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Special Report on

Introduction to Cloud Computing

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Cloud computing represents perhaps the biggest paradigm shift in the delivery architecture of information services, since the invention of timesharing or the introduction of the client/server network. Source: Forrester The term cloud is used as a metaphor for the Internet, based on how the Internet is depicted in computer network diagrams and is an abstraction for the complex infrastructure it conceals. And thus, cloud computing is the style of computing in which functionality [compute (applications) & storage (data)] is provided as a service over the internet or over an internal/external, location-transparent, centralized ...
property, if its outcome (the resulting database state, the values of the database's data) is equal to the outcome of its transactions executed serially, i.e., sequentially without overlapping in time. Transactions are normally executed concurrently (they overlap), since this is the most efficient way. Serializability is the major correctness criterion for concurrent transactions' executions. It is considered the highest level of isolation between transactions , and plays an essential role in concurrency control . As such it is supported in all general purpose database systems. Strong strict two-phase locking (SS2PL) ...
Presentation from Cloudcamp Gateshead with slides & video of my talk
As of the time of writing this post (2nd June 2010), the slides have had 8847 views, so I thought it might be helpful for folk to see the me present the material. :-) To that end, the post consists of: The slides The video Some background info about Cloudcamp Only thing I would say is that Ross gave me 5 minutes, and I took 10 – sorry Ross! ;-) I’ve copied the blurb below from the Cloudcamp website , to give you some background: CloudCamp was formed to provide a common ground for the introduction and advancement of cloud computing Through a series of local CloudCamp events , attendees exchange ideas, knowledge and ... market research, surveys and trends
REVIEW: Peppermint – Cloud/Lightweight distro & Considering the ...
Linux and its diverse range of distributions are developing at a very fast pace.  Nearly every day on Distrowatch I see something new and whilst I would like to take a look at everything, the popularity and demand for Linux distro’s means that I do not have the time to review everything.   In today’s Linux world it takes something a little unique or new to get me to look at a new release (or it has to be one of the titles I champion regularly). Peppermint Linux and its coming to pass is something akin to Puppy Arcade 8 (which we covered recently).  Like Puppy Arcade is derived from Turbo Pup (which in turn came from ... market research, surveys and trends
Change your mindset to successfully move into cloud
You've probably heard a thing or two about cloud computing over the past two years, and while some have touted the benefits, others have raised concerns. David Wyld is a professor of management at Southeastern Louisiana University. He has been following the cloud computing debate and writes about it often; most recently, he wrote a report for the IBM Center for the Business of Government, Moving to the Cloud: An Introduction to Cloud Computing in Government . He says for the cloud to work, a lot of minds might need to change, starting with the engineers. "[It is] getting away from the engineering mentality that the ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Lawson Software Introduces Cloud-Based ERP Disaster Recovery for Lawson ...
today introduced Lawson Disaster Recovery, a cloud-based disaster recovery service designed to help Lawson customers achieve business continuity within hours of a technology-related disaster. The new Lawson service can help organizations resume their most critical business processes, including payroll, finance, accounts receivable/payable, inventory management, and procurement, within 12 hours. The new Lawson offering is now generally available to Lawson S3 customers operating on a Microsoft Windows environment. Lawson Disaster Recovery is delivered via Lawson Cloud ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Cloud Platforms: An Enterprise-Oriented Overview
Draft Agenda: Cloud Computing Forum & Workshop
May 20, 2010 ... 11:30 NIST Cloud Computing Overview: NIST Senior Executive for ... Brief overview of NIST Cloud Computing efforts; introduction to afternoon ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
15-319 Introduction to Cloud Computing Project 1 Introduction to ...
15-319 Introduction to Cloud Computing. Project 1. Introduction to the Hadoop Environment. Assigned Date: January 14 th. , 2010. Deadline: January 28 ...
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Do you agree that cloud computing is a future of computing ...
Depends on the how distant future you are looking at... I feel its still as far as 20 - 25 yrs from now for major acceptance of that technology. Currently Windows live Account will help you use Office Online but how many people even know about it. Also the data transfer speeds are currently still slow posted 2 months ago Life of Cloud is dependent on winds that carry it. Right now winds are favorable for cloud formation, time will come they will rain before on set of winter. Major players have their interest in cloud for it has greater possibility of control over consumer, sales, piracy and resulting profits. question is will ...
Are you aggressive of Cloud computing versus grid?
Want to know more about cloud and grid computing? Learn how you can use Infrastructure as a Service to get a full computer infrastructure using Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2). See the similarities, differences, and issues to consider in grid and cloud computing. Explore some of the security issues and choices for Web development in the cloud, and see how you can be environmentally friendly using cloud computing. Introduction You may have wondered about cloud computing as compared to grid computing. In this article, I talk about cloud computing service types and the similarities and differences between cloud and grid ...