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Special Report on

Customer Intelligence for Media

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A majority of multichannel retail environments are structured as separate profit-and-loss centers – online store; physical retail store; catalog sales; and not-for-profit, business or government-only sales. In fact, each typically has a separate revenue target, IT infrastructure and business unit leader. Moreover, those business leaders usually have incentive plans based on the revenue targets set for their individual units. Compounding this conundrum, other departments within a retail environment – such as merchandising, marketing, corporate planning and supply chain operations – are typically shared services. What's ...
indeed, Prof. Ronen Feldman modified a 2000 description of "text mining" in 2004 to describe "text analytics." The latter term is now more frequently in business settings while "text mining" is used in some of the earliest application areas, dating to the 1980s, notably life-sciences research and government intelligence. Text analytics involves information retrieval , lexical analysis to study word frequency distributions, pattern recognition , tagging / annotation , information extraction , data mining techniques including link and association analysis, visualization , and predictive analytics . ...
ITC examining HTC's patent claim against Apple | Wouldn't it be ...
HTC countersued Apple for patent infringement, now the U.S. trade body will examine the Taiwanese phone maker’s claim. Originally posted at Circuit Breaker Tomado de: home reviews news downloads cnet tv On ZDNet Is buying an iPad un-American log in join CNET welcome my profile log out Latest News CNET River Webware Crave Business Tech Green Tech Wireless Security Blogs More Media Cutting Edge Apple Politics Law Gaming and Culture Microsoft Health Tech Photos Video RSS Markets Home News Circuit Breaker Circuit Breaker June 11 2010 3:04 PM ... market research, surveys and trends
Get, Grow, Keep - Successful Customer Intelligence Strategies from ...
Look around and you’ll see a lot of online conversations asking, “Who owns social media?” One of my favorite daily news sources, Advertising Age , has hit this topic twice in the past few months. First, a solid piece by Pete Blackshaw last month where he talks about social media “softening” the silos that exist within marketing and across other groups. Also, another article by Chris Perry (almost 1 year ago) positioned the need for “talent, experience and relevant ideas.” I wanted to weigh in on the debate with a slightly different angle. I do believe that everyone owns social media! I really do! However, we need to be ... market research, surveys and trends


Customer Intelligence for Media | Capgemini UK
Organisations across all industry sectors are failing to realise the potential of the information that they have at their fingerprints as a result of heavy investment in Information Technology. Customer data is hoarded at departmental level or fragmented in silos (eg call centres) rather than being shared across the organisation where it can be used by the widest possible constituency. Furthermore, the data is not captured in real time and as such is often not current, a problem made worse by the inability of many systems to capture non-traditional or unstructured forms of data. The Media and Entertainment sector is no better ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
TNS Media Intelligence Reports U.S. Advertising Expenditures Grew ...
– The advertising market continued to sputter at the end of 2007 and finished the year with measured spending of $148.99 billion, up 0.2 percent compared to 2006, according to data released today by TNS media intelligence, the leading provider of strategic advertising and marketing information. Total expenditures during the fourth quarter of 2007 fell by 0.1 percent versus a year ago. “The ad market remains stalled and is being engulfed by the spreading pessimism about general economic conditions,” said ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Crafting a social media policy
Any company with a computer in the office needs to adopt a social media policy. It is just common sense, and, frankly, a smart edict to deploy and follow. 12 tips for safe social networking The main purpose of implementing a social networking policy is to identify proper usage and behavior for social networking applications. Remember, the overall goal is to protect the rights and privacy of all employees and the integrity and reputation of the company. The CIO should be responsible for ensuring the effective implementation of enterprise-wide information technology policies, standards, and procedures within each department. They ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Hacker defends going public with AT&T's iPad data breach (Q&A)
Escher Auernheimer, aka "Weev" of Goatse Security, the group behind the disclosure of the weakness in the AT&T Web site that exposed iPad user data. (Credit: Escher Auernheimer) A hacker involved with a highly publicized data breach is taking some flak, but he says he and his colleagues simply acted in the public's best interest. AT&T was forced to scramble to fix a security hole in its Web site that exposed e-mail addresses of more than 100,000 iPad users this week . AT&T says it learned about the Web site flaw from an enterprise customer on Monday and that it was fixed on Tuesday. Goatse Security, the ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


specific capabilities for the media industry. This fully inte- grated solution delivers fast, accurate information on market segments, customer behavior, ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Chapter 5: Customer Support — Central Intelligence Agency
To provide our consumers with the best, custom-tailored intelligence whenever and wherever they need it, to develop more rational business processes that will help us better distribute the production burden, and to enhance our ability to evaluate our performance against standards of analytic tradecraft and the needs of our consumers. FY 2005 Improvements in web-based technologies, development of communities of interest, and advances in security lead to better tasking, tracking, and dissemination of product. Common methodologies adopted for evaluating product/customer satisfaction; ADCI/AP producing annual report that ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Henry Jenkins
An advertisement for Applebox Productions depicts the new youth consumer: his scraggly dishwater blonde hair hangs down into his glaring eyes, his chin is thrust out, his mouth is turned down into a challenging sneer, and his finger posed over the remote. One false move and he'll zap us. He's young, male, and in control. No longer a couch potato, he determines what, when, and how he watches media. He is a media consumer, perhaps even a media fan, but he is also a media producer, distributor, publicist, and critic. He's the poster child ...
  1. profile image socialcustomers Attensity Group Launches New Social Media Customer Intelligence Solution, Attensity Analyze for VoC...
What Competitive Intelligence solution for Media Buying online do ...
I'm looking for a Competitive Intelligence solution for Media Buying for countries other than US. In US there are a lot of choices like,, etc. In other English speaking countries (e.g. UK and/or Canada, Australia) that's not the case unfortunately. I've looked at and and both have a lot of downsides. Hitwise: - limits you to only a few website categories which means you sometimes can't get the data you need - much more expensive than ComScore ComScore - huge delay with reporting. You have to wait 3 weeks to get data for the month before - very small sample ...
I want you for social media | Ask MetaFilter
Our firm is looking into diving deeper into social media, mostly by new and current clients prompting us. However, this is so new for everyone, neither party has any details to suggest or follow. As it stands, our big hurdle is two-fold: what do we offer and at what cost? If you or your company does this, what are you deliverables? And to be clear, I don't want specifics or exactly what you do, nor the per-hour cost, but a 30,000 foot-view. Do you make the accts for them? Do you make the posts? If you make posts, how often? How do you get the material? Are you working frequently with the client for content and guidance? And ...