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Special Report on

Retail and Commerce Sites

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The name derives from "pirlea", which means 'Peartree lea'. Purley has a population of about 72,000.
MOL and Facebook Bring Facebook Credits to Retail Stores for the ...
KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, July 8 — MOL Global today announced a strategic partnership with Facebook that will make it significantly easier and more convenient for millions of people across Asia to purchase virtual goods in online games and applications on Facebook. Under the agreement, MOL Global's wholly owned subsidiary MOL AccessPortal will become a payment provider for Facebook Credits. That will enable Facebook members to buy Credits using MOLPoints on Facebook and on MOL's website, MOL.Com. In the coming months, Facebook users will be able to obtain Facebook Credits using MOL points purchased through ... market research, surveys and trends
As eBay Loses Its Fashion Mojo, High-End Labels Make Their Move ...
As high fashion companies begin selling their wares on the Web, they stand to disrupt an extant industry of haute retail: start-ups like Gilt Groupe and department stores like Macy’s (M) are not going to be happy. But the biggest loser may be eBay (EBAY). The auction giant has been working hard to find its way forward, with a new mobile strategy (which seems smart) and some other initiatives (which seem less so). Among its weapons against Craigslist , Amazon (AMZN) and Target (TGT), for example, are specially-formulated mobile apps that appeal to niche shoppers. One of the most promising ones had seemed to be eBay’s ... market research, surveys and trends


Retail & Commerce Sites
We're selling over $100 million annually through the online channel alone, and unique site visitors are increasing 35 percent a year. ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Cisco E-commerce Study Reveals Mobile Phone to Be New 'Fourth ...
JOSE, Calif., June 3, 2008 - Mobile devices represent a major growth opportunity for the retail industry by providing a new purchasing channel for consumers, a Cisco study reveals. The company's third annual e-commerce study indicates that mobile devices are quickly joining physical stores, websites and catalogs as an important retail channel. The rise of social networking and advanced mobile technologies has redefined the online experience and is enabling retailers to capture new sources or revenue by implementing mobile strategies. The e-commerce study was conducted by the Cisco Internet Business Solutions Group ( IBSG ), ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
High Fashion Relents to Web's Pull
the flamboyant fashion designer with an estimated $5 billion brand, has many things: stylish videos of employees describing their jobs, footage from elite fashion shows and parties, and even a photo of the company’s president staring down a camel in Egypt. Hugo Boss’s Web site can cut out the middleman and bring in more profit. Luxury brands were slow to embrace the Web, but the recession has changed their thinking. One thing it does not have: clothes for sale. In the genteel world of luxury, companies long felt that the Web was no place for merchandising exclusive products. And there was a gentlemen’s agreement with ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
The Spy Who Shopped Me
The lawyer for accused Russian spy Anna Chapman talked to Erica Hill about the plea deal that sent his client back to Russia. Accused Russian spy, Anna Chapman  (AP / CBS) (CBS)  This column was written by Evan Schuman, the editor of StorefrontBacktalk , a site that tracks retail technology, e-commerce and security issues. Retail Realities appears every Friday. Evan can be reached at E-mail and on Twitter . When federal agents arrested a group and accused them of being Russian spies, the media quickly turned its attention to a particular spy, one Anna Chapman. A model who appeared to be sent from Central Casting for ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Lessons and Challenges from Mining Retail E-Commerce Data
volume retail e-commerce sites, between 5% and 40% of visits are due to bots. Identifying bots in order to filter out their clickstreams is a difficult task ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Business Start-Up Frequently Asked Questions » Commerce » Oklahoma ...
Inform yourself!  Read and take advantage of all the additional resources available to you on this site and others for how to successfully start and run a business.  Start with the additional FAQs below. Can't find what you're looking for? Contact the Commerce 2nd Century Entrepreneurship Center at 800-879-6552 or email us at . Licensing and Registration Business Financing Business Certification Business Resources   Q: Is a small business required to have a license (occupational) to sell products or services solely over the Internet? FAQ Top A:Currently, no state license is required ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Google Answers: Best Fashion Retail Sites
what are the best "Fashion Retail sites" on the internet based on (traffic, user interface, design, value added features, content, awards won) As a priority, I was also looking at those that have a Ecommerce capability or Short Message Service (SMS) integration. I was hoping not to just get USA based sites, but also sites from all over the world. Request for Question Clarification by webadept-ga on 25 Nov 2002 17:13 PST Hi, I'm looking into your question and I'm running into a vagueness problem rather quickly. I'm sure you know your business, and the type amounts of "retail fashion" out there ...
Multiple subdomains and e-commerce tracking - Google Analytics Help
We have a client that has a retail site, and multiple subdomain sites for wholesale partnerships. So, by example, their structure looks like this: (retail site) (wholesale site) (wholesale site) We want to track activity (visit data, revenue data, etc.) in 3 separate ways 1) Rolled up, meaning all activity for both retail and wholesale sites 2) Just the retail e-commerce site 3) Just the partner sites individually Ideally, my thought is that it would be easiest to report these in separate profiles, but I’m certainly open to suggestions.  I have never seen what ...