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Special Report on

Creating the Computer Industry

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University of Notre Dame fabricated CMOS transistors are shown under an optical microscope. The transistors are about 22 nanometers wide; in comparison, a human hair is about 100,000 nanometers wide. Photo provided Researchers at the Midwest Institute for Nanoelectronics Discovery (MIND) in South Bend have been making remarkable progress in their quest to create the next generation of “nanoscale logic devices.” If all goes well, these subatomic switches will replace those now used in most electronic devices today. Researchers say these new devices will become the basic building blocks of future generations of faster, ...
in 1990. Sales of the NeXT computers were relatively limited, with estimates of about 50,000 units shipped in total. Nevertheless, its innovative object-oriented Nextstep operating system and development environment were highly influential. NeXT later released much of the NeXTstep system as a programming environment standard called OpenStep . NeXT withdrew from the hardware business in 1993 to concentrate on marketing OPENSTEP , its own OpenStep implementation, for several OEMs . NeXT also developed WebObjects , one of the first enterprise web application frameworks . WebObjects never became very popular because of its initial ...
7 Ways to make a million in Las Vegas
Everyone who goes to Las Vegas wants to make a million, right? You play the slots, spin the wheel, or raise them high in high stakes poker – whatever your game, you want to win and win big. But other than sheer luck, just how can you do it? How can you go to Las Vegas and come away with millions in your pocket? Well, here are 7 ways you might like to try: Last time I was in Las Vegas, I saw some guy showing off his brand new Maserati to an excited group of doormen. Turns out the guy with the Maserati was also a doorman. He’d earned so much in tips that he was able to buy himself a shiny new $100,000 car. When high ... market research, surveys and trends
sheldon adelson pledges annual $200 million to jewish, israeli causes
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Creating the Computer Industry - IEEE Annals of the History of ...
1952 IBM owned 90 percent of all punched-card equipment in the .... billion, Burroughs took advantage of the synergism between ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
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Foundation, created with an initial contribution of $17 billion, ... percent of the students' grades come from their individual work and 50 percent from their ...... *Emerson Pugh and William Aspray, “Creating the Computer Industry.” ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
How Microsoft foresaw--and still missed--the iPad
The technology icon stands before a crowd, holding in his hands a prototype that embodies his vision for the future of computing. It's a touch-screen tablet that is thinner than a magazine, has all-day battery life, and sells for less than $800. But the icon wasn't Steve Jobs and the tablet wasn't the iPad . It was Bill Gates, speaking in 2005 to a crowd of Windows hardware makers in Seattle. The technology enabling such a device was still a few years off, Gates said, but it was time to start working toward that vision. A year later, Microsoft detailed Project Origami, an effort to commercialize Gates' vision ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Google Music Might Debut This Fall
Sources within the music industry are talking up that time frame for the launch of Google’s answer to iTunes, a move that is sure to deepen the Google/Apple rift and add fuel to an already raging feud between the two technology giants. The music service was shown off at Google I/O, where its integration with Android was emphasized. “Google Music” will have both a push component that directly sends song downloads to your handset as well as a desktop streaming portion thanks to the acquisition of Simplify Media that will allow users to stream their stored media libraries to their phones without the need to sync ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Early Interactions between the Life Insurance and Computer ...
[7] Emerson W. Pugh and William Aspray, "Creating the Computer Industry," IEEEAnnals of the History of Computering Vol 18, No. 2, 1996, pp. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
On June 12, 2001, Assistant Attorney General Michael Chertoff testified before the Members of the Subcommittee on Crime of the Committee on the Judiciary. In his statement he addressed the nature of cybercrime and the Department’s current efforts to combat that problem. On May 22, 2001, videotaped remarks by Attorney General John Ashcroft were presented before the first Annual Computer Privacy, Policy and Security Institute. In his speech, the Attorney General addressed the Institute’s concerns of computer security and threats to information assets and the means by ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Comparitive Study of the Computer Industry of Japan and the US
The purpose of this paper is to contrast the computer industries in Japan and America. The paper is divided into six sections. The first section explains the relevance of the computer industry to the information revolution. The second section is a brief description of the two major components of the computer industry. The third and fourth sections, History of the American Computer Industry and History of the Japanese Computer Industry are self explanatory. The fifth section attempts to describe the current international situation of the computer industry. The final section relates expert analysis of and advice for the ...
Computer Science: Creating a recordset with multiple tables in VB ...
I can answer programming questions related to: C, C++, PHP, PERL, VB, SQL, ASP, JAVA, JS, XHTML, XML, CSS, PL/SQL, AWK, SED, VI Editor and if I don`t know the answer I have 20+ years systems experience as my resource. I can handle general questions in most areas of computer science including systems integration, API, networking related issues. Experience An accomplished WEB Master/Developer, Programmer Analyst, Systems Administrator with 12+ years of industry background in full system management and technical hardware/software support expertise including SUN, HP-UX, AIX, LINUX, and Windows NT,Win2000, 2003 with Active ...
Creating ISO files • mozillaZine Forums
My copy of WinXP was not setup to start without an existing O/S. I had already set up Win95, 98, and ME to autostart under Bios, so I did the same with XP. I used Nero, and IsoBuster, all I needed then was a copy of the XP bin file. August 31st, 2003, 8:16 am Posted August 31st, 2003, 8:16 am Flii wrote: are you using a built-in cd writer, or do you have a separate program? Not sure what you mean. I have three different cd-burning programs that I use, the one built into XP, Veritas RecordNow, and CDBurnerXP Pro. August 31st, 2003, 9:13 am Posted August 31st, 2003, 9:13 am nilson wrote: Not sure what you mean. I have three ...