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Computer Industry White Papers

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is one of the blogs that inspired me to create Fil-Am Ako. For those of you who are not familiar with 8asians, it is a blog created by Ernie which is a collaboration of Asian Americans and Asian Canadians. I was very fortunate to get in contact and an interview with Jeff who is a contributor to 8asians and representing Fil-Ams through his writing as a blogger. Jeff lives in Silicon Valley, and attempts to juggle marriage, fatherhood, computer systems research, running, and writing. I found the 8asians site doing a search. I wanted to write outside of technical papers and computer industry white papers, and I also wanted to ...
A firewall is system or group of system (router, proxy, or gateway) that implements a set of security rules to enforce access control between two networks to protect “inside” network from “outside network. It may be a hardware device or a software program running on a secure host computer. In either case, it must have at least two network interfaces, one for the network it is intended to protect, and one for the network it is exposed to. A firewall sits at the junction point or gateway between the two networks, usually a private network and a public network such as the Internet.
Apple WWDC 2010 Steve Jobs keynote rumors: iPhone 4G or HD and ...
Apple has made an annual tradition of debuting its newest phone creation in June ... recent media leaks involving lost iPhone prototypes ... show that the next-gen iPhone is good to go. ... AT&T has pulled a "switcheroo" on iPad buyers who, drawn by the promise of unlimited data, were willing to pay an extra $130. ... Should Apple make amends? ... When Apple lowered the cost of the original iPhone by $200 about two months after its June 2007 debut, it offered a $100 store credit to early buyers. ... Apple has already released details about ... iPhone OS 4.0. ... [But] the company is fond of revealing surprises at WWDC. One such ... market research, surveys and trends
Dan Warner's Wild Ride: He's Been Up and Down and Over and Out But ...
Dan Warner's Wild Ride: He's Been Up and Down and Over and Out But Know One Thing - He's Still in the Race (and He Plans to Win) By Ron Jackson  In his classic song "That's Life" Frank Sinatra sang, "I've been a puppet, a pauper, a pirate, a poet, a pawn and a king. I've been up and down and over and out and I know one thing: each time I find myself flat on my face, I pick myself up and get back in the race." The 49 words in that verse are Dan ... market research, surveys and trends


Samsung May Be 'Uncatchable' With $15.6 Billion Capex (Update1 ...
May 18 (Bloomberg) -- Samsung Electronics Co.’s record 18 trillion won ($15.6 billion) capital spending plan may widen its lead in the memory-chip and flat-screen industries to the extent rivals can’t catch up, investors and analysts said.     Samsung will invest 11 trillion won this year to expand its capacity to manufacture chips, 5 trillion won on liquid-crystal displays and 2 trillion won on televisions and mobile-phones, the Suwon, South Korea-based company said yesterday. Combined with research and development, spending will increase to 26 trillion won, 67 percent more than in 2009. ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
BNET Technology | Top Industry News, Statistics, Research and ...
HP announces new Web-ready printers for remote printing from mobile devices and direct printing from web sites. But this is unlikely to stem HP's printing and imaging division's slide. By Erik Sherman Lawyers behind a class action suit against Google claim that a patent application proves that the company deliberately collected data from unprotected Wi-Fi networks. The conclusion is a stretch at best, but Google's bungling has left it open to the charge anyway. By Chris Dannen Whereas Google Maps seems more interested in getting you to a destination, Bing, by contrast, has seemed more focused on helping you see ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Know Thy Audience: Business and Technical White Papers
Do you know your white paper audience? What are his/her top concerns? Are those concerns being addressed in your white papers? We asked white paper experts " How should a white paper that is addressed to a Technical Decision Maker be different from a white paper that is addressed to a Business Decision Maker? Please pick 2 white papers that you consider outstanding - 1 example of a white paper addressed to a Technical Decision Maker and 1 example of a white paper addressed to a Business Decision Maker ."  Blog WhitePaperPundit Twitter Jonathan_Kantor "Technical white papers are radically different from business-oriented ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Canon U.S.A. Honored with Six Awards from Buyers Laboratory, Inc.
LAKE SUCCESS, N.Y., Aug 12, 2010 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Building upon its reputation for leading-edge technological innovation and streamlined office solutions, Canon U.S.A., Inc., a leader in digital imaging, today announced the Company has received six awards from Buyers Laboratory, Inc. (BLI) for outstanding performance in quality and key environmental benefits. "Canon prides itself on developing and bringing practical, eco-conscious and innovative solutions to the marketplace, and we are honored to receive these prestigious accolades from BLI," said Junichi Yoshitake, ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Information Technology Industry
Oct 4, 2007 ... Information Week - news and features on the computer industry ... industries. InternetWeek – its Tech Library includes 14000+ white papers. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
The Aviation Industry CBT (Computer-Based Training) Committee ...
The Aviation Industry Computer-Based Training Committee (AICC) is an international association of technology-based training professionals that develops ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
White Paper on Software Engineering Research
Computers are rapidly becoming an integral part of nearly every engineered product, as well as controlling the manufacturing process for products: Computers control consumer products, commercial aircraft, nuclear power plants, medical devices, weapon systems, aerospace systems, automobiles, public transportation systems, and so on. Virtually nothing is engineered and manufactured in the U.S. today without computers affecting the design, manufacturing and operation. Not only do products use computers to operate better or cheaper---``smart'' automobiles and appliances are examples---but complex systems are ...
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What is the difference between a real WHITE Paper to a Paper ...
The problem is that many white papers don't have these components in them and you end up reading something that is long, complex and closer to "dry wood". Normally it has too much of a "marketing spin" in them and thus add little value and therefore - not effective. This is of course not applicable to all white papers, I've seem some good papers, most of them were short and focused posted 2 months ago in Lead Generation | Closed Share This Strategy Consultant & Coach @ Shinergise see all my answers Best Answers in: Using LinkedIn (33), Personnel Policies (8), Organizational Development (8), Sales Techniques (7), Career ...
Google Answers: Facts / Statistics about COMPUTER SECURITY and ...
I am trying to discern facts/statistics about computer security, viruses, and loss of data due to computer complexity and/or viruses, et al. Can you help? Here are the questions I need answered: Security 1. Statistics regarding security of computers, especially Windows-based systems 2. Statistics regarding computer viruses and how they are negatively affecting people?s computers or the ability to work productively 3. Statistics regarding the growing number of patches and critical updates that must be made on Windows-based computers Data Loss 1. Statistics about people (i.e., number of people/households (or ...