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Special Report on

WebSphere Commerce database table

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WebSphere® Commerce developers and database administrators are often in a situation where they need to identify the piece of Java code that is firing a certain database operation, such as a SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE or DELETE. Questions such as "Why is the product page updating the attribute table?" and "Which command is executing this SQL?" are commonly asked during performance tuning or troubleshooting. This article will help you find answers to those questions. WebSphere Commerce data access model WebSphere Commerce is a J2EE application that accesses the database ...
Jewish Information Technology: [CNG] Digest Number 2021[1 Attachment]
If anyone sends their resume, call the company,takes this job or gets an interview please mention Alyssa Geibel's husband Scott Geibel name that you heard about this job through Scott Geibel, (he will get a bonus and we could use a little extra $$$ our way)thank you see attached for job description and scroll to bottom for note from hr at my husband's company from PSG/CNG- Alyssa Geibel --- On Thu, 6/24/10, Alyssa Geibel < aly_kat@hotmail. com > wrote: From: Alyssa Geibel < aly_kat@hotmail. com > Subject: alyssa g-Job Posting - New York To: "Alyssa Klibaner" < alykat3824@yahoo. com > Date: Thursday, June 24, 2010, ... market research, surveys and trends
Four ways to help your Helpdesk (and your users too!) | Econsultancy
you’ll know that during testing, I came across a quite a severe bug. This bug displayed a confusing error message at the checkout when I was trying to place my order, but also charged my card at the same time. What fun. Inspired by this, I've written about four  simple & easy to implement ways to reduce onsite errors, whilst making your Helpdesk staff's job a bit easier. I’m in rather a unique position, my audience are quite special, in that often they have never shopped online before, and as such, need to be hand-held through the experience. They are also quite prone to mistakes , which means I’ve had to build an ... market research, surveys and trends


Mid Market Enterprise (SMB) Middleware Market Opportunities ...
The improved systems capability and proven return on investment for application integration markets represent the most compelling market driving forces. Companies that achieve faster time to market receive significant competitive advantage. The example of Apple achieving competitive advantage over Sony in the electronic music markets is a central and compelling issue driving every enterprise to look at the advantages of enterprise application integration. Enterprise networks represent the core business capability. Enterprise application connectivity is significant for internal IT departments and to connect to distributors, ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
How Sybase rescued itself and became worth $6 billion - BusinessWeek
Few companies get a chance at a second life. When John Chen signed on as CEO of Sybase in 1998, the database software vendor was, in Chen's own words, "a very, very dead company." Once a strong competitor to Oracle, Sybase had lost its way, in part because it missed the opportunity to enter the enterprise application market Oracle now leads. Over the next decade, through the efforts of Chen and his team, Sybase turned around and reinvented itself as an enabler of the "unwired enterprise." Then, in mid-May, enterprise software giant SAP offered to aquire Sybase , citing Sybase's leadership in both mobile and in ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
SharePoint 2010: Experts Dish on the Good and Not So Good
is all new and improved. The enhancements though to the World’s most popular and prevalent web development platform — nee portal platform; nee enterprise content management platform; nee Microsoft’s answer to Lotus Notes / WebSphere — are far more impressive than your standard “new and improved” detergent in a bigger box. SharePoint’s box is bigger, but there is substance to the improvements above and beyond the style . SharePoint 2010 (SP2010) has not been reconstructed, and is not the best solution for any organization in any scenario — it can be expensive, very expensive, and it ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Getting Started with Commerce Module for OmniFind Discovery Edition
6-1 WebSphere Commerce database table CATENTRY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 95. 7-1 CATENTRY.FIELD1 values . ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Table of Contents
experiences include familiarity with a variety of database systems, .... WebSphere Ecommerce Suite, WebSphere Studio, and VisualAge for Java. ..... commerce. However, as more organizations implement Internet applications, the potential ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
IBM WebSphere Commerce
v IBM WebSphere Commerce Business Edition, Version 5.5 v IBM WebSphere Commerce ..... Indicates information specific to DB2 Universal Database™. 2000Oracle ..... Table 4. Commerce Plaza. Store. JSP location. Property files location ...
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osCommerce database as a reference
I'm just looking at the osCommerce database model to help me create my own and I'm wondering how the delivery address details work..... I will have the cardholders address permanently stored in the Customers table. But the Customers table does not store the delivery address as that is subject to change on each order.... Looking at the osCommerce model they have the delivery address and credit card details stored in the Orders table, which is fine. But I'm also assuming that nothing enters the Orders table until the order is officially submitted. Is this correct? If so, how does the user check the order before ...
Software for a "buying store" | LinkedIn Answers | LinkedIn
A client/friend is looking for store software for what would essentially be a "buying store" instead of a selling store. They'd be buying specific products directly from the public, possibly through agents in brick-and-mortar stores. The agent would be able to access the product based on the company's criteria, quote a price, and cut a check (automated, of course) on the spot. The product would be given an ID and then be sent to a central receiving location. Most if not all of the interface should be web-based. We realize there may be some customization needed, but we'd like to start out somewhere close to a ...