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Special Report on

Price Gouging Statute

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RALEIGH -- Consumers can blame North Carolina's price-gouging law for the gas lines and shortages appearing in the wake of Hurricane Ike. That's the assessment of a John Locke Foundation analyst who has studied the unintended consequences of price-gouging legislation. Click here to view and here to listen to Dr. Roy Cordato discussing this press release. "Gas station owners are afraid to raise prices in light of threats of prosecution from state government," said Dr. Roy Cordato, JLF Vice President for Research and Resident Scholar. "Because those owners refuse to raise prices, consumers continue to ...
Legalize Price Gouging! by Johnny Kramer
Hurricanes Gustav and Ike have caused severe gasoline shortages throughout the southeastern U.S., especially in Georgia and the Carolinas. The hurricanes disrupted the two major pipelines feeding the southeast from the Gulf of Mexico, Colonial and Plantation, temporarily knocking out up to 60% of the Gulf of Mexico�s oil production. The southeast is still � two weeks after Ike made landfall, and about a month after the arrival of Gustav � facing rampant gasoline shortages, which analysts expect to last ... market research, surveys and trends
Price gouging case ready to go to trial but...
The defense is ready to proceed to trial in the case of an Asian businessman charged with price gouging. However the upstairs court room in District Court where trials are held still does not have air conditioning so a trial date cannot be set. District Court Judge John Ward has continued a status hearing for businessman Lee Seuong to March 5. Yesterday the attorney for the defendant Mark Ude, told the court that the prosecutor has informed him that there’s no additional discovery material and he is ready to go to trial. Judge Ward said it's impossible to have jury trials because the upstairs courtroom still does not have ... market research, surveys and trends

PRICE GOUGING STATUTE - Governor Perdue Extends Anti-Gouging Measures
ATLANTA – Governor Sonny Perdue announced today a two-week extension of the state's price gouging statute to protect Georgia consumers from unlawful increases in gas prices and other products.  The shut down of refineries and pipelines in preparation for Hurricane Rita has resulted in reduced fuel supply, particularly with diesel fuel.  The extended gas gouging safeguard will now expire at midnight on October 14, 2005. “Most gas retailers in Georgia have maintained fair prices, reflecting the basic law of supply and demand,” Governor Sonny Perdue said.  “We will continue to protect ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Florida Hotels Charged with Price Gouging
Florida Attorney General Charlie Crist today filed the first round of civil complaints over price gouging and deceptive and unfair trade practices of consumers as they fled the fury of Hurricane Charley. In two separate civil complaints, the Attorney General's Office alleges that a Days Inn in West Palm Beach and the Crossroads Motor Lodge in Lakeland charged "unconscionable" rates, substantially higher than their regular rates, to consumers seeking shelter from the storm. The civil complaints, filed in West Palm Beach and Lakeland, are the first to be filed as a result of Hurricane Charley under Florida's ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Plaintiff Robin Kirk brings this suit against his former employer, Shaw Environmental, Inc. Kirk claims that Shaw Environmental fired him after he reported potential violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act ("FCPA") and that this violated public policy. He also says Shaw took adverse employment actions against him based upon a perceived disability. [Doc. 35 at 14-17. ] [ 1 ] Plaintiff Kirk worked for Defendant Shaw Environmental from 2001 [ 2 ] until Shaw sacked him in June 2008. [Doc. 96-2 , Kirk Dep. at 26-35, 88-92, 173-74.] In March 2005, the Plaintiff began working on a project that became Defendant Shaw ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Federal and State Authority to Limit 'Price Gouging'
For example, Georgia's price gouging statute can be triggered by the declaration of an “energy emergency,” which is defined as “a condition of danger to the ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics - Governor Perdue Signs Executive Order Activating ...
             “The threat of Hurricane Ike has disrupted the production of distribution of gasoline, which will have an effect on prices,” said Governor Sonny Perdue. “However, we expect the prices that Georgians pay at the pump to be in line with the prices retailers are paying. We will not tolerate retailers taking advantage of Georgians during a time of emergency.”              Citizens are asked to report any suspected incidences of price gouging to the Governor's Office of ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
increase cap” model of the anti-price gouging statute. As one of the first States to establish this form of anti-price gouging statute, California passed ...
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We live in FL, so this question needs to be ansewred by someone who knows Florida insurance law.  We went through a hurricane in 2005.  Our deductible was $5,400.00 and the adjuster said that the damage to our home was $5,300.00.  We were told recently that many adjusters do go for a lower rate but that we should have challenged his assessment.  At this late date is there anything we can do to ask for another assessment? Answer Lois, hello and Merry Christmas!! You generally have 2-3 years of Statutes in many states but if you feel the insurer has not been fair, you can write directly to their Senior Claims ...
How do companies like Apple and Bose get away with price-fixing ...
I thought price fixing was illegal, but it seems like some companies are now able to successfully mandate that no dealer can sell below list price. Bose and Apple are only two examples. An iPod or a Bose Wave cost the same no matter where you buy them. Apparently their dealer arrangements prohibit dealers from setting their own prices. How is that legal? I appreciate the answers so far, but I'm not talking about price collusion between manufacturers. Some of the answers have said there's nothing wrong with a manufacturer dictating resale prices to a dealer, but doesn't that violate antitrust and ...