged under 25 years in the NSW public sector was 4.8% – a figure much lower than the broader NSW labour force where 17% of NSW employees were aged under 25 years. Agencies must find ways of attracting and ...
OLMC is affiliated with the Combined Catholic Colleges, the Catholic Girls Secondary Schools Sporting Association, the Alliance of Girls’ Schools Australasia, 2 the Australasian Mercy Secondary Schools Association (AMSSA), 3 the Association of Heads of Independent Schools of Australia (AHISA), 4 and an affiliate member of the Association of Heads of Independent Girls' Schools (AHIGS). 5 Cite error: There are tags on this page, but the references will not show without a {{Reflist}} template or a tag; see the .
how the government locks out the press: a case study
A deluge of spam crippled the NSW Department of Commerce's computer network two weeks ago, effectively severing its connection to the internet for at least two days. A sudden influx of spam emails from more than 4000 domains and locations brought the department's Sydney office network to a standstill, forcing system administrators to block outbound web browsing access to help restore email services. I'd like to be a tad self indulgent here and discuss the way this story came together. It highlights the problems faced by the press these days in dealing with governments, both state and federal. Now, call me old ... market research, surveys and trends
Signs for the times
This was a complicated but fairly typical mullti-site signage brief bring with it the usual challenges and opportunities: – 7 separate entities to be identified – around 20 different sign types – 90+ locations of which about 18 house multiple tenants – So around 107 potential installation sites … – Potentially 16,000+ sign opportunities – Then there were the variable elements to consider – entities were based in everything from – High rise blocks to shop fronts – Interior and Exterior considerations – Wall mounted and Free standing variations – Some sign types were permanent, some required the flexibility to be updated – ... market research, surveys and trends


Summary Report - Sample Layout - 8p Niti
NSW Department of Commerce | Annual Report 2002/03 .... 25 percent on the retail price of conventional power. Clients .... which oversees in excess of $3 billion per annum of government procurement expenditure. Tony Collins, BE (Civil) ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Part C Excel Workbook of NWI 2006-07 Indicators
NSW Department of Commerce. Goldenfields Water County Council (Bulk Water Supply ). EA Systems .... Percent of properties experiencing; n interruptions ... ( employees only) in the period x 1 million)/Number of hours worked in ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
The true cost of our daily bread
When the British supermarket giant Tesco decided to start labelling its produce with ''food miles'' to let people know how far it travelled before reaching the shelf, the move was greeted with a bizarre mixture of fear, derision and relief. The fear came from the global food industry and many primary producers, who remain worried that people will be put off by finding out how far their food has come. The derision arose because Tesco had wandered blithely into the labyrinth of attempting to accurately measure greenhouse gas emissions. It is so fantastically complicated that a team of Oxford University climate ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
NAIDOC week 2010: our unsung heroes
In 1955 the 'day' was moved to the first Sunday in July and became more of a celebration of culture than a protest. This year the event is a week-long recognition of a unique culture, history and Indigenous community achievement. This year's NAIDOC theme is 'Unsung Heroes - Closing the Gap by Leading The Way'. To celebrate NAIDOC Week in 2010, ABC Radio will establish a digital radio station, broadcasting on digital radio and via an online audio stream from midnight on Sunday 4th July, 2010 to 1700 on Friday 9 July, 2010. Be our guests and tune into ABC NAIDOC for the full week of Indigenous program ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Procurement planning - Guideline title
New South Wales Government. NSW Government Procurement Guidelines. Procurement Planning. December 2006 version. 2 revision date. December 2006 ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Department of Commerce $ National Oceanic & Atmospheric ...
Department of Commerce • National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration • National ...... NSW No Significant Weather. An indication that significant weather ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
FlowScan Mailing List: Flowscan RRD Architecture
Hi Everyone, I have configured Flowscan, CUGrapher, etc to monitor and graph network flows across our WAN. I can produce the graphs from the RRD files using CUGrapher, and everything looks correct. I can relate the traffic utilisation in MRTG to the flow data I see in the CUGraphs. I'm otherwise pretty new to Cisco flows, flowscan and CUGrapher... Now to my question. I'm writing a set of scripts to create MRTG-like graphs of the flow data, and have hit a bit of a mental block regarding the flow-scan RRD architecture. For each of the services defined within the, I have 2 RRD's (lets take HTTP as ...
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Online Chatting: How to meet 20-ish year olds in California ...
As the author of a novel about my life online in chat rooms specifically, and a few adventures into online dating, I can answer almost any question anyone could ask about chatting online. The excitement, the adrenalin rush, the manipulation of the mind, the corruption of morals, the danger of stalking and harrassment online and offline, the lies, the secrets. The reality of this `fantasy` is frightening. My book tells a story that hopefully will make anyone who reads it more wary and chatwise than I was when I stumbled upon chat in late 1999 as a naive woman who didn`t have a clue what a chat room on the internet was. I have ...
Google Answers: Attendane Policy/theft of time as it relates to ...
Sorry - obviously that was only part of the answer - my cut and paste did not work properly. Here is the full answer: Hi, Brick ! "Theft of time" is not usually associated with absenteeism. Rather, as Laureen Snider says:: ""If, for example, you take too long on your coffee break, of if you surf the net when you 'should' be looking at something that is directly relevant to the employer's interest, you are guilty of the offense of theft of time...You are stealing the employer's money by taking their time." Source: Spies Online bears ...