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Special Report on

Opos Cash Drawer

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A cash drawer provides a means of temporarily storing cash during and between POS transactions. APG's cash drawers are constructed of sturdy steel, utilize durable drawer slides, and come equipped with a four function lock.   How do I use my cash drawer?   A cash drawer will open when properly connected to a host device, such as a computer or point of sale receipt printer capable of supporting a cash drawer. The drawer may also include a means of reporting its status, opened or closed, back to the host device. A till is also included inside the drawer. The till has divided areas for separating various bill and ...
A POS terminal manages the selling process by a salesperson accessible interface. The same system allows the creation and printing of the voucher .
The Business of Software - OPOS Printers
I have a quick turn around time for a touchscreen food ordering system that needs to print to two POS printers (one for the customer, one to the kitchen).  I'm just performing the printer integration. I've been told that, most likely, Epson POS printers will be used.  And I'm being pushed to use a product like NiceLabel ( ) to design the receipts.  Now I know that the nicelabel product is not meant for POS application, but my boss thinks it will provide for a quick turn-around. Has anyone used a product like NiceLabel for a POS application?  I will need to use the Epson ... market research, surveys and trends
Pos .Net Series, Post #1 – Introduction & The Good Stuff
This is where 'Yort' praises, rants, raves and other wise talks nonsense about Microsoft .NET and Visual Studio. Or anything else related to software development or Microsoft that he feels like throwing in. It's his blog after all... Microsoft Pos .Net is (almost certainly) the best way to control point of sale peripherals from your .NET retail application. It allows you to easily control receipt and slip printers, barcode scanners, cash drawers, MICR (magnetic ink character recognition), MSR (magnetic swipe reader), line display devices, and more. Some time ago my boss and I decided we wanted to build Pos .Net ... market research, surveys and trends


Data Sheet - IBM SurePOS 700 Series
improve another 47 percent. New IBM SurePOS 700 systems save 15 to 30 percent more energy ... Integration trays. System unit, table-top, and cash drawer slant top trays ... Drivers supported UPOS 1.12.1 or higher (includes OPOS, JavaPOS™). Applications .... 7 MB/GB equals one million/billion bytes when ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Press release: Tyco Electronics: Two New Families of Elo All-In ...
Touch screen monitors, touchscreens, kiosk touchmonitors, LCD touch monitors, touch computers - Elo TouchSystems - Tyco Electronics Skip to content D-Series and 19R Series: an array of new products for the Retail and Hospitality Environments. D-SERIES: STYLE, FLEXIBILITY AND FUNCTIONALITY 26th April  2010 — Elo TouchSystems, a Tyco Electronics business, is introducing a full line of high performance versions of the original 15D1 All-in-One Touchcomputer.  Small to medium-sized retail and hospitality businesses now have four new choices of versatile, highly functional and elegantly designed touchcomputer ... industry trends, business articles and survey research


TRST-A10/TRST-A15 POS Printer OPOS Control V001.007 Release Note
13:56:02 Toshiba TEC OPOS Cash Drawer Control Object (CO). TRSTA1U.dll. . 2010/01/19 22:47:22 TRSTA1U(USB) POS Printer OPOS Service Object (SO) ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
applications can use standard OPOS calls to utilize MICROS cash drawers, pole displays and the magnetic card reader. We also have developed and market an ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
some thirty drawers. Of the serials pro:::essed to date, ..... office in the K.' lhala N;lll area ;;velcomes calls for guidance in prepat'in~ p:-:opo-· .... landers have substituted cash cropping and wage employment for subsistence ...
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Sending a "Signal" to the Serial Port
I'm creating a POS application w/ ASP (or PHP...depends if I learn it in time), and I need to be able to send a "signal" to the cash drawer after each transaction to open it. I do not know what type of drawer I will be using, nor do I know if the printer is going to run through it or not (most probably through the parallel, but not sure at this point). I know w/ ASP that I can program some command shell calls to open any sort of, I'm not sure if I had an EXE that could be ran. Basically, if anyone could provide any sort of suggestions, or maybe point me in the direction of tutorials, I'd really ...
Actinic is the good EPOS to choose. Try it with their 30-day free ...
Since it's a chocolate store, Actinic is just perfect and sophisticated for you. All you need for support, Actinic will give you. Read the FAQ's below provided by Actinic: Q1: Other than the software, what other equipment will I need to purchase? Ans: You will need a computer with a standard keyboard, mouse, and monitor. (Actinic EPOS runs on a Windows platform.) Most point-of-sale users also purchase a receipt printer, a barcode scanner, a cash drawer, and a pole display to let the customers view and verify the item prices and transaction total. Q2: Is there a limit to the number of items, customers, suppliers, and ...