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Secrets of Thrifting

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WELLINGTON, New Zealand —  A New Zealand man who bought an MP3 player from a thrift shop in Oklahoma found it held 60 U.S. military files, including names and telephone numbers for American soldiers, a media report said Tuesday. TV One News said the 60 files contained personal details of U.S. soldiers, including some who had served in Afghanistan and Iraq. A New Zealand security expert said the information should not be in the public domain, but that it did not appear likely to affect U.S. national security. The U.S. Embassy declined to comment on the incident. • Click here for's Personal ...
Top Secret Thrifting Tips | Painfully Hip
Otherwise, sub items would have two left borders - their own left border and the left border of their parent (since the parent contains the sub item). You may actually like that, it looks interesting. To try it out, comment all the next rules up to "BFA SUBSCRIBE WIDGET" */ /* First, remove the left border and padding from the . The margin stays on the 's because if the 's of the cateories widget were set to display:inline (default setting) then margin would work there */ div.widget_pages ul li, div.widget_categories ul li { border-left: 0 !important; padding: 0 !important; } /* Then, add left ... market research, surveys and trends
Stupid but funny
If you know El Jefe and me, you know that we enjoy the “vintage”.  We like “retro”.  We are “unique buyers”.  Eh, say it how you like, we are thrift store shoppers. And, I have to say, I have some seriously awesome thrift store finds. Boots, coats, dresses, jeans, skirts…….our LIME GREEN CHAIR  that has lasted our whole marriage……I could go on but I shall spare you. I will add, thrift store shopping takes work. There are even blogs dedicated to sharing the secrets of thrifting. Like this one . I’ll warn you though, as you meander through the aisles you need your ... market research, surveys and trends


Secrets of the Stylish: Spring Fashion Guide | Secrets of the City
Spring has almost sprung, and personally, we here at Secrets of the City can't wait to shed our warm winter layers. Spring is the time of year when reinventing the fashion wheel is not only encouraged, it's expected! Reconfiguring your current wardrobe is the order of the season, whether you're elaborating on old pieces, adding a little new, or switching up your style completely. Use this guide as your go-to resource for boutique-ing, thrifting, and revamping. Peruse our extensive listings on local shopping, our tips on looking like a million bucks on a budget, and our preview of the upcoming MNFashion Week April ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
September 2006 - TheThriftShopper.Com's Online Thrift Shopper's ...
Tramp Lamps is the creation of Kelly Butler, a 30-year-old artisan living in Nashville who started experimenting with lamp making after receiving an interesting bucket lamp for a gift. After working with several different types of objects, Kelly finally found that lingerie and lighting made the best match when she fashioned a push-up bra into the first Tramp Lamp. Her business really took off after being featured as Yahoo's site of the day three years ago, and Kelly now sells an average of about four lamps a day. The entire process of creating a Tramp Lamp takes about a week, starting from when Kelly leaves the house to ... industry trends, business articles and survey research


to yield up their secrets. Because it is grounded in the profusion of ... Creative nonfiction is a kind of literary thrifting; the story is never quite ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Consumption of palladium also declined as a result of thrifting programs in ..... data were considered to be confidential under Russian state secrets law. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Blessed benefits of stereotypes, cancer - Forum
Editor's Note: This is both a humor and advice column. Neither Leslie Davis nor Eric Feigner have any degree or professional experience in counseling or dealing with sexual ailments or difficulties. Common sense reigns supreme in this column; glean from it what you will. Questions can be sent to or dropped off at the forum desk in the Barometer newsroom, 106 MU East. All questions submitted to Leslie and Eric are subject to being answered in their column.   Every week, we sit down and write a cleverly offensive column. This week, we spread stereotypes and cancer among the masses. And by masses ...
  1. profile image VON_F New blog post coming soon of Iman & I thrifting secrets & the updates on our fav celebrities !
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Although I've been a resident of the Sacramento area for the past couple of years, the demands of college- and work-life have kept me busy and away from all of the potentially great things to be found here. Now that my girlfriend is coming to spend the summer with me, I'm at a loss of how we can spend our time beyond the wonderful personal moments to be had in a cozy couch, a welcoming cafe, a scrumptious restaurant, the frisky bed, etc. What are some of the relatively unknown, off-the-beaten-path, odd, and/or exciting activities/places we can enjoy together? Even Google is at a loss of how to help me on this one, and ...