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Special Report on

Legal Decision Theory

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Online law and criminal justice programs can provide you with the specialized training you need to succeed with a career in the legal system. Whether you aspire to be a police officer, an attorney or a judge, online courses in read more... the law and criminal justice field can help you reach your academic and professional goals. This sector of industry is highly regarded and can offer a personally fulfilling lifelong occupation that meets the needs of society. If you already work in the law and criminal justice field, then advancing in your chosen directive can be obtained by continuing your education with online courses ...
covering both the cases where players take alternate moves and those where they make simultaneous moves, it has also been extended to more complex games and to general decision making in the presence of uncertainty.
L.A. Kompany: O.J. Simpson Murder Trial Took Place at the L.A. ...
Rather than try the crime in mostly white Santa Monica, California where murders occurring in Brentwood would normally have been held, the prosecution decided to have the trial in Los Angeles. Bugliosi criticized this decision in his book. During the jury selection process, the defense made it difficult for the prosecution to challenge potential black jurors on the grounds that it is illegal to dismiss someone from the jury for racially motivated reasons (California courts barred peremptory challenges to jurors based on race in People v. Wheeler, years before the U.S. Supreme Court would do so in Batson v. Kentucky. According to ... market research, surveys and trends
Legal Theory Blog: Legal Theory Lexicon: Ex Ante & Ex Post
 distinction. (Of course, this is cheating, because there is a lot packed into the distinction.) The terminology comes from law and economics, and here is the basic idea: The  ex post  perspective is backward looking. From the  ex post  point of view, we ask questions like: Who acted badly and who acted well? Whose rights were violated? Roughly speaking, we associated the  ex post  perspective with  fairness  and  rights . The  ex post perspective in legal theory is also loosely connected with  deontological approaches to moral theory . In general ... market research, surveys and trends


outstanding common equity or $1 billion of registered debt securities. ..... record of somewhere in the range of sixty to eighty percent of the ..... challenges to the EMCH have come from legal decision theory, otherwise known as ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
favorite) and legal decision theory. ..... $250 billion, an average of more than $2000 per family, a figure that includes an estimate of the value ...... at “121 to 135 percent of the cost to the giver.” John A. List & Jason F. Shogren, ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Sunday show hosts allow Republicans to misinform about Kagan
Several Sunday talk show hosts allowed GOP lawmakers to push misinformation about Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan, without challenging or questioning their statements. The hosts of CNN's State of the Union , Fox News Sunday , and Meet the Press allowed Republican senators to advance already debunked claims about Kagan's stance toward the Second Amendment, her opinions about Israel's Judge Barak, and her actions regarding military recruitment at Harvard Law School. CNN's Crowley allows Cornyn to attack Kagan as having "expressed hostility to Second Amendment rights" and claimed Kagan ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Notorious Lowell arson case cast in doubt
The dilapidated three-decker was ablaze in a matter of minutes. Trapped inside, children screamed. Onlookers were desperate to help, but the flames were too strong, the smoke too thick. One bystander, a young Puerto Rican man named Victor Rosario, shattered a front window with his right fist, but the blast of heat knocked him back. Four bodies, a mother and her three baby boys, were later discovered on the first floor; four more corpses on the third. Arson was strongly suspected, and the community cried out for justice. Just 48 hours after the fire, Rosario, the 24-year-old bystander, was detained as the prime suspect. After ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Legal Bargaining Scholarship's New Infatuation: “It May Be Social ...
The breadth of legal decision theory's assault on the rationality assumption cannot be overstated: legal decision theorists collectively contend that all ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
A Third-Way Legal Framework For Addressing The Comcast Dilemma ...
Chairman Genachowski has asked me to describe the legal thinking behind the narrow and tailored approach to broadband communications services that he introduced for public discussion today.  It springs from a longstanding consensus about how the FCC should approach Internet access services; from a recent court decision that casts serious doubt on the FCC’s current strategy for implementing that consensus; and from a belief that Congress’s laws and the Supreme Court’s decisions provide a way to overcome this new challenge. As the Chairman explains in his statement , general agreement has developed about the agency’s ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
It should be clear by now that the decision-making techniques, heuristics, and biases that cognitive theory explains apply to decision makers in the legal ...
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WikiAnswers - What is the importance of decision theory
Decision theory, the modeling and study of man's decision-making, is arguably most important because in learning how we make decisions, we can learn to make better ones. A link is provided to the Wikipedia article on decision theory, which, by the way, is subject of discreet mathematics. The curious person would surf on over and at least skim the article. First answer by Quirkyquantummechanic . Last edit by Quirkyquantummechanic . Contributor trust : 2827 [ recommend contributor ]. Question popularity : 11 [ recommend question ]. Can you answer these business plan writing questions? ...
The legal theory here, as i grasp things, is that someone under 18 ...
of not being experienced enough to really understand the situation fully.  Now, we all know that there are 12-year-olds who've got it all together and 40-year-olds who don't have a clue, and there are states where it's legal to marry at age 15, but the law has to treat the typical case as universal, because we have a government of laws, not of humans -- meaning, no special cases -- and it has often been held that 18 is the age of majority (except for drinking).  That's the thinking behind considering that situation non-consensual and therefore illegal.   i'm speculating, from the tone of ...