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Special Report on

Cost-Savings with Contract Attorneys

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ABA Formal Op. 08-451, which states (with some important caveats) that foreign legal outsourcing is ethical, is actually good news for independent US-based contract lawyers because the same principles that allow firms to send legal work overseas also allow law students and graduates awaiting admission to do actual legal work when they’re working at firms, and allow lawyers to work as contract attorneys in jurisdictions in which they are not admitted. However, I’ve never taken a position on whether foreign legal process outsourcing is a good idea for hiring lawyers—solos and small firms who need the assistance of a ...
Hoffa was first elected in December 1998 and took office on March 19, 1999. He was subsequently re-elected in 2001 and 2006 to five-year terms. In recent years, Hoffa has led a resurgence in organizing at the Teamsters resulting in a net increase of members in 2007, the first year of net growth in the union in nearly three decades. Recent significant organizing victories include more than 12,000 workers at UPS Freight, 9,000 mechanics at United Airlines and 10,000 school bus drivers at First Student. The union added more than 40,000 new members in 2008. Hoffa is also a leading voice for fair trade policies and a wide-range of ...
CYA! The Savings Highway Family Legal Plan Does Just That
CYA! The Savings Highway Family Legal Plan Does Just That.Never be afraid again! The Savings Highway Family Legal Plan gives you the power you need to handle your legal matters with FREE CONSULTATIONS!North America today is a highly regulated, lawsuit-crazy world, it’s not enough to simply use Common Sense. So here are 4 legal tips designed to help you plan and avoid legal nightmares1. In lawsuit-happy America, anyone can sue you at any time and for any reason. And even if you win, the suit may cost you tens of thousands – perhaps hundreds of thousands – of dollars.Here are just a couple ridiculous legal examplesJanuary ... market research, surveys and trends
Advance Indiana: Ballard Signs $16 Million Contract With ...
Due diligence is apparently not one of Ballard's Rules. The administration of Mayor Greg Ballard put out a press release today announcing that the City had inked a $16 million contract with Zanett, Inc. to implement an enterprise management Oracle sofware solution for city-county government. “This project is being driven by the collective goal to make Indianapolis-Marion County one of the most efficient municipalities in the country,” said ERP Executive Committee member, I.T. Board Member, and Controller, David Reynolds. “Residents should expect to receive the highest quality of service from their ... market research, surveys and trends


Public Defender's Office enjoys higher reputation with more cases
When Robert Hooker and Robert Hirsh took over the Pima County Public Defender's Office, they promised to start handling the lion's share of criminal-defense work in the county and improve the reputation of their office. Back then, in January 2005, less than a third of criminal defendants were represented by public defenders. The vast majority were being handled by more expensive private attorneys who have contracts with the county. By the time Hooker died in a car crash in April 2008, the Public Defender's Office was handling roughly half of all criminal defendants, a progression Hirsh continued when he took over ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
OGC Client Survey Response
May 29, 2009 ... This survey was conducted at no cost to the University, and .... This program projected $5 million in annual savings (roughly. 10 percent ... contract period, and an immediate rate savings of 19 percent in the first year. ... administered by OGC employment attorneys working with OPRS, and campus HR. ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Blast at BP Texas Refinery in '05 Foreshadowed Gulf Disaster
"His" blast erupted on a clear March afternoon at an antiquated BP refinery that sits on the southern edge of this small Texas town. It killed 15 people -- four more than died on the Deepwater Horizon -- including 11 contractors in a crew that Senko led at the site. Unlike the Deepwater Horizon, however, the effects of the 2005 blast were largely confined to Texas City, so the story of what happened there quickly slipped from the national news. The Texas City disaster has taken on new relevance today, because the investigations that were done in its aftermath reveal so much about the company that is responsible for ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Council moves to settle salary issues
OROVILLE — No big decisions were made at the special Tuesday City Council and Redevelopment Agency meeting, but the council did take steps toward setting salaries for department heads and filling vacant positions. Some items were tabled to another special meeting. The proposal by three councilors to extend City Administrator Sharon Atteberry's contract until an administrator can be hired failed at the beginning of the meeting. Mayor Steve Jernigan and councilors Art Hatley, Al Simpson and Thil Chan-Wilcox nixed that proposal. Finance Director Diane MacMillan is acting administrator until through July 1. The Council ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


How Should Contract Attorneys Be Billed - Use of contract ...
would be very pleased with the savings, furthering a solid work- ... Passing along the actual cost of contract attorneys is the ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
1 Diane M. Canzano is an attorney in the Contract Law. Division who advises NOAA and other ..... not disagreeing with the amount of the cost savings, ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Attorney Fees Clause Knud E. Hermansen† A sizable proportion of ...
One contract clause that will often reduce the cost of collection is a section in the contract shifting the prevailing party's attorney fees and litigation ...
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author and instructor with 2-plus decades of franchise industry experience, including ownership of a successful franchise. I answer all business format franchise questions, how to franchise a business, issues about ongoing franchise relationships, buying a franchise, evaluating franchise investments, franchising vs. licensing (franchise vs. license) , franchise disputes, franchise operations manuals , franchise expert advice in franchise lawsuits and franchise litigation, franchise agreements, FDD Franchise Disclosure Documents and intellectual property. I don't answer questions about franchises in the automotive and ...
Do online services such as provide truly cost ...
To address these issues, I could use a website such as However, I am concerned that they may not be as effective and thorough as a brick and mortar office. Also, when all is said and done, are the web services actually any less costly? Any experiences, advice, etc. is appreciated. Thanks. posted 1 month ago in Intellectual Property | Closed Share This From what I have seen LegalZoom is probably not the answer you are looking for. Their radio ads state that they are not a law firm. I believe that their business model is to provide fillable forms at relatively low cost. This might be helpful if you need a ...