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Special Report on

Vehicular Mobile Commerce

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Hampshire, UK  10th December 2007: In a new report on tracking and navigation LBS (Location Based Services) Juniper Research has estimated that revenues from wireless tracking services in Western Europe, are expected to to reach nearly 3.3 billion euros by 2012.  The study explains how this will driven by two key factors – the need to improve business efficiency and concerns over personal safety. The business sector provides the largest opportunity for tracking applications, but applications also exist in the consumer sector eg for child tracking, pet tracking, "granny tracking" etc.  The new report ...
equipment collectively refers to wireless mobile devices mounted on the vehicle dashboards. Indications are that there is a huge growth potential in dashtop mobile equipment (DME), associated applications and services. These wireless devices include satellite radios, GPS navigation, OnStar , mobile TV, HD radio , vehicle tracking system , MVEDR and Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) devices. Currently, the dashtop mobile devices are mostly satellite-based wireless technology. Except for OnStar and BWA devices, most of them are currently in the stage of passive one-way communications equipment. However, fast-evolving mobile ...
cfp: l-commerce'06: location-based mobile commerce workshop
* * * LOCATION-BASED MOBILE COMMERCE WORKSHOP: l-Commerce'06 * * * * * * In conjunction with ICEC06, * * August 13th, 2006, Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada * * * ************************************************************************* ------------------ WORKSHOP DEADLINES ... market research, surveys and trends
Technical Report
Vehicular mobile commerce. IEEE Computer, 37(12):116–118,. December 2004. (Cited on page 16.) [236] R. Veldema, R. F. H. Hofman, R. A. F. Bhoedjang, C. J. H. Jacobs, and H. E. Bal. Source-level global optimizations for fine-grain ... market research, surveys and trends


Vehicular wireless communication
This gives the percent- age of the 25 input traces where each proactive algorithm ...... GSM subscribers worldwide now exceed 3 billion1, and the take up of ...... Vehicular mobile commerce. IEEE Computer, pages 116–118,. December 2004. ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Chapter 10 Transportation
The U.S. transportation system is a vast enterprise. Transportation-related goods and services account for about one tenth of the nation's gross domestic product, and the economy relies heavily on the low-cost, highly flexible movement of goods and services. Most Americans enjoy a level of personal mobility that offers them a wide range of choices about where to live, work, shop, obtain health care, and vacation. Yet, not all the costs of mobility are paid directly by the individuals and businesses who are the beneficiaries. Transportation has a significant impact on environmental quality in a wide variety of ways, notably ... industry trends, business articles and survey research


Vehicular Mobile Commerce
116. Computer. COMMUNICATIONS. Published by the IEEE Computer Society. In recent years, growing interest in mobile commerce among users, ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Mobile homes, recreational trailers and other trailers - Wisconsin ...
For manufactured homes, mobile homes and non-collapsible recreational vehicle trailers, send the title and registration application to either the Department of Commerce or the Department of Transportation (WisDOT) - depending on the vehicle type, model year and length of the vehicle. See table below: Any length travel trailer, 5th wheel, camping trailer, pop-up trailer, park model trailer - that is recreational vehicle (trailer) - see definition Recreational vehicle trailer or mobile home -  1976 and newer, less than 40 feet technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
l-Commerce'06 : Location-based Mobile Commerce Workshop
The recent developments of mobile, ubiquitous and pervasive technologies have generated a wide range of opportunities for enhance physical marketplaces and for pushing traditional commerce beyond physical locations of stores, restaurants, and shopping malls. Wireless and mobile peer-to-peer technology is becoming the facilitator for new ambient location-based commerce , also frequently referred to as l-commerce . l-Commerce is a fusion of mobile commerce and context aware computing. It exploits consumers' proximity to marketplaces by electronically extending the ...
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Hi, The time frame makes it a bit difficult, but there are still good references available from May to October 2000. I'm assuming that you need these results by Saturday October 26, 2002. I've also included results for May to October 2002, just in case that was a typo as well. A good resource for this type of information is the IEEE COMSOC Digital Library. Open access and a wealth of information make this a resource you should know about if you intend to research in this field. It allows keyword searches by date. If this information doesn’t hit the mark exactly, try a search ...
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